Russell Wilson doesn’t just want to play, he wants to own


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is going to make an appearance in the Texas Rangers’ minor league camp next week.

And while he said he wants to “steal a base or something,” he admitted he might be stealing a few trade secrets as well.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, via the Seattle Times, Wilson said his goal was to “be an owner of a team someday.”

“I’m looking to get around as many people as I can,” he said of his baseball drop-in. “After playing 20 years, hopefully for the Seahawks, hopefully I can do that.”

Wilson can’t renegotiate his cheapskate rookie deal until after the 2014 season, and even then, he’s going to have to play a long time — and invest wisely — to go from rich player money to wealthy owner money. Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is the only former player to own a team, and it took him decades in the restaurant business after his playing days to accumulate the kind of wealth needed.

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  1. His NFL contract may be low, but having a multibillion dollar owner sure will help him w/ endorsements and other earnings outside league circles.

  2. I’m from Richmond, Va and gotta admit..even I’m sick of the talk about this guy.

    In no way do I think he’s a bad qb. He’s efficient, smart, etc but he’s far from this “elite” talent they are trying to present him as.

    He’s a more talented Trent Dilfer at this point. That defense won the Superbowl and his passing stats are pretty bad.

  3. Wilson has a very good head for business. The same passion & drive that he displays in his prep for games will no doubt make him successful in his business endeavors after football. Its always a long shot to acccumulate the kind of wealth required to be an owner, but it was for him to be a SB winning QB as well. Betting against him would be foolish, and I personally hope he does it.

  4. He’ll be the owner of an arena league team. Didn’t say he wanted a big league team.

    Look at Magic Johnson and the money he has…..he bought into the Dodgers and is still only like a 5% owner.

  5. Maybe Allen will buy him a team after he retires for the record 10 Superbowls he wins during his career.

  6. I imagine Paul Allen can introduce him to people, to lucrative situations, and simply give him outstanding advice. Russell Wilson is so smart and such a class act that he has a knack for finding himself in the right situations at the right time. More importantly, he takes any situation and turns it into the right situation. He will make happen whatever he wants. I know I’d never bet against the guy.

  7. jackburton77, only someone who doesn’t watch him play would think he’s not “elite.” Wilson can do anything on a football field that needs to done, and many things that no other QB can do. He’s accomplished more in his first 2 years than any other QB in NFL history.

    Sick of him? All I can say is get used to it. He’s going to be at the top of this game for a long, long time & be wearing a golden jacket when it’s all over.

  8. I think John Elway will be next as Player turned owner followed by Peyton Manning. Neither is quite rich enough to do it by themselves but they are rich enough to lead an ownership group. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of an ownership group led by Elway or Manning?

  9. Credit the kid for having big goals and dreams.

    I was listening to a radio interview with him before the super bowl, and he said, “I want to win four super bowls in my career.” And I thought, “Yeah, right! How about start by winning this first one, Russ?”

    And then he did. That shut me up.

    Not a Seahawks fan, but, man, I’ll watch any game with this kid playing and root for him. (Unless he’s playing my Bears, of course.)

  10. Twenty years from now NFL teams will be worth more than entire small countries — unless Wilson invents teleportation or something in his off-seasons, he’ll have to be content with being just a very rich old guy with orthopedic problems.

  11. I can’t believe some people still doubting this guy. Unbelievable! Most who do doubt would say, “He’s a good QB. But, he’s a game manager. Just look at his stats.”

    How naïve to think that you can evaluate a guy with just stats – partial stats, at that. If you look closely at his stats, you can see he’s very efficient.

    I, personally wouldn’t trade him for any other QBs in the league because his potential. All the elite QBs are near their retirement age at this juncture and Russell Wilson is the future elite QB.

  12. Paul Allen will give him a percentage of the Seahawks and Sounders as part of his next contract. And Seattle fans will love it because Russell Wilson is already the greatest and most beloved athlete in Seattle history.

  13. LOL his passing stats are pretty bad? It amazes me how fast everyone forgets that Wilson was in the MVP talks up until week 12 or 13 when he started playing some of the toughest defenses. He played the Saints, who had a top 10 defense and he made them look silly. He played the Giants top 10 defense, he played the Niners top 10 defense, he played the Cardinals top 10 defense and he played the Rams top 15 defense, but also had to deal with the second leading sack artist of the season in that game. Plus, he played the Rams, Cards and Niners twice each. He played the Texans back when their defense was still nasty. He played the Panthers top 10 defense and threw for 320 yards against them! That also happened to be like the only game Wilson threw more than 30 passes. And that’s what happens. The kid played one hell of a schedule on one of only two teams that actually runs the ball more than they pass it, still throws for over 3100 yards, a TD:Int ratio of over 2.0 and leads his team to 13 victories. All while having one of the worst pass blocking offensive lines that was missing two starters for half the season and with his WR corp consisting of Tate, Baldwin and Kearse for the majority of the year. But please go ahead and keep doubting him. I think that might motivate him a little bit.

  14. I am wondering if there is already quiet discussion behind the scenes about Paul Allen’s giving Russell Wilson a percentage of the team as part of a record-setting contract. The investment would continue to appreciate, and it would be possible for the Seahawks to lock up Mr. Wilson for the rest of his NFL career without bankrupting the team. Russell Wilson’s endorsement money will make his team salary look like milk money as well.

    I would love to know how he decided he’d like to win four Super Bowls — how did he arrive at that particular number?

    Russell Wilson is giving a master’s level class on how to target and achieve one’s goals in life, for those smart enough to learn the lessons.

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