Source: Cooper is more of a priority than Maclin

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Over the weekend, a report emerged that the Eagles have placed a higher priority on keeping receiver Jeremy Maclin than keeping receiver Riley Cooper.

As we hear it, it’s actually the other way around.

As mentioned on Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Cooper is the higher priority than Maclin.  Indeed, it’s our understanding that it’s not even close.

Cooper played very well last year, his first as a starter and his first in the Chip Kelly offense.  Maclin didn’t play at all after tearing an ACL in training camp.

We’d previously heard that the market for Cooper is expected to be active.  Which means that, if the Eagles plan to keep him, they need to match or beat whatever Cooper could get as a free agent.

And that’s the upside to the inevitable tampering that occurs at this time of the year.  Both the player and the team know what’s behind Door No. 2 before the door swings open at the start of free agency.  They can then try to work out a new contract without having to guess at what the player would get if he walks away.

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  1. Both of these receivers would join the Vikings at a league minimum contract at a shot to win a Super Bowl.

    They have no chance with the pathetic Eagles.

    Did you guys know they’ve never won a Super Bowl?

  2. In my opinion, Maclin should be the higher priority by far.

    Cooper played well for the Eagles last year but the talent gap between Maclin and Cooper is huge as long as Maclin is fuly recovered.

  3. I’d looooooove to see Maclin in ATL on a one year prove-it deal on the cheap… Never going to happen, but I can dream can’t I?

  4. He should be, he is cheaper and was Foles go to guy. They should dump DeShaun Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. The club is starting to become more like a real football team with class, composure and respect. Unlike the Vick, Jackson and Maclin obnoxious years.

  5. I hope my bucs go after Maclin. He would come cheap with a one year prove it deal, coming off an injury. Even with a recovering knee injury he’d still be so much faster then Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams. Could be a solid # 3 WR for us.

  6. If Maclin wants a one-year deal and Cooper isn’t going to demand a huge contract, I don’t see why the Eagles don’t bring both back. They seemingly have the cap space.

  7. I don’t think “they” have said anything, all this stuff about they want this guy over another guy is just crap. Part of it may be leaked by the team to drive player a or b value up or down, same could be coming from player a or b’s respective agent(s). None of this means a thing, the eagles are one of the better smoke screening teams when it comes to their offseason priorities and moves. Lets just all let it play out, that being said I hope they keep cooper and draft a taller, fast wr in round 2 or 3.

  8. i am a long time eagles season ticket holder and didn’t care much for cooper from his rookie yr, when in the wc playoff gm vs gb, he didn’t try to break up the gm ending int in the endzone.

    but last yr he played very well. he found seams in the defense and got open. he caught the ball. he got yac. he caught the ball in the redzone including td passes. plus he is a fairly big target. he is a keeper.

    i think eagles keep both guys.

  9. So people think Cooper is better than Maclin, please dont let last years stats fool you, Maclin is even better than Desean. Its funny how injury makes people forget.

  10. As a Giants fan it pains me to know that Eagles players took me to the promise land in my fantasy football league. There is no a lot of flash in the pan with Cooper but he is a hard working and strong receiver. I would take him over Maclin any day who seems to be hurt all the time…

  11. All of you that are saying the Eagles should dump D Jax or Maclin are SLOW and should lay off of the drugs. Maclin is a better option than Riley Cooper any day. Cooper had a few good games thanks to Desean commanding most of the attention up top. Let us not forget Cooper dropped that crucial 3rd down play against the Saints in crunch time. Cooper can trick another club like the Jets in to paying him the big bucks. I’m content with D Jax, Maclin, Ertz, Celek, and a rookie receiver.

  12. Coop’s drunken blurt out last year did NOT sound good.

    But lots of us have emotionally blew out a comment here or there that we regretted – when the target of your anger is 4 inches in front of your face.

    Cooper can play, and has proven it.

    Mac, comes with high college accolades, but he has yet to put it together on the field.

    I can totally see Coop winning the Philly face-off, if there is one.

  13. It seems like a pretty simple equation to me:

    Guy with proven success and chemistry with your starting QB


    Guy who did well a couple seasons ago, with a different QB, before a serious injury.

    If they’re smart, they’ll find a way to keep both, but talent on paper doesn’t mean as much as an already-successful partnership.

  14. I think it would be difficult for the Eagles to value Cooper over Maclin if Jeremy were 100% healthy, but he’s not…so obviously Cooper is their guy. Coop proved last year that he’s very reliable…he’s got a good pair of hands, his speed is underrated, he’s very strong blocking downfield, and he’s a big, effective target in the redzone.

    I think the Eagles would benefit by keeping Maclin around for one more year and cutting him loose after that if he doesn’t pan out. Cooper can play some slot, but I think Maclin can too, and effectively as well. J Mac is strong, shifty, and having a dynamic threat like him in the slot can only help the guys on the outside to play better.

    *The new focus on 2-tight end sets with Celek and Ertz might be reason enough to avoid signing Maclin back, but I still think he can only make the team better. Avant has a great pair of hands but he is only capable of so much…

  15. Its about continuity and timing, neither is possible if you aren’t on the field. I like Macklin, but if he wants a big pay day, I’d rather hold onto Cooper. Reliability has to be worth something.

  16. Wait, isn’t Maclin kind of like Jackson in that he’s a smaller, speedier, flyweight receiver who uses quickness rather than physicality to win matchups?

    Maclin seems like a redundancy – Cooper seems like a completely different type of option. Small wonder they’re placing priority on the guy who is more different than Jackson.

  17. For those idiots who keep calling Riley a product of Chip’s system. Watch his first 3 years. He made amazing catches, Maclin will never make. He was given more playing time this year and showed talents he had in the first place.

  18. Why would anyone put any stock in either report now? The source is not cited. Cooper is on the slow side and has trouble getting off the line. How much of an asset is he when the Eagles will be working off a two tight end sets more and more. Remember how far back the safties had to play off the Eagles with Jackson and Maclin on the field at the same time? Now imagine that but with Celik, Ertz and McCoy eating up the numbers advantage underneath. It’s fairly obvious Maclin is the priority despite whatever this unnamed source said.

  19. I hope this is a smokescreen regarding Cooper. He had back-to-back career games against two bottom-10 pass defenses.
    Take those two games out of the equation and he had sub-600yds receiving with 3TDs.
    If there is another team out there that is willing to pay him like a Pro Bowler, let the man go and make his money.

  20. They will sign both. Macklin is coming off ACL surgery and can’t even workout for teams until May. He will sign a one year deal which is probably agreed upon so there is no urgency there. Cooper on the other hand would see interest right away hence so he becomes the priority. This has nothing to do with talent. Macklin is clearly the more talented of the two.

  21. Maclin is not fragile.

    he had a cancer scare that he recovered from, but that kept him from a few games.

    and he was 1 of about 5 players that went down on that suspect practice field.

  22. i’m an eagles fan, and it’s obvious that maclin is the better talent. however, the acl isn’t his only injury as he’s missed time the last few years at times with different injuries. he also only 6ft, and something eagles fans have been screaming for ever since we blew the TO situation was a WR with size who was a legit red zone target. that is exactly what cooper is, and he obviously has a great rapport with foles. if the eagles sign maclin and not cooper, then they have to go after a big WR in the first two rounds of the draft, which isn’t ideal considering how much help we need in the secondary. they are about to save over $3mil with the departure of jason avant. the obvious play is to sign both guys. maclin on a one year deal to make good, maybe a 2nd year just incase he has a big year so they don’t have to compete with other teams for him again next off season. and cooper on something along the lines of 4 years at about $5mil a year with the first two guaranteed and a roster bonus going into the third year that you can exercise or cut him if he regresses. then you go hard at secondary and OLB help in FA and the draft. people need to remember the eagles were way under the cap last season, and have vick’s contract coming off along with avant and the cap going up. they are far from strapped for cash. i don’t want them to go on a spending spree again like before the 2011 season, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to get the guys they really want and need.

  23. Vikings won’t sniff another Superbowl for years. They’ve never won one, did you know that? Vikings playoffs all time 19-27, Eagles 19-21. The wind blows, so do the Vikings. True story.

  24. Maclin was the best receiver on the roster before his injury. You already know what you have in Cooper. Imagine a healthy Maclin in your system that teams haven’t even seen yet. I’d make Maclin a priority. Cooper is replaceable. Draft is deep with wideouts of his caliber.

  25. Don’t buy into any of this or any speculation about the moves the eagles will make. Lurie and Roseman are notorious for preventing what their plans are from getting to the media. Add Chip to the mix and you have three guys who are best at keeping things under wraps. Remember Nnamdi? The eagles weren’t a thought until the second he signed. No one heard about Peters extension until it was done. Even Chip himself was no longer speculated (after initially stating he was staying at Oregon) until the day he signed. The Eagles upper management does not talk (clearly evidenced by Roseman on PFT live the other day)!!! I predict they’ll both be back on very different deals with cooper having a multi-year deal and maclin with an incentive-laden one year.

  26. I wouldn’t mind seeing both back for the right price.

    Maclin in a “show me” 1 year contract makes sense.

    Cooper coming off a career year is more likely to get a bloated contract that he cant live up to and waste cap space. But at the right price I’d take him back.

    Either way they’re drafting a receiver to replace Avant.

  27. DJack has proven he can be a #1 receiver, when he wants to at least. Cooper will be fine at #2. Maclin is the better receiver, but if we put him in the slot, that would be incredible. I think we could have one, if not the best offense in the league. Our offensive line is a top 5 unit and it’s arguable that McCoy is the best RB for our system.

    -Die hard.

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