Bart Scott on policing racial slurs: Referees already have a hard enough time

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In his new role as a member of the crew on CBS’ The NFL Today, former Jets and Ravens linebacker Bart Scott will be asked to offer strong opinions on the NFL topics of the day.

Scott’s not waiting for the cameras to start rolling to share his thoughts, though. Like many others, Scott has weighed in on the NFL’s effort to eradicate racial slurs from the field of play. He’s not a fan of the idea, saying it will be impossible for officials to figure out who said what in a pileup after a play and an unnecessary addition to an already full plate of things that they need to be looking for during games.

“You expect a kid who’s been talking like this his entire life to all of a sudden get in a heated exchange in a game and remember his manners? That’s like reporters being surprised that players cuss on the field. I mean, really? What are we talking about here? The referees already have a hard enough time doing their jobs to begin with, and now we’re just going to make it more difficult by making them the potty-mouth police,” Scott said, via Dom Cosentino of

We’ve heard similar thoughts from current NFL players and it does seem like a situation that will lead to more inconsistent application from officials than one that will lead to an end to the use of any particular words or language among players.

10 responses to “Bart Scott on policing racial slurs: Referees already have a hard enough time

  1. I can’t believe this is a big topic. Your at work conduct yourself professionally. If I said that at my work I’d be fired. I don’t necessarily think it should predict an outcome of a game by throwing flags but you should be suspended or fined.

  2. Poor refs … Sure they have a hard enough time, but it’s due to incompetence and nothing else. Saying they have it hard enough already is a reason for not enforcing a new rule is stupid.

    If you don’t see it, don’t call it and that goes for any penalty. That’s called doing your job.

  3. Stop acting like little children. You are paid professionals, act like an adult. Players know good and well that racial, religious, gender, and orientation slurs should not be accepted.

    No one is complaining about normal cuss words.

  4. Can’t wait for the system to change so referees aren’t expected to do the impossible and be perfect. How many more games have to get screwed up before intelligence is introduced to the system?

  5. So, hypothetically, as an adult white male football player who has grown up using the N Word, it would be acceptable for a black football player to be called that in the heat of the moment by that same potty mouth white player. Bart Scott, get a life. You know it’s not.

  6. Hello Bart!! This is the reason we have the Incognito / Martin problem. NFL players feel entitled to do whatever they want. Join the real world!! There are rules and LAWS for the workplace. The NFL is not above them! When you get excited in the studio this year, lets see how long you last after you lovingly drop the “N bomb” on one of your buddies while on the air. I have the feeling that wont happen because you know the rules, and you can control yourselves. So can the guys on the field!


  7. Expecting players to show some decorum when dealing with each other with regards to race, religion, politics, etc is far from dreconian.

    But expecting players to completely put a lid on their expression of excitement, angst or trash talk on the field is nonesense. I don’t agree anyone should be throwing racial or sexual slurs at each other, but to even consider policing them on the field by officials is ridiculous.

    Let’s give the stripes a few hundred pages less of a rules book to keep track of before making them hall monitors for language.

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