Bears sign Roberto Garza to one-year contract

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The Bears no longer have to worry about losing starting center Roberto Garza to free agency.

Garza has signed a one-year contract to remain in Chicago for the 2014 season, according to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune.

The 34-year-old Garza has started every game but two in the last eight seasons, including all 16 games last season. He’s been with the Bears since arriving as a free agent in 2005.

Bears coach Marc Trestman said early this offseason that he believes Garza should finish his career in Chicago. A one-year deal doesn’t necessarily mean that’s going to happen, but it does know the Bears know the identity of their starting center this season.

8 responses to “Bears sign Roberto Garza to one-year contract

  1. Smart move on Bears part to keep continuity along the O-line. Now Kromer has time to develop a new starter like he did behind Kreutz in New Orleans.

  2. Any Bears fan who wants to see this guy starting next year is crazy he was awful last season! the only reason to keep him would be to have him as a backup they should draft Russell Bodine from North Carolina he did 42 bench press reps at the combine and has that same mean streak as Kyle Long .

  3. Only reason to sign him to a 1-year deal is to give Kromer time to train his replacement on a good timeline. He was awful, playing out of position all the time.

  4. I’m not crazy about Garza, I think he’s unimpressive and would love to have a better, more physical guy there…buuuuuuut, pick your battles. He works at the position, if he came out seeming like the most efficient option, good job Emery

  5. Im not off the charts about Garza, BUT he wasnt BAD, and the entire line was good. I dont know what it takes to get a new face in there, is it a rookie, a new FA, then who leads the line? As a number two offense, why would you throw a monkey wrench in that program? Absolutely, we need to find someone in this draft, in the later rounds, if not UFA would be ideal, and work them in and let it gradually/naturally happen, but unless it is one of the better centers out there, which I dont believe is a bigger need (since we were #2 Offense) because then thats more pix for the D which we desperately need, then if we took a center. I dont care and nor should Emery or anyone else how bad anyone was on the Oline, WE WERE A NUMBER TWO OFFENSE! This mat be his last year, so yes we do need to find someone but not at the expense of the D. Guaranteed we can find a UFA after the draft, and Kromer will mold him!

  6. He was not awful last year. Was not the best, but I would say around 15-18th best in the league last year. Probably a cheaper deal, so it seems like a good signing.

    Can anyone who said he was awful actually justify it? Kyle long was out of position more often, Garza was not.

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