Colts could be an interesting fit for Eric Decker


Soon-to-be free agent wide receiver Eric Decker would love to stay in Denver with Peyton Manning, but knows it’s time to take care of his family (i.e. get paid).

One potential landing spot could check off both boxes, or at least as approximately as possible.

According to Vic Lombardi of CBS 4 in Denver, the Colts could emerge as a possibility for the veteran wideout, who would “love to roll with Andrew Luck.”

If you’re going to leave Manning, Luck isn’t the worst fallback position.

And the Colts proved beyond a shadow of a doubt last year how much they need an alpha male wideout, as they weren’t the same team after Reggie Wayne’s injury.

Pairing a savvy player like Decker with the emerging T.Y. Hilton is an intriguing mix, and the Colts are still in the period when they can spend money before they have to spend it on a quarterback.

That might make the time right for them to make a move for Decker, if they think he can lift them over the top.