Darren Sharper accused of two more rapes, arrest warrant issued


The appalling case of Darren Sharper, the former NFL player accused of raping several women, continues to grow.

The New Orleans Police Department announced today that it has issued an arrest warrant for Sharper, who stands accused of raping two women in New Orleans on September 23. He faces two charges of aggravated rape, as does an acquaintance of Sharper’s, Erik Nunez.

One of the women said she met Sharper at an event for Saints players, and that Sharper gave her a drink. She says that after she drank it there is a gap in her memory of several hours, and that the next morning she woke up with Sharper on top of her, sexually assaulting her.

In a separate case, authorities say that after a woman accused Sharper of drugging her, the glass she said Sharper gave her was analyzed and found to contain a prescription sleep medication.

Sharper was arrested in January in Los Angeles and accused of raping two women in two separate incidents. He has also been investigated, but not charged, in rape complaints in Miami, Las Vegas, and Tempe. A court filing in the Los Angeles case says that Sharper has been suspected of raping at least seven women.

The 38-year-old Sharper is currently free after posting $200,000 bail in the Los Angeles case. In Louisiana, an aggravated rape conviction carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

104 responses to “Darren Sharper accused of two more rapes, arrest warrant issued

  1. Disgusting. This guy should get life in prison. Rape is disgusting, but in this country we generally have a trial before we put people in prison

  2. At this point it sounds like piling on, but this is probably only a small sampling of the number of women he’s done this too. Most of these kinds of things don’t get reported.

  3. Just sick…put this guy behind bars before it happens again. Better yet, let him share a cell with Hernandez so they can chat about the good times.

  4. I can only imagine what it would be like knowing you considered this guy a friend and a teammate. This scum should be thrown under the jail and in no way should any team he played for be mocked for this . This is this guy and this guy alone.

  5. Normally I like to give people the benefit of the doubt until the case plays out. But there’s no way that seven women in different states are all lying. And I suspect that more will come forward as I doubt this pattern of behavior just suddenly developed in the last couple years. He’s clearly a serial predator and hopefully he’s put away permanently.

  6. I am surprised that he was even given a bail. They are just begging him to stow away on a ship and flee the country. Either he is the victim of one of the best con-jobs ever pulled or he is a straight up psychopath.

  7. I tend to believe that he did it.. And I have never been raped, but I know that it is a sensitive subject. What bothers me, is the amount of women who come out after a celebrity is arrested and have a similar story to what has been made public by the media in the original arrest. I know rape may be hard to report for the victims, and I hope nobody I know ever has to be put in that situation. I just wish the media would keep some details tight lipped so if other victims come out in these instances, you can tell if they are providing details similar to the criminal’s M.O., or if it is part of a which hunt or trying to get their 10 minutes of fame. Again, I feel very sorry for the victims and I believe in this case that they are all more than likely being truthful and D.S. is disgusting. But I always have that doubt in the back of my mind when people do not come forward until the case is public knowledge.

  8. Welp, he’s screwed.

    I appreciate that people are somewhat skeptical of rape accusations absent physical evidence, but let’s be honest here, that’s just an avalanche of separate accounts.

  9. If this all turns out to be true then this is a sad day for football and the fans he garnered over the years. This guy was a star safety for years and you’d think with the kind of money he made and his popularity that he wouldn’t have any trouble meeting women.

    I wonder what his brother Jamie is thinking? Jamie Sharper had a flash of brilliance early on in his career here in Baltimore before he went on to be pretty good in Houston before injuries piled up on him.

    I wait until all the facts come out before I make my final decision up on a guy, but the news isn’t looking good in this case. If the reports of rape are true, I hope all of those women find the help and support they need. Nobody should be exposed to that kind of treatment.

  10. Man as a Saintsfan im beside myself…this was such a positive effect on the field…must have lived a different life off…smh

  11. You would think that a former pro football player could just pull out that super bowl ring, and get all the tail that he wants…..

    Guess not

  12. It will be interesting if any of his Saints buddies or Saints security personnel know anything pertaining to this. It sounds like he had an MO and just kept doing it. This could be big.

  13. He must have been dying inside every time he had to do the ‘pick magnet’ segment. Going to have to change that title to ‘prick magnet’ to match his prison activity here shortly.

  14. He is going to prison for a long long time..On a side note…There have been no reports of this in Green Bay…Care to guess why?

  15. It seems like Sharper is a fan of the perennial Super Bowl host cities. Ladies of San Diego and Tampa beware.

  16. If the physical evidence doesn’t pile up enough for the prosecutors to nail him to the wall, then they’ll offer a deal to his acquaintance to flip on him. Either way, his pretty face will be the desire of all the boys in the block.

  17. You can surely see his life took a wrong turn once he put on the purple. Hard to believe “Love Boat Scandal” would escalate to serial rapist.

  18. The best thing for him would to make sure he ends up going to prison in California. He is going to have rough in a major way if he sees jail time here in Louisiana.

    The jail in New Orleans has no AC but from what they say on the news he can have a gun in there, drink beers, do drugs to the extent that he is so high that the judges have to postpone his hearings and even sneak out at night.

    Then when he gets convicted he can get shipped up to the river to Angola and spend his time at the roughest prison in America. Again no AC, mosquitos eating on you all day, hard field labor, and sharing a cell with 500 people.

    He better pray he gets time in California. He won’t make it a month in Angola.

  19. I wonder who’ll have more money for the fees, Hernandez or “The Pick Magnet.”

    Btw, there are attractive women who work at NFL Network. I wonder how they feel about these allegations because these women could be their age.

  20. not to be the turd in the punchbowl, but what did these women expect going home or to a hotel with a man? this happens everyday. even married women complain about it.

  21. honestly, is he just one of those psychopaths that likes to have sex with unconscious women? i used to live in minneapolis, and there were women who would have torn their limbs off to bang sharper. none of this makes sense to me.

  22. The NFL really needs to screen college players better. More and more we hear of stuff like this.

    A few years ago Darren Sharper was thought of as a good guy.

  23. If it’s true, he gets everything he deserves via the penalties of the law. But no reason to rush to conviction. The duke lacrosse story should have taught everyone that. The media is painting him as a serial rapist, and he might be. But we need all of the facts. What if he is caught up in some sick twisted stuff of revenge? If by some chance he is found not guilty, clean, no chance in the world he did do it, then the women need to serve the exact sentence he would have served if guilty. Can’t just accuse of rape because of regret( and rape does happen,it’s wrong, cowardly and downright awful. Nobody should ever have to deal with that pain and suffering).

  24. This is so far to the extreme that it seems like a Hollywood exaggerated story. Then again…you really can’t make this stuff up.

    We live in an age where people seem to do whatever it takes to rich or fifteen minutes of fame whether they are deserving, talented or neither. It may be that a handful of these women are making it up.

    However, the number of women is just outrageous, there has to be some truth to this. The number of women accusing him is so high, there is no way that he can be found innocent on every one of these cases.

  25. Gentlemen, rape is not about sex. As many of you have stated, with his money, fame and good looks, he could’ve had just about any woman he wanted.

    He has some sort of sickness, maybe a “hate” towards women, that he has to surprise them with drugs, rape them, humiliate them, and hurt them, using sex. There is no re-hab for people like this.

  26. Oh yeah people I guess he did it just because women say so? There not a chance these women got dollar signs in there eyes I’m not saying he didn’t do any or all these rapes but let hear ALL the facts first.

  27. He obviously had no trouble getting woman. Many of them went willingly to his room. This wasn’t about sex. It was about some perverted power issue he has. For some reason he wanted them unconscious while he did his thing. Lock him up and throw away the key.

  28. if this turns out to be true he is one of the worst kind of human being’s, a sexual predator who would of done it just for fun and the horrible sense of power from dominating another human being (99% of the time, rape is about power not sex)

  29. I sit here saying to myself, “Please don’t be true.” Not so much because he’s an Ex-Viking, but more for the fact that I don’t even want to believe that another human being could do this to another.

  30. A couple comments have pointed out that NFL stars shouldn’t have trouble getting women. This is true, but rapists are so very rarely looking for sexual gratification. It is a lust for control, power and violence. Scumbags like Sharper are twisted in the head. Hopefully he is locked up for good, before anyone else is hurt. Like someone mentioned, these women are most likely only a small portion of Sharper’s victims, as way too many of these attacks go unreported. Sad but true.

  31. I wish they’d change his pic to him in street clothes.

    No team should be associated with this guy at this point. He’s probably been doing this his whole life. There’s little doubt he could’ve gotten girls but this is just some sick fetish.

  32. Strange~ It appears that Darren is the Ted Bundy of sexual assault. If people wonder whether he would survive Angola-they should reflect on Pelican Bay in California. Either way we have seen the last of Sharper. Brother Jaime may too be involved in a case in Miami Beach. What a mess!

  33. It looks like piling on which is good to happen when people realize they can get money, that being said there’s a bit too many cases to not wonder.

  34. Guy had a potential hall of fame resume, he was liked by the three teams he played for, he had fame and cash (maybe) and the guy does this sort of thing, not once, not twice – but a lot of times…

    smh… that’s some Ted Bundy kind of crap.

    Send this sicko to prison 4 life!

  35. Guess it sort of puts a different light on his going after the knees of a former long-time teammate. If the dude can drug and rape women multiple times, I guess we can’t expect him to have integrity as it relates to avoiding hurting a friend and former teammate….

  36. Sharper is no SAINT.
    He did this, not the NFL, not his college team, not his parents, not his friends, not his “culture”, and not President George W. Bush.

    Throw him away and hide the key forever.

  37. He’s a good looking guy who – one would think – should be able to “make” it with many women, if he had even a sprinkling of pinache.

    Unfortunately, it appears he’s nothing but a creep and serial rapist. I’d venture to say he’s a sociopath.

  38. I wonder how many decades this has been going on, at 1st I was like some gold digger trying to make a quick buck, then another case and then another case. All the same M.O., I wonder if this dude has been raping women like this for years. What a sicko…

  39. Sounds like an episode of SVU in the making. It’s hard to come to grips with the reality that sick, horrible people like Sharper exist in our world. Here’s hoping the DA makes a solid case and gets this guy put away for life

  40. Rape is a horrible crime. The victims are often raped again by unscrupulous defense attorneys when they have to go through a trial. That’s why they are so hesitant to come forward. Think about it. How would you feel if you were them? First, they suffer the rape. Then they have to go through the process of telling the police and facing their rapist in a trial, all the while worrying that he will get off on some stupid technicality.
    I would make the penalty for rape as harsh as it can be short of the death penalty. Because the victims live with that the rest of their lives. If Sharper is guilty — and it sure appears he is based on so many women coming forward — I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.

  41. I’m amazed at the number of people saying “I can’t believe this guy would rape women when he can have all of the women he wants.” Apparently an awful lot of people are still ignorant about why people commit rape. It’s not about trying to get sex by force because he can’t get it any other way. Married men commit rape, men with pretty girlfriends commit rape. Sexual predators *want* to take women (or men, or children) by force. One particular handsome, well to do rapist with a beautiful wife was quoted, in a documentary, as having said he just didn’t get the thrill from consensual sex that he got from rape. So the next time a famous, good looking, rich guy is accused of rape, don’t assume it must be false because “he can get any woman he wants.”

  42. No mention on the NFL Network.Too busy with their unwatchable top ten lists and words of wisdom from Willie McGinest.

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