Dennis Hickey “excited” about the future with Mike Pouncey


Everyone knew that Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito would be major players in the Ted Wells report on the investigation into Martin’s departure from the team and allegations of harassment, but the inclusion of guard John Jerry and center Mike Pouncey alongside Incognito as alleged participants in the harassment was less expected.

Jerry and Incognito are free agents unlikely to return to Miami and Martin’s future with the organization is totally up in the air at this point, but Pouncey was a first-round pick and is the anchor of the team’s offensive line. According to General Manager Dennis Hickey, nothing from the report threatens Pouncey’s place on the team.

“Pouncey is an excellent player,” Hickey said on WMEN, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “I’ve had good conversations with him in the last month. I’m excited about the future.”

There’s a chance Pouncey could be disciplined by the league, but that is likely the only thing that’s going to keep him from his spot in the Miami lineup. The Dolphins had work to do on the line before everything imploded last season and replacing Pouncey as well would leave things an even bigger wreck.

The Dolphins have a few months to decide whether they’ll pick up the fifth-year option on Pouncey’s contract. Hickey’s words suggest that they will or perhaps even discuss a longer extension in the coming weeks.

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  1. Dolphins need to strike early in free agency not dance around like past years. They need smart moves not knee jerks. Philbin needs to coach, when you see him on the sideline he is so occupied with game management he forgets he’s the coach. Find a LT in FA and maybe a guard, let the draft do the rest. Sign Grimes, Keep both DT and find a LB in the draft. We win 10 games.

  2. Miami fans do not get it…As long as Ross owns that team, they will never be an upper echelon team.

    Like w/Sparano, they’ll have 1 good season, then 5 mediocre ones.

    Would love to know why their fans think their O line will be improved???

    Other than money…Why would a FA want to go there??….Winning tradition?? gone for many years. Stable coaching staff??? Philbin is 1 Pouncey incident in Cheetahs away from losing his job. Great owner??? Sure, if you like awesome halftime shows.

  3. Unfortunately , they struck real early last time . . . they signed three players the first day of free agency , and two of them , LB’s Dannell Ellerbe and Philip Wheeler , ended up not being as good as the guys they let go , Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett.
    Like most Dolphins fans who frequent this page , I’m sick and tired of the media endlessly and relentlessly bashing the team day after day , as if no other sports franchise in America has ever had any kind of issues in the locker room. On the other hand , some of their personnel decisions the past few years have been less than spectacular.

  4. I say sign:

    Veldheer (been saying for long he’s a stud)
    Alex Mack (pay him big money and move to LG)


    Best available LT (move yo right)
    Best available G

    We will have an awesome OL

  5. I also like Jon Beason back in Miami, he’ll turn it around again.
    And Lagarette Blount would be amazing pick up. He was great in Tampa, and also great in NE. Ran hard and fast. Thats what we need. I forgive him punching the Idaho kid.

  6. I don’t know how hickey will be as our gm,but could somebody in the audience tase him the next time he uses I’m excited more than once
    GO Dolphins

  7. Can Hickey teach Ryan Tannehill how to throw an accurate deep ball so Mike Wallace can do what he was paid to do ?

  8. the decision making should get bashed. especially when so many were wondering WTF they were doing replacing solid players with wheeler and Ellerbe. it shocked pretty much no one except the dolphins that it panned out that way. they allocate that money elsewhere and they are a playoff team. that is why they should get bashed.

  9. Like one poster stated, as long as Ross owns the team you may have good half time shows.

    His latest project is changing the culture of all sports. He and a professor from New York university are planning political changes starting at grade school ages. How respectful, makes everyone who knows him beam. This from the Palm Beach Post A day or two ago.

    Ross thinks squat about actual football.

  10. I don’t believe Mike Wallace will ever do what he was “paid to do” because he was overpaid to begin with! And when it comes to bashing the Fins, the fans are worse than the sports writers. Everyone who thinks they have an “inside” into what is going on with the organization has been dead wrong. You can hate Ross if you want to but he didn’t get to where he is by being stupid…so, like everything else, let’s sit back, give it time, and see what it tastes like when it’s done cookin’…

  11. The only things about the DON’T PHINS that would excite me would be Stephen LOSS selling the team and the new owner making the wise decision to FIRE JOE PHILBIN!

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