Giants approach Snee, Baas about taking pay cuts


The Giants are willing to keep center David Baas and guard Chris Snee.  The Giants are not willing to keep them at their current wages.

Per a league source, the Giants have approached both players about taking less money.  Snee, who already has said publicly that he’d take less to stay, has expressed a willingness to do it.  Baas, we’re told, has not yet said yes.

Snee, a second-round pick in 2004 and the son-in-law of coach Tom Coughlin, is due to earn a base salary of $6.75 million in 2014, the final year of his contract.  The four-time Pro Bowler’s cap number is $11.3 million.

Baas, a second-rounder in 2005, is signed through 2015.  He’s due to make a base salary of $4.75 million, and he has a cap number of $8.225 million.

Both men played in only three games last year due to injury.  While the Giants didn’t exactly thrive without them, they’ve got too many other needs to address with their available cap space.

14 responses to “Giants approach Snee, Baas about taking pay cuts

  1. Please please just cut Baas. Hes injury prone and when he does play it leaves ALOT to be desired. Not to mentioned overpaid. Those are the three worst things you can be

  2. Yeah good idea to start spending money more wisely this year. Or rather, re-evaluating in their minds what other people are “worth”.

    And the guy that represents the most potential cap savings is related to somebody else that works in the NFL as well. Any guesses as to who that might be? Hint: He has 2 big payday years coming up before probably expecting a lot more after that. Time to move on and find a sucker team to trade him to that will gladly overpay. Clean up the cap and find your future franchise player for this mystery position.

  3. Giants will dump Baas post June 1 cut because they will pick up a “real” 5m in cap money then, cutting him now would leave to much dead money.
    Snee is still recovering and may not make the startig line-up, giants are just trying to cut as much “dumb money” Reese gave away to both!

  4. DUMP BASS AND SNEE AND GET A CENTER.YOU CAN GET A STARTING GUARD IN SECOND ROUND OF this draft.What happen to getting younger.Snee is the only guy but he is in his 30 s.Bass is a joke at this point.

  5. I was never sold when they decided to move on from o’hara and bring in baas for the contract he recieved.

    Baas has been a good player when he plays (some of you seem to forget the last super bowl run), but yea hes been injured the majority of his time with the giants and the contract isnt worth it. If i recall correctly i beleive he missed a good chunk of time while with the niners as well.

    I just hope whoever they decide to bring in this year isnt overpaid and isnt injury prone. My one complaint about Reese is that every year the giants are in cap trouble and have to frantically put peices together with the small amount of cap space they have left.

  6. Last year was one of the most enjoyable seasons of watching the Giants as I can recall.

    Don’t change a thing!

  7. The G men will do what is needed to make the necessary change’s to put us back on top. I believe in the Giants organization to make us a respectable NFL team this upcoming season and beyond. Go NY Giants!!!!

  8. Cut after June 1st, sign both for vet min. If they play well enough to make team good, well enough to start better. If they make the cut at least we got reliable back ups which will inevitably be needed. Still go for quality OL in the draft and free agents

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