Jack Burkman’s bill applies only to “self-declared” gay players

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Ultimately, the bill proposed by lobbyist Jack Burkman isn’t aimed at keeping gay players out of NFL locker rooms.  Instead, it’s about keeping gay players in the closet.

The proposed bill, titled The American Decency Act of 2014, prohibits NFL teams from employing “self-declared homosexual football players.”  If that label weren’t clear enough, the next sentence states that the bill “shall apply only in cases where a football player has openly declared himself to be a homosexual.”

In other words, as long as the player doesn’t come out as gay, there would be no problem.  Moreover, there would be no witch hunts or other efforts to out gay players.  The law would apply only if/when a player comes out publicly and openly as gay.

Even then, the openly-gay player wouldn’t be banned from playing.  Instead, the team would have to give the player “facilities” that are “separate and distinct from the facilities used by heterosexual players.”

As Burkman has explained, the bill provides for a fine of not less than $3 million and not more than $8 million.

Burkman will officially be unveiling the bill later today.  It’s intended to be introduced to Congress.

Unless the Arizona legislature gets to it first.

35 responses to “Jack Burkman’s bill applies only to “self-declared” gay players

  1. How about a bill describing the powers and process of removing people from power when it’s in the best interests of the country? We should have some sort of working checks-and-balances system in this country.

  2. Burkman, although clearly an idiot, is doing us all a huge favor by calling our attention to which lobbyists influence and sometimes even draft legislation most people probably assume is drafted by our elected officials.

  3. Jack Burkman is a lobbyist…Jack Burkman has no standing to introduce legislation on the floor of Congress…

    So, the question becomes which religious conservative nutjob congressman will take up his banner and put this out there…And sadly, looking at our current HoR, I would say there’s probably a good 20-30 nutjobs ready for their 15 minutes on Fox News…

  4. Gosh. Where have I heard that idea of using “separate but equal facilities” before? Sounds familiar, somehow…

    What an absolute and complete hate-filled, fear-mongering moron this guy is.

  5. I totally support rhis bill and commend this man for protecting the hetro sexual males that play pro football. Lets be honest 99 percent of the players would publically support this bill if it weren’t for the backlash they would receive from the media who like to tell people what they have to do and how they should feel about it.

  6. The outstanding U.S. public debt at 06:42:43 PM GMT = $17,424,133,560,662.49

    Don’t our elected officials have better things to do?

  7. A lobbyist or lawyer can write anything he wants, same as anyone else. It doesn’t become an actual bill (proposed legislation) until an actual legislator introduces it (puts his/her name on it as sponsor) in Congress.

    So the real question is whether anyone is going to publicly put their name in support of this ridiculous publicity stunt in an election year.

  8. What difference does it make to this guy ? And is he an elected official or has government in America just given in to the lobbyists completely ?

    Isn’t the fact that a lobbyist (ie not an elected official) can do this more worrying than whatever the heck this pathetic bigot is banging on about ?

  9. Mr. Burkman knows that even if he got a congressman to introduce the bill it would never become law. So he has one intent: get his name out in the media to drum up business. Many like-minded people will hire Mr. Burkman to do their lobbying as a result, so this a no-lose exercise for him. He doesn’t care what people say about him as long as they spell his name right.

  10. Why are we working so hard to shelter nfl locker rooms from a reality that has only enriched our world? Gay/straight, black/white/Latino … These are elements of out world and not difficult ones to deal with. Why do we tell our kids to not judge people on such basis but tell our football teams they can be sheltered from having to do the same?!

  11. Hey 1993, haven’t seen you in 21 years. Your hackneyed child Don’t Ask Don’t Tell died a long overdue death two years ago. Unsure why anyone would take this throwback legislation seriously. Maybe Mr. Peabody can take Jack Burkman in his Wayback Machine back to 1993 so he can amend DADT to include professional sports. And then watch it die again in 2012.

  12. Who is the unnamed person/organization that hired Burkman to draft this rubbish? Lobbyists, after all, are not well known to work for free.

  13. Calif has effectively banned separate bathrooms in elem/hs. I say we ban “separate but equal” bathrooms everywhere. Put urinals in the ladies rooms too. LMAO. After all the law already prohibits gender bias. Just go to unisex everything.
    On a serious note, A person can propose anything they feel like. The narrow minded are the ones who take offense at it. Them, and the liberal media and their slug followers. Free speech is available to anyone only if it agrees with the liberal viewpoint.

  14. ALL of this has to be a huge elaborate hoax. It just has to be. No way this is really happening in 2014 USA.

  15. I support this bill. I suspect most players do as well. Openly gay guys need their own facilities for privacy for everyone.

  16. If anyone here has ever been to a gym before, chances are you’ve – GASP – been in a locker room with a gay man. Doubt me? Go to West Hollywood and walk around for a few minutes. LOTS of gay guys are shredded and spend hours at the gym.

    I doubt anyone here who has been to a gym has ever been leered at, or harassed in any way whatsoever by a gay male in a locker room.

    Grown men, even gay ones, are adults, and know how to conduct themselves in that setting. Probably better than most straight guys.

    I’ll let some folks here clutch their pearls at the thought.

  17. Well if that is so unreasonable, then do away with the segregation of men and women. One bathroom for all!

  18. Every work place, youth sport, high school has declared gay people, athletes and parents. I am not gay but understand it is part of the world we live in. We have gay coaches also, so what, work, play and teach according to the guidelines and this nutjob needs to go bye bye

  19. There are constant, crazy bills introduced by lobbyist by zealots on the right and left. By just picking out this one crazy guy on this subject as if it were news is just cynically trying to get a rise. Pick any major current news story and pick either side of the issue and you will find a bill introduced that is void of common sense. By continually keeping this particular one up is just fodder for message boards.

  20. I think this thread speaks more to a lack of basic understanding of governmental procedure than a lack of knowledge of the “issue”. Glad everybody on here is so smart when it comes to latter

  21. Pretty sad that one minute of time was wasted on drafting and proposing a piece of garbage like this when there are real issues our government should be addressing.

  22. Let me get this straight (pardon the pun). Jack wants to introduce a bill to create separate facilities for straight and gay football players reportedly because he is concerned about the welfare of our nation’s sons. Did I get that right? So why would the bill then encourage gay men to remain “hidden”, where they could presumably cause the very harm to straight men Jack is so worried about happening?

    See? This is how dumb this whole thing is and how far out of touch people like Jack Burkman are. Besides, why stop at football? Why not a bill that covers every work place and institution in America including Congress?

    Good lord. The stupidity of some people continues to astound me.

  23. Liberals should be able to force their agendas on conservatives but not the other way around…. If you don’t want conservative forced down your throat, liberals, then quit forcing your views down conservatives throats!!! Equal for all… Now, let’s play ball!!!!

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