Johnny Jolly had neck surgery last month


The Packers are sorting out which of their free agents on the defensive line they want back next season and one member of that group’s neck surgery will factor into their decisions.

Johnny Jolly’s agent Jack Bechta said, via, Thursday that his client had fusion surgery to repair a bulging disc in his neck over a month ago. Jolly’s 2013 season ended when he was placed on injured reserve in December with a neck injury.

According to Bechta, the surgery was between the C-5 and C-6 vertebrae. That’s generally less severe than fusion surgery higher in the neck, which is the one that led to safety Nick Collins’ release and has clouded tight end Jermichael Finley’s future. It still requires serious rehab. Safety Sean Richardson had the same surgery as Jolly last January and did not play until Week 12 of last season.

Jolly is expecting the same prognosis as Richardson, if not better. He’ll have an MRI to see how the recovery is going on March 11, the first day of free agency, and the results will likely determine what kind of job he lands for the 2014 season.

25 responses to “Johnny Jolly had neck surgery last month

  1. Its a shame, he was one of the better DL TT has drafted.

    I remember he was great at getting his hands up and knocking down passes, and pretty decent at stopping the run. Then injuries and off field issues caught up with him.

  2. What the heck is with all the packers getting neck injuries? something wrong up there with coaching or training, I think

  3. The Viking fans pretend that the Packers organization is disfunctional… GB doesn’t go through head coach’s every 2 or 3 years. They don’t go after players that are at the end of their careers.
    The way GB runs it’s team, is what other teams are trying to follow. They’ve been doing it since Ron Wolf was the GM.
    But some Viking fans will never get it! They’ll keep making up stories or try to make their team seem more relavant by bad mouthing GB….. Thats sad!

  4. Am I the only one that feels packers trainers should be taken some heat after this season? I mean is it just coincidence that all these players have these problems?

  5. Shouldnt the new team from the arena football league be concentrating their efforts on how they will clear up capspace for b.j. raji , james jones (who is a stand up guy) just a cap casualty , and john kuhn for their roster ?

  6. yeah – these same trainers been around since the 90s, they all of sudden don’t know what they’re doing…

    it’s totally not cause football is a contact game where fluke injuries happen.

  7. Its just really bad luck, when it comes to injuries, there have been some scary ones, I don’t recall but with that Jags S took clotheslined Ferguson, I remember Driver having a scare or two.Murphy @ WR his career was over before his first career game hit halftime.

    I think its just really bad luck, I am sure a lot of teams had TEs and QBs and WRs get hurt. but when you have the quality like the Packers do its guys like Rodgers, Matthews, Finley, Cobb. Its a lot easier to notice. Especially now days with fantasy football those names are even more familiar to people.

  8. The Packers have had their run of bad luck with fluke injuries the last few seasons.

    You can’t train your way through broken bones/vertebrae, thumbs, and some of the other more serious injuries this team has incurred.
    They are just the result of a violent game.

    However, despite all of this, Green Bay has still kept the overall product on the field ahead of most of the league, and head and shoulders over the Vikings.
    Even winning their 13th Championship in 2010.

    Clowns indeed! (Eye roll)

  9. If the Packers are a clown team… How do the Viks feel getting whipped up by a “clown team” every year… And then what does that make the vikings if you are worse then the “clown team”

  10. I guess Reggie White and Santana Dotson were not good defensive lineman. If you are so frustrated by your pathetic team that you must run your mouth about the greatest franchise in pro football, you could at least try to sound like you know what you are talking about

  11. Reggie White averaged 11.4 sacks/season over 6 years with the Pack.

    Not sure how you’re defining bust but I think you’re on your own with this one. PLEASE try to make some sense. Otherwise this just isn’t a fair fight.

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