Maclin wants one-year deal, Eagles want multi-year contract


Among the various sticking points in the contract negotiations between the Eagles and receiver Jeremy Maclin is the length of the arrangement.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Maclin wants a one-year deal.  He hopes to prove in that one year that he has fully recovered from a torn ACL that wiped out what would have been his contract year in Philly.

The Eagles wants a multi-year deal.  We’re told that it wouldn’t be, in essence, a one-year “prove it” deal, with a significant option bonus due in 2015.  Instead, it would be a legitimate multi-year contract.

The numbers for the two options aren’t yet known.  The Eagles can get away with going all in at the receiver position in 2014 because starting quarterback Nick Foles will make a mere $615,000 in 2014 base salary.  Having Maclin, DeSean Jackson, and Riley Cooper available could help Foles position himself to earn a much bigger payday in 2015.

If the Eagles can’t work out an agreement with Maclin, he’ll become a free agent on March 11.  At that point, he could sign with anyone — including the team now coached by the man who acquired Maclin in 2009 with a first-round draft pick.

48 responses to “Maclin wants one-year deal, Eagles want multi-year contract

  1. he would be a nice fit in kc if…. Alex Smith threw the ball down field. he will either resign with the eagles or go somewhere legit like New England.

  2. Eh, keep dreaming Chiefs fans

    This is not something a team lets a guy they want walk over. Obviously they want him, they are offering him a multi year deal, coming off a major injury, and the HC has never even seen him play an NFL down live yet.

    In the end, if they can’t get him to take a multi year deal, they give him the one year and work on an extension during the year.

    Maybe they try to settle on a 2 year deal? Or, change the multi year deal to a front loaded contract. That way, he gets his money, and they can take the biggest hit against the cap when they are still paying Foles peanuts

  3. Is it Jeremy Maclin or Mr Subliminal ? ” OK fine I will take the long term guaranteed contract but only because I think you’re special . “

  4. Maclin would be pretty dumb to take a discounted multi year deal coming off his injury if he thinks he’ll return to his previous form.

  5. Go get him Big Reg! Put him in Silver and Black like he should have been from the beginning. Come to the dark side Maclin… we don’t have anybody to throw you the ball but we’ll figure that out later.

  6. He’s going to Seattle is going to let Golden Tate go and sign Maclin to a one year deal and let him win a Super Bowl with them and then let him go out and get paid elsewhere. Watch you heard it hear first.

  7. Remember when the “Dream Team” Eagles stole Steve Smith from the Giants when Steven Smith was coming off an injury.

    This reminds me, so much of that….

  8. Seattle is going to let Golden Tate go and sign Maclin to a one year deal and let him win a Super Bowl with them and then let him go out and get paid elsewhere. Watch you heard it hear first.

  9. My point is that I would think some other team will give him a healthy long term deal though . He is 1) going to take physical so his injury will be examined unless he isn’t fully healed 2) open to the entire league in less than two weeks and 3) a really good receiver which it seems always gets a good deal on the open market .

  10. If Macklin believes in himself, no way he should take a multi year deal. I’m with the player on this.

  11. Maclin, when healthy, leads the league in arms-up-in-air phantom PI pleads to officials. He’s a good receiver, probably an NFL starter, but his mental toughness is suspect. Needs to stop mimicking LeBron’s flops and start developing a killer instinct. As of 2012, he was still much too passive. If you don’t watch Eagles games routinely, please spare me your contrary opinions. You’re probably the same people saying “You’ll be sorry what you wished for when you ran Donovan and Andy out of town!”

  12. To be fair, the Eagles org comes off as pretty petty here trying to leverage his injury into him mortgaging his financial future. Just give him what he wants and if it doesn’t work out, hey, no commitment. Move on.

  13. Thats because the Eagles are trying to gank maclin by signing him for cheap long term because he came off an injury. Thats way when he gets healthy they have a number 1 but for cheap. Hes no dummy. He knows that healthy he is easily the best wide receiver on thier team despite Jacksons big play ability. Im with Maclin on this one. If you wanna try to give me what u gave Riley Cooper knowing im worth more its not happening. Looks like he is hitting free agency and he should

  14. We have a number of WR spots open in Carolina. We also have a good running game and a good young QB. But we have a better defense than Philly does. And Philly is on the schedule next season. Come on down!

  15. He’ll be signed by tomorrow. He aint going anywhere. Now Avant on the other hand is in play for a trade or will get cut. Liking D Anthony Thomas as a replacement ?

  16. Obviously Maclin wants that 1 year deal in hopes that he can play well enough to earn a big-boy contract, and I think that he knows his very best chance at putting up eye-popping numbers and earning that big contract is playing under Chip Kelly in Philly.

    Foles is clearly a better, more consistent QB than Vick, but one thing that Maclin had going for him in past seasons was the simple fact that Vick is left-handed. Vick naturally moved and looked to the left side more so than the right, and for a moment it seemed as if Maclin was emerging as the go-to guy for the Eagles, seeing as how he primarily lines up on the left side. Now that the right-handed Foles has emerged, Desean Jackson just enjoyed his most productive season yet as an Eagle.

  17. Somewhat ironic. Isn’t it normally the guy coming off ACL surgery who wants the multi-year contract “because he is just fine” and rested, while the team is often in the position of “prove it”?

    He must believe he has a better payday out there, even if just a one year deal, from a WR needy team.
    – He better not be thinking NE will pay top dollar, they just don’t.
    – KC? Second to the run with Charles and totally dependent on Smith being able to throw downfield (see SF).
    – NYJ? Why? Geno Smith or a stop-gap is better? Even if Maclin was the #1 guy?
    – Cleveland, Tampa, Carolina, Oakland (ha!), San Diego? They all seem like one year moderate deals at best.

    His negotation just seems odd …

  18. He’s not going anywhere. Eagles should give him a creative multi year deal that depending on his performance in 2014 would spike his deal going forward to levels he’s looking for he would settle in at lower level. This can be done and the Eagles are not cheap in these cases. It’s inevitable.

  19. Come play in new orleans for a one year cheep deal and let graham and colsten take the coverage away while you run free and let brees get you a ring and that huge deal somewhere next year!

  20. Good move for Maclin. There are plenty of teams that will agree to those terms. If Maclin wants a big pay day, he’ll go to a team with a capable QB. He’d get a lot of touches with New England.

  21. Good move for Maclin. There are plenty of teams that will agree to those terms. Or they can sign him Dante Stallworth style like the Pats did in 2007. If Maclin wants a big pay day, he’ll go to a team with a capable QB. He’d get a lot of touches with New England.

  22. Since he won’t be cleared to work out for teams until May and there are 50 free agent receivers about to hit the market Maclin has little leverage. Even if he gets a one year deal he won’t be cleared for contact until July and would have to learn a new offense with a different QB. He also could re injure himself then what? You would think the guy would be happy with a three year deal?

  23. In Eagles front office I trust. There’s a reason they trump the rest of the NFC East in cap space year in and year out. Financial geniuses.

  24. Why can’t he take a multi-year, just agree on some incentives and escalators? It satisfies his desire to get paid his worth, should he prove his worth.

  25. Shouldn’t it be the other way around coming if an ACL. The eagles should only want him for one year and Maclin should want the multiyear deal.

  26. Funny how I make a long post about how Maclin has always had better number when Vick wasn’t his QB. In the long post, I mention that he was targeted 36 times in 3 games by Foles.

    I typed it to say 36 time 3 times. I make another post to fix the typo

    The awesome filter doesn’t post the original message, but posts the typo fix….awesome system here guys

  27. I said yesterday that the eagles would be smart to add a 2nd year to the deal incase he comes back and has a monster year. This way they wouldnt be forced to bid against other teams for him next offseason when his stock would be significantly higher. Looks like they agree with thag sentiment. But if its a one year deal he wants then give it to him. If he looks great in the first half next year then try to get an extension worked out before the season ends. Or they can always tag him next off season and then try to get a long term deal done. Right now you have to figure if hes gonna sign a multiyear deal, hes gonna want atleast what cooper got and most likely more and thats too big a risk at this point. Its a very deep WR class this year….maybe the deepest in history…so if they can’t get a deal done it won’t be the end of the world. With the talent coming out I wouldn’t be mad if they signed him and then tried to move jackson for a 1st rounder and add another big WR through the draft and save the $10mil a year on jackson’s contract.

  28. JMac to Pats? Nah. They NEVER Pay anyone, except Brady. Eagles ganking Maclin? Who cares? That’s what the Front Office is Supposed to do – take a situation, analyze it, do what’s best for the team, first, the player, second. Sometimes, like with Jason Peters, both entities are in sync; player and team mutually benefit. Truth is, Maclin can be replaced, via draft or free agency. I like him, but, let’s be real – two ACLs, okay, same knee. That’s the risk part, for the team. And, we just don’t exactly know what the Eagles are offering in that multi-year package, do we? I would love to see him return, but, hey, he has to compromise; HE IS DAMAGED Goods, no matter what he or his agent peddle as fact. And, a 1 year deal puts all of the risk on HIM, not on the team. If he is lackluster, or gets hurt again (he is a bit injury prone, shall we say?) he won’t get paid. It’s a gamble. If he takes the multi-year deal, he will get paid, and won’t get cut, even if it’s less than what he would have gotten in an open-market situation. Pros and cons, my friends.

  29. Jeremy needs to come to NE and play with Brady if he’s looking for a prove it year. He’ll most likely end up with #1 wr numbers with Gronk out for half the season and Edelman possibly leaving.

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