Ravens admit they might bring Leach and McClain back

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The Ravens cut a pair of veterans today, but quickly admitted one of the economic realities of the business.

General Manager Ozzie Newsome admitted it was all about the money, saying both players might be back.

There could come a point later on when we would consider bringing back Vonta and Jameel,” Newsome said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “They are our types of players.”

The Ravens peeled nearly $5 million off the salary cap with today’s moves, and while both have been solid players, they aren’t the kind that are going to command big markets in free agency.

So if the Ravens don’t find someone cheaper between now and then, bringing them back for the league minimum (at a number far less than $5 million) might just be in the cards.

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  1. Nothing at all embarrassing or mediocre about Vontae Leach. That man is a FOOTBALL PLAYER. And I want to beat the Ravens more than anybody – they’re the arch-rival of the Black and Gold.

  2. Here comes the yahoos whose teams suck talking about the Flacco contract. Once you get a QB that’s worth anything you’ll understand the salary cap better until then shut up and enjoy picking in the top 10 every draft.

  3. I have a question for the room.

    With the exception of Peyton Manning and the Colts’ victory over the punchless Bears a few Super Bowl’s ago, I can’t think of a single team that was paying their quarterback top-5 money who won the Super Bowl.

    I think we can all agree that the Raven’s had to largely dismantle their team after signing Joe Flacco to his contract and probably closed their Super Bowl window until he is gone.

    Can anyone think of a team that has won the Super Bowl while paying their quarterback top-5 money? My theory is that it is virtually impossible and that teams should let their quarterbacks go and build a dominant defense instead.

    Please give me your thoughts.

  4. Ozzie actually misspoke. What he really meant to say was that in keeping with team policy, the Ray-vens want to bring back Rolando McClain.

  5. How about John Elway in Denver in his final two seasons when he won back to back superbowls?

    As good as I think Leach is, he is pretty much one-dimensional. He’s a blocking fullback who every once in awhile can catch a pass and pick up a few yards and take an inside hand off. The last couple of seasons the Ravens have been modifying the offense to a 1 back set with either 3 WR or dual TE. Leach has been seeing a lot of bench time. So why spend over a million dollars for a blocking FB who does not play on special teams?

    McClain has been a serviceable player. He is pretty good against the run but is absolutely horrible in pass coverage. Teams knew over the years that if you have a decent TE, just run slants across the middle and the slow Ravens interior LB’s (Lewis and McClain) and the slow safety (Pollard) and with Reed not being able to tackle, you could find a lot of real estate. McClain isn’t worth the kind of money he was due under his contract.

    For anybody out there that thinks Joe Flacco isn’t a good QB, keep thinking that. Once he actually has another receiver that doesn’t have bricks for hands he’ll just keep on going to the playoffs year after year while his haters wonder how he’s doing it. To think of all the garbage we had under center for the longest time that fans would hate on the guy who takes us to the playoffs 5 out of 6 years and wins a superbowl.

  6. I believe that John Elway was deferring his pay and not actually receiving it, resulting in the Bronco’s getting in trouble for salary cap violations.

  7. Ed Bandell, Flacco may be good(slightly above average IMO)but he is not $120 mil good. On the other hand Brady is worth that money. He had a bunch of no names and won the division in a year that the Dolphins were primed to win it. A good QB doesn’t need other players to be good. If you don’t want to blame Flacco then blame Ozzie, he failed to have a plan at receiver other then Smith. He had his best yardage year but failed in the TD category.

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