Report: No communication between Cowboys, Ware on contract


Among the many things that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said recently is that defensive end DeMarcus Ware could wind up as a cap casualty as the offseason unfolds.

Jones has also said that he can’t fathom a Cowboys defense in 2014 without Ware on it, which suggests that the team would like to find a way to have their pass rusher and some cap space as well. It’s been widely expected that the Cowboys would ask for a pay cut or try to restructure Ware’s contract, but it doesn’t appear the ball has gotten rolling on that front.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that there’s been no communication between the two sides about any adjustment to Ware’s contract. With the start of free agency drawing closer, now would seem to be a pretty good time to get things started since the Cowboys could use the cap relief whether or not they plan to pursue players from other teams.

Jones took himself to task for cap management this week and the Ware contract is part of the problem. Losing Ware is less than ideal, but he’s not thought to be open to a pay cut and a restructure would just create the same problem next year as Dallas kicks the can down the road. If Jones’ laments about past mistakes was a signal of a new path, Ware’s departure could be the first example of a new business style.