Tarvaris Jackson likely to stay in Seattle

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It was a strange few years for quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, but he finally found a home.  And he won a Super Bowl.

Poised to become a free agent on March 11, Jackson currently is expected to sign a new contract to remain in Seattle.  Per a league source, Jackson wants to remain the backup to Russell Wilson, and the team wants him to stay.

Jackson, a second-round pick in 2006, started for the Vikings before the arrival of Brett Favre.  He signed with the Seahawks in 2011, where Jackson immediately was installed as the No. 1 quarterback.

The following year, Jackson was supplanted by Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson.  Eventually, the Seahawks traded him to Buffalo.  The following year, the Bills cut Jackson after signing Kevin Kolb and drafting EJ Manuel.  Jackson later returned to Seattle.

He has appeared in only three regular-season games since starting 14 times for the 2011 Seahawks.  And if Russell Wilson continues to stay healthy, Jackson won’t be playing much in 2014.

But Jackson’s at a point in his career where he can make very good money to be ready to play — and he may end up winning another Super Bowl ring.  Or two.

He may even get to play again during mop-up time as the Seahawks thump the AFC champions.

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  1. As much as T-jack makes me cringe when he holds onto the ball too long, the guy is a class act and a true professional. He’s been through a lot and handled himself extremely well through it all.

  2. From Jackson’s early year he gets a bad rep with some fans who haven’t watched him play. Sure he isn’t a franchise QB but he is a more than capable back up and carries himself like a true professional.

    As soon as he was cut from the Bills, his former Seahawk teammates started making noise to bring him back. I kinda thought next year BJ Daniels might take that spot but I understand that they want to roll with TJack behind Wilson.

  3. He is a class act and high quality back up QB. If he accepts the back up role, which sounds like he has, I think he is the best fit for the Seattle Seahawks. BJ Daniels is likely to develop into that role but more than likely used as trade material for some team that needs another good young prospect/project.

    I like this move.

    Go Hawks!

  4. Pretty much can’t do any better than T-Jack as a backup.

    They way he managed 7 wins and played through a torn rotater cuff a couple years back…I’ll always be a fan of his.

    That said…please stay healthy Russ 🙂

  5. Tarvaris Jackson is 1-0 in Super Bowls he has taken a snap in. He has as many Super Bowl rings as Manning, Favre, Unitas, and Young. Bring that up next time a buddy uses Super Bowls with QbS. Wierd.

  6. Lol backup for the Vikings? He’s better than all their “starters” combined…. Hell I would rather have him than probably half of the so called starters in the league. Btw how’s it feel to be the Minnesota Seahawks B team?

  7. I think any quarterback would love to be in Seattle. They get credit for touchdown passes even when it’s actually an interception.

  8. These Vikings fan luv the seahawks posts. Get over it. Attention all vikings players. If u want to win…. Come up to the NW! Next to come is jared allen. Dont believe…jus watch….

  9. He was the best quarterback on the Vikings since Fran Tarkenton. They didn’t give him enough time. It wasn’t his fault the receivers couldn’t catch. The coaches used him incorrectly. There was too much air in the ball. The sun was always in his eyes. He was distracted by all the tall buildings.

  10. The Last time Minnesota lost one of 4 Super Bowls…37 Years ago.

    Their relevance since then…None.

    Go Hawks!

  11. TJack proved himself a warrior during his season as starter in Seattle. Rifled some powerful throws down the field. Underrated and undervalued by the rest of the league. Which taken all together makes him a perfect fit for this Seahawks team.

  12. Please God no. He is the anti-Russell Wilson. An inveterate loser. Get rid of him and move on. I still have nightmares from 2011.

  13. He’s a top 5 backup in the NFL that could start for a dozen teams (you know who you are). Him wanting to stay as a big time competitor (started most of a season with a torn peck) and not play shows how much guys love playing in Seattle. Embarrassment of riches

  14. It’s easy to make fun of a guy that couldn’t even stay the starter on a team like the Vikings (basically a glorified high school squad), but the guy has a ring. He will always be better than Christian Ponder.

  15. I love having TJack in our corner. Knows our system real well and knowledgeable all around in the sport of the football. I’m certain dangeRuss is learning a lot from that guy. And I think he was lucky when farve stole his job in no-mans land Minnesota. But also a shame I think of the vikes gave him a chance then he could have devolped into a better QB.

  16. Never hated Jackson. Never love him of course. He can manage a game (compared to Wilson’s “game managing”. He doesn’t make it look pretty, but he’s alright. Worth hanging on to.

  17. Tarvaris Jackson was a better QB in Superbowl 48 than Peyton Manning. And now he has just as many rings as Peyton too.


    Who could ever have predicted that Tarvaris Jackson would be playing in the 4th quarter of a Superbowl and winning a ring.

    Ha ha ha ha ha LOL!!

  18. With a strained pect, he wouldn’t give up on his team, and came close to leading the ‘hawks to the playoffs back when he was the starter.

    One of the toughest QBs I have had the privilege to watch play the game. Loves the game. Loves his teammates. Never gives up.


  19. After the way he was treated by the Bills I’m glad he got a ring. I’m a Bills fan but I don’t think TJax was treated fairly by the team. They signed him then refused to play him even when Manuel and Tuel and Kolb were hurt. Instead they signed Thad Lewis and played him. It was a pretty bush league thing to do to Jackson IMO.

  20. As a Viking fan, I’m glad TJack has found a home. As most I don’t think he was capable of being a caliber starting QB in the NFL. But he definitely fits as a backup and in Seattle’s system. He was treated poorly by both MN and SEA but at the same time he didn’t do much to earn a starting spot.

    He’s a good backup QB and can come in when needed. Most Viking fans forget he went 8-4 in a season they were 8-8 and the fact is he IS better than Ponder. That of course, isn’t saying much. lol. He needed to go get a fresh start when the Vikings let him walk. No ill feelings toward the guy because he has handled every situation with class.

  21. TJack is a class guy, well-liked in the locker room, one tough SOB, and as he showed last year, when healthy he still has some game. Would love to see number 7 back in Seattle in 2014.

  22. I seem to recall that Brad (Mr. Mensa) Childress traded up in the draft to get T Jack. Now, I don’t know if he sucked before he became a Viking or if he sucked because that what Viking Qb’s do. Never the less, he is no franchise QB and the Seahawks should be praying that Wilson never gets hurt because he is not the answer.

  23. People who come on here to waste their time dissing the seahawks (the reigning super bowl champ) are just pathetic…thats like a midget trying to get tough with a bodybuilder

  24. Atta boy T-Jack. Dude was a workout warrior but couldn’t translate it to the field. Good for him. It’s either being a backup on the reigning champions or selling insurance… hmm, tough choice.

  25. I remember when he helped take the Vikings to the playoffs. To thank him, they had him work the pre-season while everyone else was in Mississippi pleading with Favre to come to town.

    They should have stuck with him, What’s the worst that would have happened? They don’t win a SB?

    That was really grimey what they did to him in my opinion. Favre setting that franchise back 5 years, then they had to reach for Ponder as well. They deserve it all.

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