Three top quarterbacks already invited to the draft

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Ron Jaworski may not be willing to take Johnny Manziel in the first three rounds of the 2014 draft, but the NFL is willing to bet someone will take him, earlier rather than later.

Gil Brandt of said Thursday that Manziel and two other big-name quarterbacks already have been invited to the May 8 draft.  The others are Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater.  (Manziel is pictured with Bridgewater.)

Each is expected to go in round one.  Then again, so was Geno Smith a year ago, and he ended up sitting in the green room for all 32 picks on the first night of the draft.

For Manziel, Bortles, and Bridgewater, all three could be taken in the top 10 — possibly the top five.

It’s unknown whether any, some, or all of the trio of quarterbacks will accept the invitation.

19 responses to “Three top quarterbacks already invited to the draft

  1. Teddy Bridgewater didn’t run the 40 yard dash and purposely didn’t do any drills so his draft stock would fall and so he could still be on the board when the Vikings will draft.

    These are pure facts that are undeniable.

    Teddy knows his only chance of winning is with the Vikings.

    He will win a Super Bowl ring after the future dynasty Vikings draft him.

    The best franchise in all of sports.

  2. They need to televise the draft on a split screen and have one showing Bortles’s girlfriend the entire time.

  3. G.M.s are scared to death of all three of these guys. With a draft so deep at so many positions, picking any of these guys has too much bust potential. Swing and miss and you’re out of a job next year. Let the free falls begin.

  4. Johnny Manziel may have a career in the NFL, or he may turn into the next Troy Smith from OSU. Both had excellent college days. I really dreaded the talk of the Browns trading up to draft him.

    I believe all of the top 10 QB’s are pretty much the same. So much will depend on the coaching they get at the next level….a weakness of the Browns in the past. I don’t know too much about their new QB coach, “Low-gains”, as he is referred to. I just didn’t see much development with Jake Locker.

    Bridgewater seems the most ready but, I like Bortles long-range potential. I think he needs to sit behind a Rodgers or Brady. Kind of like Steve Young sitting behind Montana all those years.

    Why wasn’t Carr invited?

  5. NFL is really going to look stupid when the Browns pick Carr and he’s at home in Fresno. Its already been reported by numbeous sources that the Browns talk about Johnny Football is just a smoke screen. Apparently, they feel Carr is NFL ready, and they intend to make him their Russell Wilson. Poor Carr, he will have the same problems as his brother. Drafted by a sorry team, and expected to be the savior. With their owners track record, he will be cut after one year and their coach fired. Super Bowl or Bust…lol

  6. Carr may get picked late in Round 1. I wonder if he will be on remote Cam or telephone, or will he be in NY.

  7. Forget these stiffs,the NFL needs to invite Bortles and McCarrons girlfriends regardless of where their boyfriends get drafted. Imagine how many more people would watch with those two foxes flashing smiles and whatever else. I wouldn’t turn the channel

  8. Johnny Manzo will be very good. Jaws does not know what he is talking about. He is not Tebow 2.0. He can actually compleat passes on a regular basis and most importantly he runs to set up throws vs running to cover up the fact that he can’t throw.

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