Dolphins floating Dion Jordan in trade talks


Ordinarily you’d say this was big news.

But given the recent events in Miami, giving up on a first-round pick a year into the process almost doesn’t register.

According to Jason LaCanfora of, the Dolphins are “gauging trade value” for 2013 first-round pick Dion Jordan.

As in, third overall pick Dion Jordan.

As in, the guy they gave up last year’s 12th and 42nd overall picks to take third overall, instead of using any of that ammunition to go get a left tackle such as Branden Albert, or some other part the coaching staff had a use for.

Speculation will immediately turn to Philadelphia, since Eagles Chip Kelly used Jordan to such great impact at Oregon.

But it should mostly stand as a reminder of the continual dysfunction in Miami, where the constantly changing courses keep them from ever pointing in a straight line.

106 responses to “Dolphins floating Dion Jordan in trade talks

  1. This is why the Dolphins will always be a dysfunctional franchise.

    Notice how the Vikings have an elite left tackle and Miami Doesn’t?

    Because were the superior franchise.

  2. Miami and Cleveland keep trying to one-up each other as the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL, a spot previously owned by Minnesota.

  3. Could it be any clearer that upper management needs to change down there? The franchise is dysfunctional from top to bottom. Gut the whole staff, the fans deserve better.

  4. It’s not like they just happened to be picking third and thought he was the best choice. They moved up to get him. Also, they knew the day they drafted him he was injured and was a bit of a “project” anyway.

    The worst part is that a year from now, there will probably be a new GM and coach anyway, making whatever they try doing this off-season moot.

    What an utterly clueless organization (and I say this as a fan).

  5. r these guys serious? he could develop into a STAR and you guys want to get rid of him after 1 year coming off a serious shoulder surgery?

    but guys Chad Henne, Daniel Thomas, get multiple years to stink it up.

  6. Odrick and Olivier Vernon are coming along just fine. So he had to share downs. Not sure why ireland drafted him it wasnt to need it was more best value at the time

  7. I am very disappointed to hear that Jordan is being shopped. He is a player that has the potential to be special, a difference maker. While I appreciate what Vernon did at the DE spot last year his upside is limited and Wake isn’t going to be playing at a probowl level forever. I would rather we tried to keep our good young players and develop them all the while add new ones via the draft.

  8. This was a move that I blasted at the time. Hard to justify him as the 3rd pick if you have the 3rd pick, but to give up a bonus pick only to make your one 1st Round pick even more expensive to sign was just a ridiculous idea from the get go. The Dolphins need to rebuild anyhow, so anybody and everybody should be gauged for trade value.

    It’s time to start over and do things right this time.

  9. Chip Kelly and my Eagles fan bias aside, Dion Jordan didn’t seem to live up to the hype in his rookie season.

    This guy had a combined 26 tackles and 2 sacks. That’s terrible. I don’t think any amount of hope that Chip Kelly could get out of this kid, what he did at Oregon, can keep me from being afraid of those types of numbers.


  10. I don’t see the Eagles or anyone else floating a high pick for Jordan.

    Plus, it’s apparent after a few years of the new CBA and rookie wage scale that many, if not most, teams value draft picks higher than they did in previous years.

    With the depth of talent in this draft (partially due to the large number of underclassmen, which potentially devalues next year’s picks), you can probably subtract one round from whatever you think someone is worth in terms of what a team might be willing to pay for them.

  11. Give Reggie McKenzie some credit for that. Hayden and Watson haven’t amounted to much yet, but he got them much cheaper. Reggie knew it was a bad draft and minimized his losses in it. I stilll think Hayden and Watson can be serviceable, but all the top end talent in that draft was suspect.

  12. LOL at the Vikings trolls that are on every post.

    But Jordan was the nail in the coffin for Jeff Ireland. And the lack of development of Tannehill didn’t help and will soon be the downfall for Philbin.

  13. LaCanfora probably just making up another negative Miami Dolphin story. He is on a constant mission to smear the team. This is probably bogus like 99.9% of his other Dolphin stories.

  14. This was MAYBE the worst 1st first round pick the Dolphins have made since Ted Ginn. At least when Ginn was drafted there was a need for a WR. When Ireland traded up I was sure he was going to draft an Olineman. At the very least, all he had to do was stand pat & he could have taken Sheldon Richardson to replace Starks or Solia who are both FA’s.

    Jordan’s best fit is most likely as an OLB in a 3-4. Based on last season he’s the 4th best DE on the team behind Wake, Olivier, & Shelby (who wasn’t even drafted) which is insane considering he was the 3rd overall pick. I actually believe Jordan is a great athlete who was a ‘work out wonder’ but isn’t going to end up being a great pass rusher. Ireland thought he was taking the next Aldon Smith & I think he wound up taking the next Aaron Curry.

    If someone is dumb enough to trade a first round pick for Trent Richardson then I’m hoping someone is dumb enough to give up a 1st round pick for Jordan. Even if it’s only a mid to late first round pick I’d still trade him.

  15. Yeah remember all the Fish fans on hear when he was drafted? “He is going to wreak havoc in the backfield” what a joke! Enjoy second place AGAIN!!

  16. There seems to be a lot of negative speculation surrounding this news. Here is what I think COULD be happening based on what I think should be happening:

    The new GM is realizing that there are holes on the team that need fixing. Since he and Philbin are tied at the hip (if the season fails they both get fired) he is trying whatever he can to fix things.

    The pick used on Dion Jordan should have been used on the LT position, and the new GM sees that. Furthermore the offensive line right consists of Pouncey… aaaaand that’s about it.

    The Fins have depth at LB and DE, and Jordan wasn’t really needed last year, but when he played towards the end of the season he was effective.

    I see a team that is looking at a young valuable player at a position of strength and seeing if they can get fair value for him in order to move that value to a position of need.

    This speaks poorly of Jeff Ireland, NOT of the current GM or Dion Jordan.

    Every team will be looking at the same game tape of him.

  17. IF this is true, and that’s an if, this is just another reason why the Dolphins shouldn’t have fired Ireland.

    If Philbin and the rest of the coaching staff did their jobs as well as Ireland did his than the Dolphins would have been a playoff team.

  18. The Fins are better off personnel wise than 2/3 of the league. We beat the Pats, Colts, Bengals, Chargers and narrowly one a bunch of other games. The Fins will be a force this upcoming season. Don’t let the media keep pulling this team down. We have mad weapons all around and with a strong draft and free agency this team will be in the playoffs next season. Book it!!

  19. As eagles fan id never judge Dion Jordan on his numbers as a rookie, on a so so team with a team that we have seen was an absolute mess on and off the field. Id give up the 22nd overall all day every day for him, because Jordan will clearly be better than anyone we take at 22 overall. He would also solve a need for the team. Then we could focus signing a safety free agency, and then with our second round pick take the best available player regardless position. Hopefully there is fire with this smoke.

  20. Miami can have either Brandon Graham or Trent Cole for Jordan. Check that, they can have both.
    Perhaps a scheme shift is the best thing for everyone involved.

  21. Nothing the Fins FO does anymore surprises me. Next they will try and offer up Lauren Tannehill for a 1st round pick.

  22. If there’s an upside to this for the Dolphins, at least they didn’t need to trade away a whole lot to move up from #12 to #3 last year.

    I do have to say though, what does it say about Jordan if they’re giving up on him after only one season? I mean, it’s not unheard of for rookies to have a minimal impact in their first season, but the idea that they want to trade him away suggests that they don’t think he has much potential.

  23. This is no surprise. Not many of us were happy when he was drafted the way he was, and most all experts agreed they reached for him. He was over matched with NFL talent. It was a desperation move by Ireland, another failure, and the nail in his coffen.

  24. Eagle Nation should welcome him with open arms. Dude is a freak athlete that could flourish behind Trent Cole! Give the Dolphins Brandon Graham and 22nd pick for him. Graham would fit the Dolphins scheme great and Jordan would be perfect for the Eagles scheme. I know the Eagles might be passing on Clinton-Dix but Jordan is much better to have than Pryor in my opinion.

  25. I would take him in Philly, still a lot of upside, and you’d have to think Chip would know how to use him. But I wouldn’t give up much. Maybe Cole and a later pick, or pick swap somewhere to let Miami move up?

    Not saying they can’t get more than that, they probably can. I would think they could probably find someone to give up at late 3rd at least. But for Philly, and their needs, the 2 lines are probably lowest on the list

  26. Last Year you Miami fans were blasting the Chiefs for not trading our LT B. Albert for your lower 2nd round pick. The thought process was that we should have accepted the lower 2nd round pick or a third round pick. At the time you gave Oakland your 1st and high 2nd to move up to take Jordan who already was projected in the high 20’s in the 1st round. The scouting reports were obvious and you had a shot at one of the 3 LT’s available in the draft but chose to take a bust instead of rebuilding your offensive line. Jeff Ireland was a tool and a bad drafter of talent. Just think you could have the same result if you made that trade but instead a starting LT.

  27. so how does this dictate dysfunction?

    jordan was an ireland pick….philbin knew they needed a LT and hickey knows that jordan will be buried on the bench because of the emergence of vernon. if they could get a 2nd rd pick out of it and fill other needs then i’d say that is a pretty good move.

  28. Last year a Fins fan was talking trash to me about how this guy was going to be so much better than Chandler Jones.

    Bhaha it’s still funny.

  29. One of the few places we have great depth is the DL.
    With Odrick, Wake, Vernon and most likely Soliai there’s a solid starting 4.
    Derrick Shelby and AJ Francis are good back ups. That’s a good 6 man rotation.

    Jordan didn’t do much last yeat, because of 3 things:
    Size, Missing practice time and a severe shoulder injury.

    Be good to have him if he’s healthy, but to use a player in the area where we have great depth
    to move up in the draft – I have no problem.
    Pairing him with a late round pick to get a high second, 2nd rd pick..
    If we can add a TE like Jace Amaro, a starting RB or even a starting CB to help out Grimes – simply by trading a part time bench player – then right now thats a good move.

  30. Vikings fans are funny. The real goal in MN is to try to get to .500….and they typically fail to do so.
    The Adrian window has closed, maybe a top 5 draft pick in 2015 will help.

  31. The Dolphins are a HOT TOPIC for the talking heads, they make a living getting hits on their web site and columns read and published. The Dolphins need help YES, but they are not that far off. They have a very good base of player.
    If Philbin can coach up a few people, if they get the O line in place, they will be fine.
    Keep in mind, they lost most games by 3 points and in the last Q.
    Getting rid of DJ is not the answer, young and fast, needs time to develop.

  32. Dysfunctional? Last time I checked the phins have improved the last two years under Philbin and beat 4 of the 6 playoff teams in the AFC. I love it when writers that wrote for the school newspaper instead of playing sports give their opinion.

  33. “Floating” is the appropriate metaphor for this turd. I knew it was a huge mistake. Stupid Jaguar fans thought it would have been a great idea to draft him. Or Geno Smith.

  34. Andrew Bailey: Who or what are you a fan of? Darin Gantt ??? So just because this dick writes it that means it’s gospel? you people who call yourselves fans are more like sheep, you just go with the flow, perhaps the new GM and coach Joe have an idea to get a better player, or two, maybe Jeff Ireland who had an ego the size of Wisconsin forced Jordan on the coaching staff, and now with Ireland gone and the GM and the coach working together, they have a plan to work together whereas him and Ireland did not? OR
    maybe Gantt is right, but just because it’s in ink doesn’t mean it’s true.
    but then again uncle Jeff knew what he was doing 😉

  35. haha, all these people claiming how bad jordan is…….and then thier team trades for him and……OH MAN!!!! JORDAN IS GOING TO BE A BEAST!!!!

  36. This just points to the enormous gulf that was between Philbin and Ireland. Or they could be looking for ways to move up and draft his replacement. Or they could be looking to upgrade the QB position. Or find a way to get 2 first round o-linemen. Or to get 4 second round picks who will all bust right out of the league in two years.

    sadly, the latter scenario is far more probable than any of the former ones.

  37. Patriots are real happy to see that Miami is waving the white flag on actual competing in the division anytime in the near future.

    Cleveland and Miami are the # 1 & 2 teams on the clock for the 2015 NFL draft.

  38. And by that I mean all of the coaching staff…they are clowns where did they find these guys? Its like they took the worst the game of football has to offer and put them in charge. Can everyone and start fresh so Miami actually has a chance at winning.

  39. The vikings have zero Lombardis, play in a dome and wear purple.

    Vikings fans are also known to dress up in “Helga hats” – purple hats with white horns and blonde braids.

  40. I’ll give you Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry and a fourth for him……oh, wait a minute, I’m not Howie Roseman………..HOWIE, OH HOWIE!

  41. lol at Vikings fans.. Yeah you guys are an incredible success story arent you? As for shopping Jordan – read carefully.. “gauging interest” is not necessarily shopping Jordan. Miami has a lot of needs on the oline. If some team jumped up and offered Miami a top 5 pick for him they may take it and fill a bigger need than a pass rusher. No way would they take less than a high first round pick for him. Also should be noted that LaConfora is batting about .100 on his Dolphin “breaking news”.. The guy is a hack.

  42. I guess if most people actually THOUGHT before they posted you wouldn’t have so much “entertainment” on here. You have a NEW GM who recognizes a MISTAKE made last year and is looking to acquire talent of HIS choosing in order to build HIS team. Jordan was part-time. We have 3 solid DE ahead of him. As for all of the people who call them idiots and dysfunctional for considering this, please present ONE cogent argument for keeping him based on his performance (not his potential) last year…..I’ll wait….

  43. Watch and see, Miami & Cleveland will be spoiling a lot of teams parties this year. Keep the talk coming!
    Like to see them both get in the wild card hunt.

  44. They beat 4 of 6 playoff teams from the AFC ? So what. Doesn’t matter if they beat all 6 if they, once again they didn’t make the tourney and haven’t won a playoff game since 2001. They’d be in safer hands if Aaron Hernandez was running the show. Sounds like Incognito isn’t the only Phin who belongs in a padded room.

  45. What a disastrous pick he was. #3 overall pick…and he barely made it as a third-stringer. Not one important play all year. The only play that comes to mind is when he facemasked a guy and cost us 15 years.

  46. Philly can’t trade cole…he’s unreadable with huge contract. Brandon graham is much better de than olb so would make sense in Miami. I think graham and philly’s second is a decent trade. Please don’t trade the 22nd pick.

  47. Said a year ago that this was the worst trade up and pick in that draft. The fact that he barely played and is already on the trading block only confirms those suspicions. If they hadn’t gotten over on the clueless Raider front office in the trade, this would be a complete disaster for the Dolphins, but I guess Miami fans are used to that now.

  48. for all you people bashing jordan, he was actually rated one of the best in the league at pressuring the QB last year by pro football focus. he was hurt at the beginning of the year, the coaches didn’t want him to make the injury worse in his first NFL season. we had two guys playing his position playing very well, so why risk it.
    If the dolphins trade jordan, i am done being a dolphins fan. you don’t trade away dion jordans. this guy has a chance to be special, trading him would be the dumbest thing this franchise has ever done. people who say he was projected to go in the high 20’s in the first round have no idea what they are talking about. he was considered the best defensive player in the draft by almost everybody who analyzes football. this story is making me sick.

  49. This can’t seriously be true. He was productive when they actually put him on the field. The only way this trade rumor even remotely makes sense is if he isn’t healthy and it is a chronic issue. If not and they are considering trading him, everybody involved should be fired immediately.

  50. As an Eagles fan, I don’t know if I would want him unless they could get him cheap. I think the Eagles need to be focused on the safety position. Then linebackers and a true nose tackle.

  51. If he gets on a team with a good coaching staff he’ll be a pro-bowler.
    But the Dolphins need a lot of help on the OL so if they could get a top 10 pick that would solve the Left Tackle void.

    It could be a win win

  52. Dolphins are denying this rumor.. And even if true the team hasn’t been in the playoffs since 2008, they would be prudent to gauge the interest in any of there players if they can get better value and talent. This is what teams do!

  53. The Dolphins have pass rushers already. It’s clear the coaching staff didn’t want Jordan this was an Ireland move. Why draft another pass rusher?? This team needs OL, LB, and a FS. If he traded so be it, he didn’t show much as a rookie to be warranted a 3rd overall pick and Ireland is a MORON he should’ve used that pick on one of the LT’s in last years draft.

  54. Well there are reports that say this rumor is exactly that, a rumor. Miami has no interest in trading him. But while we are at it, people crack me up. So quick to call a player a bust, I mean come on! Part of the reason Jordan had limited time playing was the emergence of Vernon and Shelby. Jordan has much more up side the ether of the two so that may change this year. I will also say this, many players were misused last year. Tannehill, Wallace, the entire OL, the safeties, they were all use in the wrong way. One of the many reasons why I thought Philbin and the entire coaching staff should have been fired.

  55. Sclazo, I am no defender of Jeff Ireland, but in this case I think you’re wrong. There is just no way on earth that Ireland went into Joe Philbin’s office and said “I don’t think Wake and Odrick are good enough. I’m gonna trade up and draft yet another defensive end.”
    Many Dolphin insiders have repeatedly said that Philbin, not Irleand, thought the offensive line was great last year and needed no help in the draft.

  56. It’s amazing that these executives make tons of money and have no business being in charge of drafting/signing players. Leave the franchise in disarray while you make $$$$$. Pathetic.

  57. As an Eagles fan, I would certainly trade our second round pick for him. I would even think about using a first on him. Will Calvin Pryor or HaHa Clinton Dix be available by the time they pick? There’s a good chance the answer is no. Are Darqueze Dennard or Justin Gilbert elite prospects? I mean, they look pretty good, but I’d be ok missing out on both of them. Marqise Lee or Kelvin Benjamin? Not really a huge need. There are some solid pass rushing prospects like Kony Ealy that could be available, but are they rated any higher than Jordan? Meh. The more I think about it, I could get behind sending a first to Miami for him. He’s who I wanted them to take last year, and it makes even more sense now that there’s a very good chance Cole is cut by next offseason at the latest.

  58. Yo, Darent, the Dolphins drafted a LT the yr before last,,,,Jonathan Martin,,,,remember dude, but Martin was the man Ireland thought he was.

  59. They have to replace almost their whole Offensive Line. That is leaving them a little desperate, I’m afraid.

  60. Whats with the dolphins fans getting all sensitive when vikings fans rip them? Anybody else can rip the dolphins team just not the vikings fans. Absurd comments here

  61. Well it’s good to see that Miami and the 9ers are making a push to win the most disfunctional franchise award.

    Currently the Browns are in the lead w/ the Vikings trailing, but it’s close folks!!!

  62. The worst thing this organization did was hire Bill Parcells. He’s the one who brought in Ireland and the both of the have collectively set this franchise back ten years. I’m still not sold on Tannehill, but it would be fair if he had a decent line and a running back who could actually help in pass protection.

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