Chad Johnson tells of the times he tried to fight Ray Lewis

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A fight between Chad Johnson and Ray Lewis would not go well for Johnson. But Johnson doesn’t seem to realize that.

That’s the takeaway from a series of tweets that Johnson wrote on Thursday, in which he claimed that on two separate occasions he attempted to fight Lewis, and that Lewis was able to get away from him. On the first occasion, Johnson claims, Lewis had knocked his helmet off during a Bengals-Ravens game, and so Johnson decided to wait for Lewis outside the Ravens’ locker room afterward.

“I remember waiting for Ray Lewis outside the locker room after a game for knocking my helmet off unnecessarily,” Johnson wrote. “He went out the side door, Ed Reed had to talk me out of putting these paws on Ray.”

According to Johnson, when the Ravens and Bengals met again later that season, Johnson again tried to fight Lewis, this time before the game.

“2nd time we played the Ravens I caught Ray slipping in pre-game, I stepped to him, he started preaching, I was like the Lord can’t help you,” Johnson wrote. “Long story short Marvin Lewis broke it up and saved Ray from getting beat up in pre-game.”

Johnson may not know it, but he’s the one Marvin Lewis was saving.

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  1. Ray Lewis Would have been the second coming of Joe Frazier if he were coming of age in the 70’s ’cause that was the route to riches back then not football. And by all accounts of trainers and fighters Ray’s boxing skills are for real. Not to mention being an accomplished wrestler.

  2. I really don’t think Chad Johnson was being serious… he did describe his hands as paws. Furthermore, it was a good thing, for Chad, Ray Lewis didn’t take Chad Johnson seriously, ever.

  3. “I remember waiting for Ray Lewis outside the locker room after a game for knocking my helmet off unnecessarily,” Johnson wrote. “He went out the side door, Ed Reed had to talk me out of putting these paws on Ray.”

    This guy has always been a loser but my God, does he really think ANYBODY would believe this garbage?

    Lewis would have eaten him for breakfast.

  4. That game where he got his helmet knocked off (Ray BLEW.HIM.UP.), he got up off the ground not even knowing what state he was in, let alone being of sound mind to actually fight an NFL linebacker. Dummy.

  5. It’s never too late to book a pay for view fight. I’d pay to see Chad get his butt kicked.

  6. I remember the hit that decapitated ocho stinko on the final drive of that Bengals game some years back. Cost the ravens the game but it was worth it to see Mr. Mouthy get wrecked!

  7. If someone disrespect you to the point you feel it’s necessary to fight, at that point it’s not about winning or losing it’s about being a man an getting out there. I been a correctional officer for years and seen plenty of Ray Lewis’ s get their assets kicked by smaller dudes.

  8. Tale of the Tape:

    Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson
    DOB – 01/19/78
    Height – 6’1″
    Weight – 188lbs
    Hometown – Miami, FL

    Ray “White Suit” Lewis
    DOB – 05/15/75
    Height – 6’1″
    Weight – 240lbs
    Hometown – Bartow, FL

    The analysis:
    With both men standing 6’1″ the reach advantage is a wash. Johnson has an advantage in the age department, which should help him when it comes to quickness, however Lewis has the weight advantage, which translates into a significant gap in power. Let us also not forget that while both men are notoriously crazy, Johnson’s brand of crazy is the kind that lands you on a reality show with TO while Lewis’ style of insanity is the kind that you end up talking to Jesus while rooming with Hernandez.

    Ocho Cinco would have needed help finding all of the gold teeth that had been knocked out of his mouth because his eyes would have been totally swollen shut. Picking a fight with Ray Lewis would be about as smart as throwing a punch at a grizzly bear.

  9. I remember Ray Lewis devastating Chad with a hit so brutal and I thought he’s done.. he’s done for sure.

    Seemed like before he even hit the ground, Chad bounced straight back up and was jawing off with him.. I think he may have even made a play soon after… what a man. Must have been in a world of hurt but had to show he had no fear and it had no effect.

    And then to read this and how in his concussed state he thought he’d come out alive facing Ray Ray off the field…. lol

  10. In high school there was a fight between a big meathead athlete and a skinnier, lanky guy. The skinny guy just kept jabbing and moving, and it took all of 3 minutes before the fight was over. I personally think Lewis would smoke Ocho, but just sayin…

  11. OK if u follow Chad on TWITTER then you its OBVIOUS that he was playing around. I watched him tweet all of this and he was freaking joking its twitter people. relax. these tweets were definitely taken out of context. he was purposely being facetious.

  12. They covered this in the 1st Hard Knocks with the Bengals. Chad is just joking here. There was 1 part where in a goal line play he is supposed to go block Lewis and he slams into him and falls down and all the coaches on the sideline are busting up laughing. The other time, actually what was mentioned above Chad even said “I was furious, I jumped up to see who hit me, saw it was Ray and was like “ok” and walked back to my huddle”

    Chad is just talking to get a rise, but he knows whats up. People just gotta stop taking everything so seriously and see he is just playing.

  13. This guy also thought donning a fake hall of fame jacket would be a good end zone celebration. He is a legend in his own mind.

  14. Doesn’t matter if he was joking or not. When you’ve been accused of beating up woman you shouldnt joke about whooping some dude. Players like him are a joke. Great athlete had the opportunity to make a lot of cash doing what he loved in the prime of his life and he probably has nothing to show for it On another note the ones complaining about not being able to say the N word are a joke as well. Your at your job, if you don’t like being professional and would rather be street the NFL shouldn’t employ you.

  15. You know how I know most of you have never been in a fight? Never underestimate your opponent. Just because he may not look like much compared to you doesn’t mean you can take him. And that big guy may have a glass jaw. You never know who can take a punch until the fists start flying.

    Frankly, I prefer getting in close and using knees and elbows. I know how to throw a punch properly, but the potential damage to your hands aren’t worth it. Boxers breaks suck.

  16. Perhaps The Chad thought Ray should not have hit him during the play, other than that, how does one knock one’s helmet off unnecessarily?

    Either it comes off, or it doesn’t.

    On the bright side, at least his head wasn’t in it when it went rolling on the ground.

  17. It wouldn’t be a fair fight for Chad. Lewis would have his defensive teammates do all the real work before he steps in to pad his fighting stats.

  18. It was actually a clean hit. He didn’t hit him in the head. The Helmet came off from the impact.

    And it wasn’t defenseless, Johnson had already caught the ball, landed on his feet, and made a “football move”.

    He just got blew up son!!!! clean.

  19. Remember when they had those celebrity boxing matches with Willam Perry, Tanya Harding and that dude from different strokes? This is one I would like to see.

  20. OK when I click on Bengal news and see this nonsense about Chad, I have to wonder why it’s not under Miami Dolphins or New England Patriots news? he was on those teams more recently than he was on the Bengals.

  21. Chad has the speed on Lewis. Size doesn’t always matter in a fight. Light is might applies here lol

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