Darren Sharper surrenders to police after warrant issued on two more rapes


Former NFL star Darren Sharper has once again been arrested on charges of rape.

According to NBC News, Sharper surrendered to police in Los Angeles late Thursday night after a warrant was issued for his arrest in New Orleans earlier in the day. Sharper, already out on bail after being arrested in connection to a pair of rapes in Los Angeles in January, is facing two more charges of aggravated rape in New Orleans.

He is also still under investigation on allegations of rape in Las Vegas, Miami and Tempe, Ariz.

Per the report, a conviction on an aggravated rape charge in Louisiana carries a sentence of life imprisonment at hard labor without benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence.

Erik Nunez, an acquaintance of Sharper, has also been charged for the crimes in Louisiana. The women involved in the case allege that Sharper and Nunez raped both of them in an apartment last September.

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  1. How far does theses alleged rapes go back. Hope there is evidence the police / media are holding back because these crimes are very hard to prove after a long while. I am not saying for one minute that the girls involved are making this up but how long do you wait before you go to the police. I know its a hard thing to admit and everybody is different but for all these women to delay going to the police seems strange. I know there is some comfort in numbers and they feel people will believe if they are not the only ones but stopping predators quickly saves a lot of anguish for other women. If any of these women are found to jumping on the anguish of other women they have to go to jail. If Sharper is guilty of one rape life in jail would not be long enough for his victim.

  2. It must be the culture he grew up in right? Must be what his parents taught him, Right? but whatever you do, don’t judge him, nor disrespect him lest you be accused of predjudism.
    “TheAvailableTerribleParrible….” 2/28/14 at 3:49 AM

  3. “Per the report, a conviction on an aggravated rape charge in Louisiana carries a sentence of life imprisonment at hard labor without benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence.”

    Awesome, flush these turds.

  4. Wow. I guess Sharper’s defense team is hoping that there aren’t any blood tests and it can’t be proven in court.

    Why would he even feel the need to do that kind of stuff? He’s hardly been beaten with the ugly stick. Plus Superbowl, NFL….

    Seriously predatory, seriously creepy.

  5. Yes, in a court of law DS is innocent until proven guilty.

    But I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t get at least 20 years in prison. Probably life.

  6. Sorry to say this. But bad move surrendering.
    If your facing life, in hard labor, why on earth would you ever give yourself up.

  7. Some of these allegation might be false because some are trying to jump on the ship & get a huge pay day. This guy is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law not the court of people! If there are evidence of these allegation he should spend the rest of his life in jail, if these women her making up stuff they should be in jail for falsely accusing him.

  8. Dumb. He’s looking at life w/out parole in Louisiana. There will come a day in prison – sad and grim as it may be – when he’s going to wish he would have taken the coward’s way out when he had the opportunity.

    He’s gotta know there’s no way he’s getting away with this. Just reading the story, it’s pretty clear he’s screwed.

  9. Makes me wonder if there wasn’t something going on in GB when he was there. The Pack didn’t make a serious attempt to resign him back after 2004, which didn’t make a lot of sense for a player of His caliber.

  10. Darren has some demons. Disgusting story. Why he has to rape women is the question? What else is going on here? Seems like there is more to this story.

  11. I remember while on the Total Access, as they were wrapping up the show, the host jokingly closed the show by saying “hide all the women, The Pick Magnet is coming to town”….. as Sharper was on his way to cover what was then the game of the year-Mon Night; NO @ Sea.
    little did we know how real that statement was.

  12. I guess Darren Sharper could of never been in the movie “He Got Game” … Come on Dude, as a pro football player, why do you have to go around drugging & raping women ? Unbelievable!

  13. On top of living a very good life, this guy had an outside shot at the Hall of Fame some day (6th all time in INT’s, second all time in INT’s for TD’s.). SMH

  14. A lot of the times I hear these and am very skeptical until truth and details emerge……. But I also find it hard to believe that a group of women from different parts of the country got together and decided to start accusing him of this. This many accusations from different locations is very suspicious. The truth will come out but it really doesn’t look good for Mr. Sharper at this point in time.

  15. he’ll walk.. hell, OJ slaughtered two people & walked.. celebrities are above the law in this country

  16. From an article in 2010:

    “If you have to be an atypical player, you’d like to be Darren Sharper, because his NFL story will likely end with him standing on a podium in Canton, Ohio making a speech while being inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

  17. Makes Big Ben look like a saint.

    Don’t get it, nfl star and rape is even part of the equation. Really?

    There’s plenty of women.

  18. Whenever any article starts with the words “Former NFL star Darren Sharper has once again been arrested on charges of rape.” its a wrap.

  19. If this is true, this is the definition of a monster. What would make a seemingly normal human being become a serial rapist. I’m no ones judge as I obviously don’t know any of the facts, however I find it hard to believe that women, that are in different geographical locations and do not know one another would all tell a lie about something like this.

  20. You don’t go from being a “normal” person to drugging and raping women all over the country…

    There has got to be a trail of behavior for years that has led to all this….

    this does not seem like it is going to end well.

  21. Judge: How do you plead Mr. Sharper?

    Sharper: Not guilty, by reason of insanity/sexual addiction

    Judge: Sorry, I’m not going to allow you to make a mockery of the court. I find you guilty, no need for trial. Take him away !

    I hope that’s how it plays out.


  22. first what an embarrassment to his alma mater, william and mary, which is a great school.

    second what an idiot. in most cases i bet he could have gotten it for free.

  23. All of these cases seem pretty damning. If true, it’s sad to see such a great player and what seemed to be a great guy revealed to be a monster.

  24. Since the NFL has not removed people from the HOF who turn out to be criminals, will voters be made to NOT consider this when his name comes up? He was a six time All-Pro, on an all decade team, won a Super Bowl and ranks 7th all time in interceptions. Credentials alone, he is an easy choice for Canton, but I would had to see a an acceptance speech simulcasted from prison.

  25. What he is accused of is reprehensible, just absolutely disgusting.
    But it also bothers me that so many people are ready to just find him guilty right now, without so much as a single piece of evidence being presented.

    Am I bothered by the fact that police had enough to charge him? Hell yes, thats unacceptable on bis part, IF he did it. But before we convict him solely on the basis of other people he should at least be afforded his constitutional right to trial. If hes guilty, throw the book at him.
    Otherwise what youre talking about is just plain old lynchmob justice.

  26. If you only knew. . . paying child support for two kids in previous relationships, a general aloofness with the public, not accepting criticism of any kind – those are the tell-tale signs. Who will go to bat for him now? Based on the way he’s treated others, not very many.

  27. “But Richie Incognito is still the worst human being in the NFL, right?”
    There are all kinds of scum posing as human beings and old Richie is just one kind,a bully,a person who takes great pleasure in ridiculing others while trying to make their life miserable,yup, pure scum.

  28. He should get his own arrest meter.

    Sharper brought this all on himself, but he seems like that pitcher, that people just keep coming to up to the plate and its like merry go round bases.

  29. He behaved while in Green Bay!….. and things fell a part for him after he lived in Minnesota???? uuhhmm.

  30. Here is what I do not get. Why did Darren Sharper think he had to stoop this low to get women? Sharper is a professional athlete. I bet he had other women throwing themselves at him. Mind boggling.

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