Dolphins deny interest in trading Jordan, Wallace, and/or Wake


On Friday, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reported that the Dolphins have begun shopping defensive end Dion Jordan, the third overall pick in the 2013 draft.

La Canfora also reported that other teams believe the Dolphins may be open to trading receiver Mike Wallace and defensive end Cameron Wake.

The  Dolphins deny the report(s).  Strongly.  Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald says that a team source has characterized each and every prong of the report as “false.”

“So what we have here is an issue of credibility and integrity,” Salguero writes.  “Do you believe  Or do you believe the Miami Dolphins?  I know my source.  I’m going with the Dolphins.”

Last week, at about this same time, we criticized the 49ers for calling our report of the potential trade of coach Jim Harbaugh to the Browns “completely false” and “ridiculous” not by saying so directly but by leaking the news via unnamed teams sources to a media outlet the 49ers partially own.  (As we’ve since learned, the report was hardly “completely false” or “ridiculous.”)

But it’s one thing for a team to feed an off-the-record denial to the house band; it’s quite another for the Dolphins to undermine their relationship with an independent local media outlet by hanging Salguero out to dry by giving him blatantly false information.

And, yes, I’m still a little salty about what happened last Friday.  How could you tell?

54 responses to “Dolphins deny interest in trading Jordan, Wallace, and/or Wake

  1. So what we have here is an issue of credibility and integrity,” Salguero writes. “Do you believe Or do you believe the Miami Dolphins? I know my source. I’m going with the Dolphins.”

    Armando Salguero is questioning someones credibility and integrity? Oh the irony!

  2. If my Bucs could engineer a trade for either Jordan or Wake we would be filling one of our most glaring needs. Probably won’t happen, but it’d be nice.

  3. Just trade Dion Jordan to Philly so that he can be with Chip Kelly.

    Besides, his selection before playing time is a reason why it’s okay to give draft grades.

    What did I give Miami in April 2013? A straight up “F” and I’m proud of it. Very 🙂 !

  4. It looks like the national media are going to keep hammering the Fins day in and day out . . . while other , more serious scandals , such as the Hernandez/Sharper cases , are barely discussed.

  5. What more can be sad about those slime balls, I would rather talk football on a football site.

    The Phins gave away some pretty big bucks to Wallace, I have said before and Ill say it again.

    FA is full of great #2 WRs that think they deserve #1 money. Giving those guys those deals are great ways to get your team in a jam.

  6. Wouldn’t the cap hit from trading Wallace make it almost impossible?

    I also thought Miami was nuts for taking Jordan. When watching the draft and hearing of them trading up I thought they would (smartly) take Lane Johnson.

  7. realnflmaster says:
    Nice pick there Miami. Dion Jordan….part time player…lol

    aldon smith is a part time player, they are called situational players. dion jordan could be every bit of a great situational pass rusher, he is bogged down by a deep d line and injuries.

  8. i’m not a big fan of salguro, i question his intentions and integrity more than any dolphins beat writer, but i’ll give him props for calling out la confora, he is wrong and completley off base about his “breaking news” more often than not.

  9. The Dolphins have over $44 mill in cap space and if they cut Matt Moore and Dimitri Patterson they will have OVER $50 mill in cap space.

    Mike Wallace’s deal (in real money/numbers) is only a 3 year $32 mill deal. It’s not as big as the media plays it out. He will NEVER see the last 2 years of that contract cause after year 3 the Fins can cut him and have ZERO CAP HIT!

  10. Wallace’s signing bonus wasn’t huge but a good chunk of his guaranteed money was in the form of base salaries in 2013 and 2014.

    I could be wrong, but I believe he could conceivably be traded without a major cap hit.

  11. So what it looks like is that they would trade then “for the right price”. Makes sense, new GM and no player is exactly untouchable. So if someone says they’ll give you a first rounder for mike Wallace and his bloated contact the dolphins won’t say no. The same thing many teams would do in miamis position.

  12. Every team in the league uses the media for a feel for opponents and fan reaction in fact every team in professional sports does it. We pay their salaries via TV CONTRACTS…
    Miami is getting destroyed by everyone after what happened in that locker room and they deserve it but it will run it’s course.
    Didn’t they make the playoffs or almost? Either way if they get their act together with a stronger front office and coaching staff plus ridding themselves of the cancers in the locker room they could be in the playoffs next year. I am an Eagles fan for the record.

  13. This bashing of the Dolphins by the media is getting ridiculous. And the people still complaining about Wallace’s deal are just as bad…the way they structured the deal I believe they can get out of the deal with hardly any cap hit in the future and as rich as Ross is I doubt he cares about dropping the guaranteed money on him. Jordan will end up being a beast in this league once he gets used right, if they trade him some other team will be lucky to have him.

  14. ^
    The franchise isn’t garbage, it only appears and smells that way at present time. But those scenarios always have the potential to be cleaned up.

    A lustrous shine and the stench of gold could be in their future if they can find somebody that is really good at creating chemistry! Is that Hickey? Probably not, so just going to take a while before they get their ducks in a row. If only dolphins had wings to catch up to those critters. Hickey is going to need a metric ton of Red Bull.

  15. Awesome how players are now considered “busts” after one season, even if the player did not even play the whole year because of injuries, got some real football knowledgeable people on this post I tell ya.

    Oh, and aldon smith in his first year was strictly a 3rd down down lineman and got 19 sacks, he plays more now because of his production but is still a situational player. Same as Darren sproles, situational rb.

  16. To think the Dolphins could’ve had a Sheldon Richardson or a Kiko Alonso for the next 8 years…instead they have Dion Jordan!

  17. both La Canfora and armando always get it wrong.

    In this case armando knows La Canfora is full of crap worse then he is so its easy for him to claim otherwise with his “team source”

    Both these guys get it wrong all the time.

  18. “Maybe the Saints could use Jordan or wake”

    Your saints are over the record salary cap for 2014 already.Fix your problems first before you can go shopping.

  19. Why would they trade any of them? They have over 29 mil in cap space. Sorry attempt to make the phins look bad….again.

  20. The Dolphins are a very young team with a lot of cap room and were only one game from making the playoffs last year. They actually beat several AFC playoff teams, including NE, SD, IND, and SD. The OL needs to improve, but they have the money to spend and should be able to find a quality starter in the draft. Trading any of these guys would not make sense. Except Wallace, who I agree is not worth the money.

  21. craniator says: Feb 28, 2014 6:37 PM

    It looks like the national media are going to keep hammering the Fins day in and day out . . . while other , more serious scandals , such as the Hernandez/Sharper cases , are barely discussed.

    You don’t know what the word scandal means.

  22. Can’t wait to shut everyone up this year Miami beat a lot of great teams last year including the Pats with all those distractions going on …Dion Jordan has a Ton of upside and Miami will beat the Pats again Brady has two years left Pats Fans than what?????

  23. craniator says: Feb 28, 2014 6:37 PM

    It looks like the national media are going to keep hammering the Fins day in and day out . . . while other , more serious scandals , such as the Hernandez/Sharper cases , are barely discussed.
    It’s a disgraceful situation going on with your team, there’s a new story line daily, and it’s being reported. It’s a long off-season…your turn. Enjoy.

  24. You guys can say Wallace is Garbage as much as you want.. i think he had about 6 -8 TDs this season. However I watched in agony as thanehill over or under threw another 8 tds where he had completely lost the DB. I say give Jordan this year to play more as he was injured last year.. yes wake is getting older but still playing at a high level.

  25. For every Tannehill overthrow last year (and I am not letting him off the hook for those) Wallace dropped 3-4 balls that either hit his hands or else he could have had if he was a true #1 receiver and went after the ball. Wallace is a mid grade #2 receiver at best…the only thing he does well is separate.

  26. Wallace had a bad year but Tannehill missed Wallace on at least 6 sure fire TD’s last year. We would be having a different conversation it he had 1100 yards and 11 td’s

  27. I don’t believe these reports but Salguero is not as tuned in to the dolphins as he thinks he is. He often sells his opinion as fact and is often wrong but I think he’s right on this one.

  28. Tannyhill missed to Wallace alot because of the lack of protection. Impossible to fix that last year but there will be progress made as the line gets fixed and the backs inprove going into the 2nd year for these two.

  29. i agree wallace was paid too much, but people have it wrong about his production. first, its hard to hit a 40 yrd deep ball when tannehill has 2 defenders in his mug and cant step into it. second, this is a new system for him and he was clearly running routes that he was not running in pit, most of his yards were on in/out routes and comebacks, let him get acclimated to the offense and now there is a new o coordinator who can use him like deshawn jackson. third, if it was not for wallace’s presense on the field, tannehill would not have doubled his td output and threw for 700 more yards (despite the o line) and recievers like hartline and clay would not have had good years either. just because wallace did not get 1k yards and 8 td’s does not mean he did not help this offense.

  30. I’m not one to put down another teams fans. But I see some phins fans on here complaining about all this bad press. It happens with almost every team, a lot of dolphin fans were on here last summer putting other teams fans down, boosting the living crap out of your team and talking playoffs and possibly super bowl and how Tannehill is gonna be better then your QB, up there with the tops blah blah blah. The fact of the matter is always wait until how the season goes until you start talking trash because the off season really doesn’t mean a thing and I’m surprised people still fall for that.

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