Eagles give out more than $100 million in contracts in two days

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The smart teams know that free agency begins in the home.

When it’s time to spend, it makes much more sense to spend a large chunk of available cash on the players who have been with the organization, proving their value and contributing to the effort to win games.  The approach demonstrates loyalty to the men who have paid their dues, and it sends a message to the other young players that a reward is available for hard work and a high level of performance.

With new deals for tackle Jason Peters, receiver Riley Cooper, and center Jason Kelce, the Eagles have entered into contracts with a combined base value in excess of $100 million, as explained by Reuben Frank of CSNPhilly.com.  That amount includes more than $42 million in guaranteed money.

Making it easier for the Eagles to spend so much on other players is the presence of a starting quarterback who’ll earn a mere $615,000 in 2014, the third year of his third-round contract.  Like Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Nick Foles can’t sign a new contract until after the coming season.  Which gives the Eagles a chance to load up the cannon by paying other players now, knowing that they’ll eventually have to give Foles a contract commensurate with his performance as a budding franchise quarterback.

15 responses to “Eagles give out more than $100 million in contracts in two days

  1. Taking Care Of Our Own
    Eagles front-office is among the best in the NFL.

    No hold-outs / draft selections always signed before camp opens.

    the Eagles OWN the off-season , so far.

    figure around $17m – $18m , still to shop for F.A.’s.

    Howie / Chip . . . perfect together !

  2. I would hold off pronouncing Foles as a franchise QB, budding or otherwise. In the history of the NFL, there have been plenty of one year wonders at QB. The biggest mistake you can make is paying them off their one year and then watching them fold.

    Actually, the biggest mistake you can make is reaching for a QB in the first round, just ask the Jets or the Vikings.

  3. Riley Cooper 25 million, hahahahahahah. Hakeem Nicks had more yards and more catches and it was considered a bad year. Wonder what he will get 10-12 million?

  4. Hakeem Nicks may very well get that kind of money which would be a gross over-payment. Cooper practically has a 2 year contract at about 4.5 million per, which is a little high but certainly the can live with it.

  5. The Eagles Cap space right now is about $26 million according to Overthecap.com.

    If they resign Maclin, they will probably have around $21 million to go after several defensive free agents.

  6. People who are bashing the Eagles for the “Dream Team” in this instance are just flat out morons. There’s a huge difference between locking up your own drafted players long term and going all willy nilly signing any and all free agents regardless of fit just to stockpile as much talent as possible. The reason the dream team didn’t work, was because two of their biggest pickups, DRC and Asomugha, were pure man cover corners, which would have fit perfectly in the Johnson defense. But then they put an offensive line coach in charge of the defense, switched to a tampa 2, and then asked the worst two tackling corners in the league to consistently help tackle. Signing a couple receivers to reasonable contracts and solidifying your offensive line with players that have proven themselves in the system is not at all the same thing.

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