Franchise tag numbers for 2014 are set

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With the 2014 salary cap determined to be $133 million, the franchise tenders can be calculated.

According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, the various franchise tags are as follows:

Quarterback:  $16.912 million.

Running back:  $9.54 million.

Receiver:  $12.312 million.

Tight end:  $7.035 million.

Offensive line:  $11.654 million.

Defensive end:  $13.116 million.

Defensive tackle:  $9.654 million.

Linebacker:  $11.455 million.

Cornerback:  $11.834 million.

Safety:  $8.433 million.

Kicker/punter:  $3.556 million.

So far, three tags have been applied.  Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy will be entitled to a one-year salary of $13.116 million.  Jets kicker Nick Folk will be eligible for a one-year, $3.556 million deal.

As to Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, he’ll either get $7.035 million as a tight end or $12.312 million as a receiver.

The period for applying the franchise tag expires on Monday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

23 responses to “Franchise tag numbers for 2014 are set

  1. Graham’s Agent: He is the best TE in the game and you should pay him!

    Saints: We completely agree but I think we are just gonna go ahead and pay him twice what a franchised kicker makes.

  2. Jimmy is a TE! The position has changed, they lineup out wide. If you don’t want to be tagged as a TE don’t let the team label that as your position.

    Does Jimmy actually think he is a WR? No, greed told him he is momentarily.

  3. The RB number is too low.

    Because RBs have the shortest productive careers it’s hard enough to make it to the second contract. Teams can gamble on a star by using the franchise tag to get a lower deal long term or get two more years if a stud on the cheap.

    Obviously that argument can be made for all positions. But QBs, DE, OL, WR are all much more likely to be healthy for contract 2 and possibly hit contract 3.

    If the union were doing its job the RB number would be 12mm or so. They could put a provision in that in 5-8 years the way the number is determined would go back to normal, once the market has reset. Or make RB and WR numbers the same going forward.

  4. Tight ends these day line up off the line a lot more and I think Graham deserves the tight end tag but the CBA is black and white and position values are based on where you line up and a mediator in the arbitration process will label him a receiver and not a tight end….Graham lined up off the line a lot more than half the time

  5. ✦ Pittsburgh is the City of Champions ✦ says:
    Feb 28, 2014 10:26 PM

    Notice how the Steelers don’t tag anyone? Just sayin’. We know what we’re doing. God’s team.
    You don’t tag anyone because you have no money. You have no money because you always restructure over the hill players. Woodley and Polamalu make the most in the league at their positions. What a joke.

  6. 12M for WR. Seems like that’s a real sucker play. Didn’t Seattle just win the SB with basically a no-name group playing all year while Harvin and Rice sit on the sidelines?

  7. Pittsburgh is the City of Champions

    “We know what we’re doing. God’s team.”

    You do know that the Steeler’s cap situation is an absolute mess right?

  8. It will take me 30 years to earn the one year salary of a tagged NFL punter/kicker. Sobering

  9. Offensive line: $11.654 million???

    What a ripoff if you want to franchise a guard.

    No guard is worth that much.

    Tight ends deserve no money, but guards are equal to left tackles???

  10. People who think Graham will be classified a TE are a symptom of our failed education system.

    But, but he’s a TE in fantasy and he went to the pro bowl as a TE, besides he’s a TE in Madden. LOL.

    Oh, and they drafted him as a TE. Incognito school of thought…

  11. Look at the question from the other direction. When the average of the five highest players at the TE position is calculated, do they include players who line up wide more than 50% of the time?

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