Maclin can make up to $6 million, is guaranteed $3.5 million


Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin wanted a one-year deal.  And he got a one-year deal.

Per a league source, he’ll be getting $3.5 million guaranteed under that one-year deal.  The full base value, with signing bonus, base salary, workout bonus, and 46-man per-game roster bonuses, is $5.5 million.

The biggest variable in that equation is the per-game roster bonus.  For each game that he’s not on the 46-man active roster, he doesn’t receive the payment.

The deal also includes another $500,000 in available incentives, pushing the maximum value to $6 million.

A first-round pick in 2009, Maclin tore an ACL during training camp.  He wanted a one-year deal so that he can cash in on the open market next year.

12 responses to “Maclin can make up to $6 million, is guaranteed $3.5 million

  1. Still doesn’t change the fact that the Broncos lost 43-8 in a superbowl that could have easily been 70-0 if the Seahawks hadn’t settled for some field goals. Oh, and the Broncos had the “greatest offense in NFL history.”

  2. Good for the Eagles for gettig it done. Can’t wait to see him with the o-line, Jackson, Coop, McCoy, Ertz, Celek and Foles. That should be a great offense. Now sign Mike Mitchell from Carolina, see if you can trade for Jordan for NEXT YEAR’s first round draft pick plus a middle pick this year, and draft the best player available every round.

  3. I like the contract although it is only one year. It gives him a chance to show what kind of player he is after missing a year. If he does great, then he could get a big contract after this year. If he gets injured again, at least it is only a one year contract.

  4. Seems like a pretty fair deal for both sides. Eagles get a chance to see Maclin healthy in Kelly’s offense for a decent price, while Maclin gets to hit the market again next year.

  5. If the Eagles can improve the defense with a good draft and mid level free agent signings they definitely can be in he hunt!

  6. You should get a better annual rate by giving more years, so for a 1 year deal this isn’t that impressive for Maclin. He should have looked for a 1 year deal with somebody else if they weren’t going to pay him a premium to only take 1 year or a good offer on the multi-year option. There are teams with lots of cap room that could have beat that offer out of desperation. He should have held out for more of that money to be guaranteed or a slightly hire total amount. Seems like the agent was making things too easy for the team or Maclin really does not want to leave the Eagles if possible.

  7. Maclin wanted a one year deal to make big bucks thereafter. Really! He’s had health problems since being drafted. Can he still run and stay healthy? Is he as quick? Not very big to begin with. Doctors thought he was dying two years ago. Sounds like he took what was offered and hopes he can play that slot receiver because once injured as a wide receiver very few return the same.

    These stories about his signing are nonsense .

  8. Wow his agent is awesome. A guy coming off a major major injury got 3.5 million and a chance to make 6 and be a free agent next year.

    Wow i am shocked

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