Martin Mayhew still confident in Chris Houston

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The Detroit Lions thought so highly of cornerback Chris Houston that they signed him to a five-year deal to keep him in the Motor City last March.

But Houston struggled mightily, as did the rest of the Lions’ secondary, in the first year of his new deal. Detroit’s cornerbacks accounted for just two interceptions last year – both by Houston – and were on the wrong end of too many big plays.

However, Lions general manager Martin Mayhew still has faith in Houston to be the player they felt warranted the long-term deal last spring.

I’m very confident in Chris,” Mayhew said at the NFL combine, via Paula Pasche of the Oakland Press. ““He’s a veteran player, he knows how to play the game. …We’re confident in Chris’s game.’’

Houston played in just 12 games for the Lions last year. He posted 44 tackles, a career low, with just two interceptions and nine passes defensed.

The cornerbacks around Houston are also largely unproven. The four other corners have two years of experience or less and haven’t played much in that span either. Darius Slay was a second round pick a season ago that could push for more playing time and perhaps a starting role this season, but the Lions will still likely need to add to the position this offseason.

If Houston can take a step back toward his former self, it could help vastly improve the Detroit defense next season. For Houston, it has to be a benefit that the front office is still behind him after a down year.

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  1. I am more in agreement with what Deion Sanders has been chiming about during the Combine, and that is that a lot of these players don’t know how to play the game, they are taught to defend an area but not taught the fundamentals and the art of playing the game. Houston gets by because he does have impressive physical skills, so if anything it’s learning to “play the game” that he is lacking.

    Our coaching staff for decades has been doing a terrible job of teaching our players in the Secondary on how to “play the game”. That’s what we need to change in Detroit, and Mayhew wants to speak out after a disastrous season and claim the opposite? I don’t think Mayhew knows what he’s talking about, and he hasn’t shown to be a good evaluator of talent given all the blown draft picks. I’m pretty tired of hearing about the confidence of the Lions’ brass, we need people that are more capable of delivering results as opposed to hollow speeches.

    Also, due to the numbers we have at CB I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t add anybody to that group, that’s one of the few positions that are crowded on numbers as we have at least 5 players there that are likely to be given a roster spot. We don’t have any other positional group that has a potential full capacity at this point. I think they are going to be waiting until 2015 to invest into the CB position anyhow.

    This year needs to be a teaching and developing year with the new coaches, which would be something brand new. I’m holding out hope that the new staff has a new system of football logic to replace everything these players have been told in the past.

  2. A draft pick of Bobby “I Love Blonds” Petrino and his Falcons staff in 2007, he earned the moniker “Crisp” Houston for always getting burned.

  3. Never understood the 5 year contract in the first place. Do/did not see what the Lions see. A Schwartz decision?

  4. Houston got burned on plenty of occasions last year, but he was the best of a terrible group. Slay was awful. They need to bring in some better teachers/mentors to teach these guys how to play.

    I don’t think the Lions have had decent DBs since the Wayne Fontes era.

  5. Would rather see the Lions coach up the corners they already have on the roster and draft a hard hitting safety like a Calvin Pryor , and a big wide receiver who can stretch the field , before they use another 1rst or 2nd round pick on another corner.

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