Missing running back Adam Muema resurfaces


One of the mysteries of the Scouting Combine has apparently been solved, to the relief of many.

According to Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego, San Diego State running back Adam Muema has resurfaced, a week after he said God told him to leave the Combine.

(Or maybe it was Sean Gilbert, who just happened to be in Indy too. Coincidence?)

Muema showed back up Friday morning at the Florida facility where he was training, still wearing his NFL-issued gear from the Combine.

“I know he’s fine. I know he’s safe,” a person close to Muema said. “But I don’t know what happens from here. There are good people that are helping him.”

Muema said Sunday after leaving the Combine he was “following God,” who told him if he skipped the workouts he’d be drafted by the Seahawks. He also said he believed in something called Lord Reyal, who claims to be the second coming of Christ.

Friday, he said he was going “home,” but those around him hope he’s not doing many interviews.

On Friday, from an airport, Muema spoke on the phone again. It had to be quick, he said; his cell phone battery was dying, and he was filling out paperwork.

“I’m glad he’s safe, obviously,” the source close to Muema said. “But the last thing I think he needs to be doing is be talking to anyone, on Twitter, media, anything like that. He just needs to get his life right. . . . I hope he stops being a story.”

There is very little chance of that happening now, and the Seahawks or any other team are going to want to know much more about why he went missing.

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  1. I am personally not religious. I was given the choice to choose (as in my parents didnt drag me to church every sunday and tell me that this is what we all believe in, end of story), and I simply never believed any of it. Perhaps some day I will decide to give it a shot, and maybe I never will. But I always find these kinds of things incredibly odd. God told you to leave the combine? God told you to do this, or that, or the other thing???

    Why is it, when a guy heres voices, he is considered insane, but when a guy talks to God, he isnt??? Its the same thing

  2. Coach, looking at the schedule i wont be able tomake any of the 1pm games because it conflcts with church. Any of the other games i should be able to make but i cant guarantee it.

  3. It’s Lord Rayel. It was a hoax video of a light over Jerusalem with a shiny orb that supposedly delivered the new Messiah back to Jerusalem, but experts claim that the orb was inserted into the video with editing software due to clues that indicate that and the fact that nobody in Jerusalem witnessed the orb except the people who created the video.

  4. As I work in mental health, I’ll simply note this individual sounds very much like he’s dealing with some sort of disorder.

    I’m not suggesting he has a chronic condition, since there are a number of things that can induce a temporary state like this – some drug use (in particular some of the synthetic marijuana substitutes), and even urinary tract infections among them.

    Here’s hoping Muema has good support and gets well.

  5. a perfect fit for the Vikings…..

    then he will leave em like Dimitrius Underwood did

    hahahahaha SKOL!!!!!!!

  6. God: Adam, I made a mistake. It was actually the Browns who were going to draft you if you left the combine.

    Adam Muema: Oh…..crap.

  7. Unfortunately, it seems this young man had a psychotic episode. He may or may not have a history of mental illness. It will no doubt hurt his draft prospects, but hopefully he will get the medical help he seems to require. I find it unfortunate that some people think the whole situation is something to joke about.

  8. Adam explained the reason it took so long to get there was that the flight he was on made a detour to the galaxy Alph Centauri, where “I had to go through all these tests. Man, it took forever, way worse than the Combine…….”.

  9. One of two things is going on with this young man
    #1 he was using drugs
    #2 he is suffering from mental illness
    If it’s drugs, that was a hell of an expensive high.
    If it’s mental illness, I hope he gets the help he needs.
    My guess is mental illness, probably schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Either way, neither illness is his fault or a sign of weakness. It’s a chemical imbalance in his brain. And I think it’s pretty crappy to make jokes. Mental illness can destroy lives and even be fatal. There really is nothing funny about it.

  10. LOL wow.

    I sure hope the ones that are calling him crazy, arent also going to church on sunday. Because Muema and churchgoers have ALOT in common!

  11. LORD RAYEL is how The Messiah’s name is spelled.

    Come on Darin Gantt, are you trying to make sure people can’t Google the facts? Maybe continue the media cover-up of events?

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