Raiders re-sign offensive lineman Khalif Barnes

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The Raiders have re-signed one of their offensive line starters of recent seasons.

The club said Friday it had reached a new contract with tackle/guard Khalif Barnes, who started 11 games at left tackle in 2013 in place of Jared Veldheer. Barnes also started five games at left guard.

The 31-year-old Barnes was the Raiders’ starting right tackle in 2011 and 2012. He joined the Raiders in 2009 after five seasons with Jacksonville (2004-2008). He has made 46 of his 103 regular season starts in Oakland.

“I’m so excited to be back. I’m going on my sixth year here, and we’ve had some ups and downs but there are some unfinished things we have to do here,” Barnes said in a team-issued statement on Friday. “I want to be a part of the process that turns this thing around.”

35 responses to “Raiders re-sign offensive lineman Khalif Barnes

  1. good cheap signing. he can play 3-4 positions along the line. played well while veldheer was out and even better at lg when veldheer came back
    good depth signing

  2. EVRYONE PANIC!!!!!!!! Big Reg has no idea what he’s doing!!!!!

    That or he sees a guy thats played all but center in this offense, was the ultimate team player and at this price is invaluable depth…

    but panic is always more fun

  3. Keeping him for depth doesn’t outweigh his penalties and stupid mistakes. It hasn’t been a big issue of late because we haven’t been very good and haven’t been in many games that “counted”. Wait til we finally get in an “important game” and he pulls one of his bonehead mistakes and it costs us a playoff game or a chance to go to the playoffs. I don’t like this signing unless he is going to be waaaay buried on the bench for depth.

  4. You usually only dress 7 OL for a game. Here’s a vet than can play every position but C. And I’m sure he’s cheap. This is about managing your game day roster, but signing a stud. Hopefully the starter comes from elsewhere.

  5. El Pollo Loco says: Feb 28, 2014 6:22 PM

    christ it starts already,He sucked so of course better bring him back
    Depth signing. He can play inside, too, and isn’t terrible. They can Bring Pashos back, too. Get rid of Nix, get Vehldeer under contract, and find some guards.

  6. Nothing has changed in Raiderville, offsides Barnes? Jones resigned as defense, when plays offense, Some Arena League Running back, Trent ” has been ” QB.
    This is being approved by puppet master Baby Davis. McKenzie has proven he has the GM mentality of someone that has been hit in the head one too many times. All he does isbsign NFL rejects, waste money on horrible players, then cut them, has No idea , who or what to draft? Last year he scouted a hospital ward. Davis has proven, he is not only incompetent by allowing this practice, but also that his priority is not about winning, it’s about ruining his fathers once proud franchise.
    Its no longer the Commitment to Excellence, but Commitment to Embarrassment. No wonder the County hasn’t shown interest in building a new stadium. It’s obvious that Baby Davis doesn’t want to pay to put a competitive team on the field. Let’s see how bad McKenzie screws up the draft this year, wastes the 60 million on over the hill players etc..heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Matt Flynn back. Maybe he can trade our 5th round draft pick for him. After all, he is va Green Bay reject, so that means he’s on McKenzies big board. Lesson learned? GM should have NFL experience.

  7. This goes to show us all, that the organization doesn’t listen too it’s fans. No one in that front office or in that locker room reads blogs or threads and it’s obvious they don’t care. Veldeer and Houston are the priority and all I’ve heard is Taiwan Jones and Kahlif (false start) Barnes getting resigned. What in the holy Hell is going on? Fix this team already! Enough with the mediocrity.

  8. Hes good depth but please upgrade. Im hoping we can sign Alex Mack and we’ll look solid: LT Veldeer LG Lil Wiz C Mack RG Bergstrom RT Watson.

    Bergstrom NEEDS to develop NOW! Its been about 3 years!

  9. This is a good signing. Reggie didn’t sign him to be the key to turning the franchise around – he’s solidifying the Oline with a versatile, veteran who pulled us through some real difficult times this past season. He knows the system and he can move around and I bet he didn’t break the bank.

    Still complaining?

  10. The Raiders should draft Jake Matthews and move Veldheer to RT. Rebuild the entire offensive line . When the Raiders were great their O- line was great.

  11. No problem here. Solid tackle, and team-first player. Still waiting for them to re-sign Veldheer, and hoping that they do not draft Matthews with the 5th pick. Watched the alabama game and was not impressed at all…

  12. Last I checked the Free Agency period hasn’t started. Those freaking out about Veldheer and Houston need to relax a bit…those contracts take a bit more than guys like Barnes or Jones does. If we do not end up signing those guys, and then get no one to replace them…then panic…other than that-let it play out before you hate. If there isn’t a significant upgrade by Training Camp, then freak out…but at least let things happen first.

  13. And how does bringing back a turnstile like Barnes improving the Raiders? Can anyone really say that this is a wise use of cap money?

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