Rangers manager: “No way” Russell Wilson steps to plate


Maybe the Seahawks could make Ron Washington an assistant offensive line coach or something, because he’s familiar with the best way to protect a quarterback.

The Texas Rangers manager said there was “no way” he was going to let Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson face live pitching during his spring training cameo, for fear of him getting hit.

“I’m not using him,” Washington said, via Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News. “Basically, we want to see if there is anything he can say that will help anybody with a baseball uniform. He’s got character, he’s a winner.”

Wilson is expected to be in Rangers camp Monday, when they’ll play an exhibition game against the Indians. He might take some ground balls or do drills, but the bulk of his activity will be talking.

“That’s what it is going to come down to,” Washington said. “He’s got purpose. And that’s our purpose for having him here.”

Thus, the Seahawks can breathe a sigh of relief that Wilson won’t be facing any fastballs.

22 responses to “Rangers manager: “No way” Russell Wilson steps to plate

  1. Really? Let the guy take his cuts. Then Kaepernick will try to get on a field somewhere and out do him. That was so funny when Kaep took a Wilson first pitch throw so serious he had to try and throw his arm out to beat it. I’ll take Wilson’s Greg Maddux over Kaep’s Steve Blass any day of the week. (google Steve Blass if you’re under 40).

    This also in…Vikings suck.

  2. “No way we let Russell Wilson step to the plate.” ~ Seahawks Front Office

    … They’d just as soon have him skydiving as be on the receiving end of 90 MPH pitches from some kid trying to win a job.

  3. I get wanting to play and get in there and get away…I get it…my worry would be that it’s no secret how overwhelming the offseason after a superbowl can be for players when getting ready for the next season and with all of that does he really need to be in training camp with the Rangers? He seems like the kind of dude that can handle it but I’d bet around the opening of training camp in August it’s gonna feel alot like he could use a break. A break that won’t come until January/February 2015.

  4. Pitchers don’t throw at batters in Spring Training games. Maybe if they are playing the SF Giants Wilson would get beaned.

  5. Then what’s the purpose of having him on the field at all then? I understand he is the Super Bowl winning QB, but imagine if they didn’t let Bo Jackson see live pitching. If he can play, give him a shot.

  6. What a lot of you aren’t remembering is that Wilson loves…LOVES…to compete. He loves sports and plays for the thrill of being out there with other athletes and winning. It’s not bravado or attention seeking. He enjoys competition for the sake of competition. If this is how he unwinds during the offseason, so what? He’ll take all the necessary precautions and he played in the minors already…I for one couldn’t be less concerned.

  7. I don’t think a lot of you understand what the notoriety would be to injure the reigning super bowl champion starting QB. Would any of you recognize the name of some of these pitchers? definitely not. The first game of spring training, it’s probably your career AAA/number 5 guy in the rotation that starts. It would give you fame to injure Russell Wilson.

  8. I’m a huge baseball fan… but I readily admit that watching football is much better than watching baseball.

    But, playing baseball is much better than playing football.

  9. Everyone is thumbs down on raiderufan when he states concern that R . W. might be burnin the candle at both ends. I love the kid and if anyone can do it, he can, but damn, I do hope he rests a little bit and recharges his batteries…

  10. Take some time to be with your wife and family, Mr. Wilson, there will be plenty of time to compete in a few months. We don’t need family issues because he’s never around hurting his qb performance.

  11. Because unlike football, he doesn’t get awarded touchdowns (or home runs in this case) even when the defense catches the ball.

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