Ravens wideout’s marijuana charges lowered to misdemeanor

Getty Images

Ravens wide receiver Deonte Thompson is still in trouble with the law, just not as much.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, Thompson’s attorney said the felony drug charges against him had been reduced.

“The state has reduced the charge to a misdemeanor possession of marijuana,” attorney Huntley Johnson said. “At this point, we’re dealing with a misdemeanor.

Thompson hasn’t entered a plea, and hasn’t been assigned a court date yet. He was arrested last weekend in Gainesville, Fla., after being stopped in a car driving with no lights on. The other two men in the car with him each claimed possession of the drugs and paraphernalia — allowing Thompson the ever-popular “It’s Not My Weed Defense.”

While his legal problems are lessened, Thompson’s case will still be reviewed by the league.