Report: Richie Incognito getting treatment in Arizona

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While it has been easy to make Richie Incognito a punch line for things like smashing his own car, it’s as clear that there are real issues lying underneath the shock value.

As such, he’s getting some help.

According to Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network, Incognito has “accepted professional help in the wake of severe mental stress,” and is being treated at a facility in Arizona.

Incognito’s behavior has never been what is generally described as “normal,” and his treatment of teammate Jonathan Martin, swinging from protective big brother to bully, only adds to that impression.

Hopefully, he gets the help he needs to become a well-adjusted member of society, beyond any football implications.

76 responses to “Report: Richie Incognito getting treatment in Arizona

  1. Had he instead beaten a minority with a bat in Arizona he wouldn’t be getting treatment … he’d be elected to office.

  2. Maybe if he hadn’t been a douche in the first place none of this would’ve happened, ZERO sympathy for him whatsoever.

  3. uh, BS. He may have agreed to get some help. He may even talk once or twice to a “professional”, but it will take more than a press announcement to change this guy, who has shown no desire to change or recognize that he needs to. He is acting, under advisement, to try and save his football career (likely done for good as a starter or contributor). That’s all this is–NEXT!

  4. If he can overcome his demons and just mellow out, I actually see a bright future for Mr. Incognito as a motivational speaker. His experiences can help him turn around young bullies and help their victims.

  5. He needs help that’s obvious. I am glad he has finally realized. I wish him the best, because Jonathon Martin has a lot to do with all the trouble with the Dolphins. He’s no innocent person.

  6. In some ways, I feel sorry for him. Yes, he caused his troubles, but it does not play out in public at any other job. At most places of work, HR problems like this are handled behind closed doors and not in the media.

    This has turned into a bonfire of the vanities. Jesse Jackson will soon be involved.

  7. Its crazy ghat a guy who’s so ill adjusted for society has almost the perfect mentality for the nfl. When his playing days are over I cannot imagine him not struggling…or worse. Glad he’s getting help

  8. How many lawyers are lining up recommending he counter-sue Jonathan Martin and the Dolphins for mental anguish?

  9. Calculated ploy by him IMO. He is going to blame the issue with him bullying on “mental issues” so everyone will give him a free pass when anyone with half a brain knows its mostly due to roid rage.

  10. While he was in Buffalo he also was forced to get treatment for anger issues, he had legal problems in Buffalo for Anger , This I am afraid will only end one way, Badly

  11. .

    He may have “Intermittent Explosive Disorder” where people go off unexpectedly. It was best characterized by Jim Carey in the movie, “Me, Myself and Irene”


  12. Gotta love the rightious here that condemn a person that finally realizes he has a problem and is taking steps to help himself……Bravo know it alls, you should all be so proud of yourselves!

  13. In other words, his agent told him that if he ever expects to see another dollar playing in the NFL, he better do what all celebrities do and pretend he’s getting help.

  14. Hopefully he’s getting that upper arm looked at as well, I don’t like the looks of that dark wavy pattern. I hope it’s benign!

  15. I’m no psychiatrist, but I’ve been around guys like Incognito in my life. They don’t like to lose control and they don’t like to feel disrespected.

    In the real world, not many people are ever going to mess with a guy his size and especially with his aggressive demeanor, so he gets to overpower people and nobody ever calls him out on it. If they do, he just gets aggressive and there will either be a fight or the other person will back down. Either way, the problem ends there.

    This situation is different. He’s being attacked by people he can’t just punch or threaten to get them to shut up. He has lost control and he can’t handle it.

    Obviously being ripped on by millions of people would upset anybody, but it is going to bother a guy like Incognito worse than most others. I’m glad he’s getting help, but hopefully they’re telling him the same things I’m saying. You can’t overpower people forever and in every situation. Sometimes you will lose control and you’ve got to learn to deal with that.

  16. Where are all the people who defended Incognito and claimed that Martin was somehow to blame for being constantly harassed and bullied now? All I hear is crickets. This guy is obviously insane but that was apparent to any intelligent, thinking person even way before the Martin incident.

  17. i love how this guy gets bashed on this website. He is a football player!!! what do you want him to do? sit down with a therapist and cry it out? this guy deserves to be in the NFL and i would love to have him on my team. If he goes to a different team where captains are already in place he will have to prove he belongs and wont do half the shenanigans he did in Miami. Hard Worker/ NFL Veteran/ bring him to my team please. i would rather have incognito than martin any day.

  18. Come on, people. There were texts he sent to J. Martin admitting that he had to seek help previously. Beneath all of those tattoos and tough exterior there is a human being that has emotions and feelings. (I’m sure that will get a lot of thumbs down.) After all of the negative attention and pressure he’s been under for months it’s no surprise that he needs help.

  19. The problem with this whole thing is Martin thinks he’s the 1st person to ever have mental issues. I’m tired of all the Martin defense. This guy got so many ppl fired over his issues.

  20. Ha. The commenters here complaining that people are not being “charitable” enough to RI are probably the same ones who condemned JM for being too soft and not being able to take the abuse.

  21. I don’t believe any of this. I don’t believe he beat up his own car; I don’t believe he’s getting treatment. He’s a cold, calculating sumbitch, and I think he’s decided the sympathy card played well for Martin so it might work for him. He just wants to get another NFL job and has decided the bombastic, unrepentant attitude he displayed before the report came out should be jettisoned. It’s the newer, cuddlier Richie.

  22. I hope that Richie is truly ready to get some much needed help. If he does not, I fear we will one day see a headline about Richie killing someone in one of his outburst.

  23. For all of you that are upset that people are bashing him, he has well documented anger issues that date back 9 years to his rookie season. Don’t you find it just a tad ironic that only now, after all this bullying stuff came out and he is getting blasted on a national level that he decides to go seek “help”?

  24. JMart should write in the “players book” that he fines himself $1000 for breaking the Tornado.
    Ha Ha

    The truth has set him free to have a mental breakdown….so much for being a tough guy……

    I hope all of you who have criticized JMart for being a wimp, realize how pathetic your comments were when the instigator has a mental breakdown

  25. Football aside, there’s no reason why Incognito can’t recover from his demons and go on to be a successful, recovered member of society and help others. Here’s hoping he gets well

  26. I think he’s a result of the NFL culture of the past to present. I hope he gets the help he needs. What bothers me is the lack of accountability the NFL has shown over issues such as this. I don’t for a minute believe they didn’t know of these type of clubhouse mentalities. They should have been more proactive in sensitivity / diversity training all along. Use of social media education should be intensified as well.

  27. I have no idea if Richie has some devious motive for checking in to the mental ward but I am certain that Richie can become a better person with help.

    I also believe that coach Philbin and his staff were aware that Richie is not right. Incognito kis not the guy you put on your leadership council. Asking Richie to toughen up anyone is an illustration of very poor judgement.

    Philbin needs to go now!

  28. Looks like this has turned into an involuntary hold after Richie admitted himself. So, one can assume there is a legitimate problem with his mental state. Maybe, folks should hate just a little less, seeing as how no one really knows the exact details of whats going on in this mans head.

  29. You would think that he would have taken a good hard look at himself months ago when it all hit the fan. If he’s only getting around to getting help now,it’s for the wrong reasons.

  30. If you had been demonized in the media, 100x/day, every day for about six months, how would YOU be holding up?

  31. When the original story broke, I would say Richie had about 90% support on this website. Now it is about opposite of that. And that will dwindle to about 1% before Richie goes away, files for bankruptcy, and is never heard from again. I give it 18 months, tops.

  32. This is a PR move right out of the Tiger Woods playbook. Do something bad. Get caught. Check yourself into some medical facility claiming X illness. Hope that that bleeding hearts forgive and makes excuses for you. Rebuild your image.

    The saddest part is, too many people fall for it.

  33. It is well known in mental health circles that bullies are usually the ones with severe long-standing psychiatric issues. It’s clear Jonathan Martin wasn’t dealing with a normal well-adjusted human being.

  34. Maybe a couple teammates can pay him a visit and ‘Code Red’ him to toughen him up. Time to man up and put on your Big Boy pants, Richie.

  35. It’s always interesting to witness when the hunter becomes the frightened hunted…Ain’t no fun when the RABBIT has a gun. In the end, perhaps being placed in this position is the ONLY way he can develop some empathy and change his thought patterns, as well as his behaviors.

  36. Arizona???
    The perfect place for Incognito to get help with his myriad of issues. Maybe he can help them get the Super Bowl back when they lose it.

  37. Here is hoping he gets well?????
    This man child has been enabled his whole life. He treated people like crap and when somebody stood up to him,he used his brute force and size to intimidate them. He is the classic school bully now “grown up”.
    The reason he got away with this misbehavior this long was due to his football career. That is what his coaches expected of him at work. The problem with that is he never separated his work demeanor from his personal life.
    If he was a regular joe blow he would have been working some menial job with a few harassment and assault arrests under his belt by now.
    Here is hoping you get taught the life lessons on how to treat people with respect that your parents might have tried to do. But your coaches never bothered to do.

  38. Oh..and Richie
    Don’t bother reading the papers, twitter and facebook or some other crap counting media to define how you should behave as a human being. Or to see if x amount of people agree with your so called reality.
    Start with yourself. Humbled is a good place to start.
    And in your case..Anger….NOT GOOD.

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