Rubin could be the next to go in Cleveland


With linebacker D’Qwell Jackson gone and the salary cap expected to hit $133 million for 2014, the Browns will enter the new league year with more than $50 million in cap space.

That number could go even higher.

Per a league source, defensive end Ahtyba Rubin likely will find himself in a salary squeeze under the new regime in Cleveland.  A sixth-round pick in 2008, Rubin signed a four-year, $26.5 million contract in 2011.  He enters the final season with a base salary of $6.6 million.

A full-time starter since 2010, Rubin appeared in 14 straight games after missing the first two of the season with a calf injury.  He presumably could stay at a reduced rate.  If he balks or if an agreement can’t be reached, Rubin could be gone.

22 responses to “Rubin could be the next to go in Cleveland

  1. Don’t count on that happening. I doubt Pettine will stand for any more subtractions from his defense.

  2. Not sure I understand these moves. The Browns have plenty of cap space, so why let productive veterans go just because of money? Makes you wonder whether maybe these guys (D’Qwell Jackson and Ahtyba Rubin) aren’t really performing as well as we’ve been led to believe.

    At any rate, the team’s lack of progress over the past 16 years has led me to wonder whether they’re on a fifty-year rebuilding plan. If they keep getting rid of starting players, that may turn into a hundred-year rebuilding plan.

  3. Browns have a lot of depth at that position and he’s the third best behind Bryant and Taylor. This is a likely cut. Alex Carrington played with Pettine in Buffalo and may be a budget free agent replacement.

  4. You can tell peanut gallery doesn’t understand football, the Browns, or their D. Rubin is a good player but he is more suited for NT in the 3-4 or DT in the 4-3. With Armonty Bryant, Billy Winn, and Dez Bryant playing DE and Taylor as the NT, they are not going to pay Rubin 6.6 million to be a backup part time player or play out of position. What is quietly going on here is Farmer is taking guys off of this squad that were part of perennial losers. Guys that are average players with limited upside and game changing ability (D’Q and Rubin). Cleveland is going to Steam Roll teams this year- You watch.

  5. Great, so the Browns can get even more cap room.

    In other words, Haslam wants the cheapest team in the league, because he knows Browns fans will support anything he throws out there.

    Every year, the Browns have plenty of cap room, they never spend it, and the team sucks.

    There is no reason to get rid of good players except Jimmy “the crook” Haslam throws around nickels like they are manhole covers…

  6. Can teams still carry over unused cap space into the next year? If so maybe they are just planning on signing some of their young talent (Hayden, Gordon, Cameron) in the next couple of years and having some cap room for free agents.

  7. COME ON!!!

    Is this real life!?

    How can one franchise be so crappy!!?? I swear everyday I said “at least it can’t get worse” and then of course it does. We have TONS of cap!!! We can afford these players!!!!

    But no we should go out and spend $40 mill on free agents like Paul Kruger who aren’t half as productive!

    Our defense was the only solid unit on our team. So let’s throw that away by throwing away all of our extremely productive players!

    I forgot that the Browns were so successful and so stacked with talent that we can just drop our most productive players.

    I swear if we draft Derek Carr’s scrub self after all these crappy moves I will find a new team to root for. And those Browns fans who blindly want Derek Carr cuz of his “amazing arm” watch tape on this dude. He is horrible. Who else did we draft late in the first recently who had great arm strength and put up crazy stats in a college spread O?

    This dude Farmer is making Dumbardi look like a genius right now.

  8. Joe Banner isn’t a “league source” anymore. The Browns aren’t going to be saddled with his plans- Ray Farmer didn’t respect him as much as you think, and Haslam isn’t the spendthrift Banner assumed him to be.

  9. While I like Jackson & Rubin, I trust that Ray Farmer knows a little more about professional football than I do.

    Numb from the ineptness of regime after regime, I almost don’t care anymore. However, I am holding out my last bit of hope that “Ray of hope” Farmer can right this ship.

    We must keep in mind that we have a young rookie HC (headcoach) with a defensive background, and a bunch of untested coaches and assistant coaches that will learn through “OJT” (on the job training). We are sure to take our lumps, once again. But, keep in mind how one of the greatest coaches ever, Chuck Noll, started out. The Browns fans must give this new regime at least a couple of years before passing judgement…….once again.

  10. Not to beat a dead horse but wasn’t Haslem a minority owner of the Steelers? All these stupid moves smell like corporate espionage and we all know about his corruption scandal with FlyingJ. As a Browns fan I can tell you we don’t need any help sabotaging ourselves, we’ve been doing it for 15 years.

  11. I can understand Dq. Jackson, as he made most of his league leading tackles 5 yards downfield from the LOS. I also think they will attempt to draft Clowney instead of a QB with the first pick. Rubin, I don’t understand. He’s always seemed pretty solid on the DL, and he is the DE starter and the NG backup.

  12. Taylor, Bryant or Rubin. Pick one. All the same player. All the same size. All the same effort. Farmer wants players who KNOW football and have passion for the game. Rubin has the highest price tag and the last year on the contract. Working toward the future means guys who are signed on. They can draft a backup to the other two anywhere in this draft. Good move.

  13. Sometimes I think that fellow browns fans have been void a winner for so long they are no longer knowledgable. When was the last time you saw Jackson track a te 40 yards down field. What about making tackles behind the line of scrimmage? With Rubin, he was a sixth round pick, and 3 years later the team spent a first round pick on the same player. The team will not miss players like these 2 on the field, but maybe in the locker room. I don’t believe either player leaves and becomes a perennial pro bowler, so cut them now. Just because we have the cap room now doesn’t mean we just give these 2 the contracts they will demand. Trim the fat, so that we can resign players like ward, Haden and Mack that are actual pro bowlers. You can find players like Jackson and Rubin in free agency every year. Does it suck to see players that have played their entire careers for us move on? Sure, but that’s life. It sucked to see cribbs go, but did we miss him? What kind of year did josh have this year? It’s seriously not the end of the world if Rubin gets cut, definitely stupid to say you’re not going to root for the brownies if they cut him.

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