Seahawks release Red Bryant and Sidney Rice

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Both moves have been reported for a while now, but the Seahawks went ahead and made the releases of defensive end Red Bryant and wide receiver Sidney Rice official on Friday.

“We want to thank both Red and Sidney for their effort, commitment and contribution to the Seattle Seahawks over the last few years,” executive vice president/General Manager John Schneider said in a release fromt he team. “These are extremely tough decisions, but we wanted to give them a head start on free agency. We wish them well in the future.”

Bryant was due a $3 million roster bonus in March and is coming off a year that saw him slide down the defensive line rotation in terms of playing time. Bryant is still an effective player against the run, though, and shouldn’t have much trouble finding suitors for his services. Rice is recovering from a torn ACL, the latest in a series of injuries that marred his time in Seattle.

The two moves will clear more than $12 million in cap space for the Seahawks to use in the 2014 season. They were able to make several smart free agent pickups last year using not much more money than that. That extra cash this year could be used to re-sign defensive end Michael Bennett, who was one of those reasonably priced pickups that helped the Seahawks win the Super Bowl last season.


45 responses to “Seahawks release Red Bryant and Sidney Rice

  1. Bryant was dope, but not at the amount of money he was making. Was really hoping they could re-structure him, but maybe they have plans (Jesse Williams, Jordan Hill, Greg Scruggs).

    Going to miss Big Red. One of only bright spots on the team during Carrolls first year.

  2. Bennett will probably be gone, too. I think he will want more $$ than Seattle is willing to pay. Look for Tate too be signed very soon.

  3. These are two moves everyone who follows the team knew were coming. Sidney Rice I am all fine with because he has been overpaid even though he did have a productive 2012 year without injury and is considered a leader among WRs.

    Red Bryant is a fan favourite and absolute beast against the run since they moved him to DE. Michael Bennett is the only reason I can see him being cut right now especially when his contract is even more cap friendly than it was last year. Without question he is still a productive interior d-lineman. Please don’t sign anywhere in the NFC West unless you are coming back home.

  4. The Seahawks are smart. Let them test the market along with Golden Tate and either match or move on. Either way we’re fine. I have no problem with anything john and pete decide to do. There’s no reason to think otherwise.

  5. Would have released Clemons before Bryant. He is key to stuffing the run. I know PC loves his pass rushers, but Clemons isn’t worth the $9M he will make this season. Although, I feel they will release him, and Miller in the near future. Sign Jermichael Finley to a cheap prove it contract!!! He stated he wants to play here.

  6. He is a great player and a huge locker room guy. Any team will be lucky to have him. It’s unfortunate the salary cap causes these types of moves. I wish we could keep him but we can’t keep everyone due to the cap. I’ll trust in Pete and Schneider. They have done a good job so far with players they released.

  7. No team can keep all the players they’d like to keep in the salary cap era. Red Bryant unfortunately fits into the category of guys you’d love to keep, but don’t want to insult with a low-ball offer. These moves had to be made and it was handled with class by the Seahawks front office giving Bryant & Rice time to get their FA plans in order before cutting them. The most successful organizations over time do a superior job of identifying the players they can’t replace & finding cheaper options to plug in around them. Looks like PC/JS have a plan for this & we’ll see how it works out over time.

  8. Both are pretty good players. Bryant is a very solid run stuffer. Rice is a dangerous receiver. Unfortunately he misses entirely too much time to warrant a contract a receiver typically would get with his ability

  9. Classy comments here by Seahawks fans, kudos to all of you.

    Will Red Bryant make his way to Jacksonville to reunite with his old DC Gus Bradley?

  10. Sorry to see Bryant go but with the money he was due this year it was inevitable. Time to put the #79 jersey back in the rafters.

  11. So hard to say goodbye to fan favorites like Rice and Big Red. May they land with other teams and continue their careers. The business side of the NFL is gut wrenching for fans. That said, in Schneider and Carroll we trust.

  12. In related news, Greg Scruggs has bulked up from 285 to 315.

    Bryant won’t last long on the market. Someone will find a use for him.

    Rice may be able to be had at a bargain price – there’s a huge crop of FA WRs, the draft is deep, and he’s coming off an injury. He seemed to come up with a lot of big plays, especially good at dragging feet and staying inbounds on sideline grabs. Not a #1, but as part of a rotation, could be a strong pickup for someone. If the market doesn’t come knocking, perhaps he eventually re-signs at a lower rate.

  13. Who cares about tate only team that will over pay him is jags n raiders

    bryant is big boy wjo can play n clog the middle. Lots of teams could use him

    as for mr im fragile as hell rice min deal with bonus has to stay on field maybe bengals give him deal since it will cheap

  14. Sad day to see Red Go, he was a force against the Run and all his backups are less than par. Hopefully they can find a new free agent or pick someone up in the draft to replace him.

  15. Wish these guys the best! Red is a great player but an even better locker room guy and won’t sit in free agency long. Rice is a good player who just can’t shake the injury bug. My guess is that he’ll find himself in a one year prove it deal. I hope this doesn’t meant that we overspend on Bennett. Will be interesting to see what happens with Tate and Zach Miller…

  16. “We’re all we’ve got and we’re all we need” is the phrase Big Red brought to the Hawks locker room. It was also the phrase the fans embodied as we felt being tucked up in the NW lacking respect from the rest of the nation. If was a phrase that helped unite a fan base with stadium noise records and our first SB win. You will always be a Hawk and I wish you and your family nothing but the best.

  17. Big Red played in only a limited number of running defensive plays and thus was not economically viable to retain at the high price tag. While very important to the run defense, it just wasn’t in the cards for him to be out there much in the SB (17 plays) against the pass happy Bronco’s. That also was the case against other passing teams.

    I hope he gets picked up for good coin. However, if the market doesn’t pan out as he thinks it will, I hope he will consider coming back to Seattle for a reduced and realistic number. In the meantime; #79 Jersey goes back into retirement.

    Best wishes to Red and hope it all works out for him.

    Rice is another quality player and person, who just never did get much done during his tenure here. Talented, but hurt and really didn’t play up to expectations. All in all; not the right fit. He will succeed with his next team, hopefully. Wish him well.

    Thanks go out to both of them for helping make the Seahawks viable, competitive and ultimately World Champs.

    Go Hawks!

  18. hope the Raiders can sign Red….we have the cap room its time to start bringing back the glory years of the silver and black…Raider Nation “

  19. People who call Rice fragile forget plays like the OT catch against the Bears in 2012 where he took a huge hit at the goal line but held on to score the game winner. Tough guy who will hopefully be back whe he’s healthy.

    I’ll miss Big Red too but he is a guy over 30 with a diminishing role that was making $8.5 against the cap. Would rather give that money to Bennett and the snaps to Scrugs or someone else.

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