Trading Wallace, Wake, or Jordan would carry cap consequences for Dolphins

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Conflicting reports have emerged on Friday regarding whether the Dolphins would trade receiver Mike Wallace, defensive end Cameron Wake, and/or defensive end Dion Jordan.

Setting aside for now the question of whether the Dolphins would or wouldn’t trade any, some, or all of these players, it’s important to consider the salary-cap consequences.

For Wallace (pictured), who signed a five-year, $60 million contract last year, a trade before June 1 would result in an immediate cap charge of $8.8 million, which represents the remainder of his $11 million signing bonus.  However, the Dolphins also would avoid responsibility for a fully-guaranteed base salary of $15 million in 2014.  (Yes, the Dolphins are paying Wallace $15 million fully guaranteed this year.)

As to Wake, trading him before June 1 would trigger a $4.2 million cap charge.  His base salary of $5.82 million would be avoided.

The biggest cap consequence would come from trading Jordan before June 1.  The move would cause a $10 million charge to hit the cap — with a savings of only $1.34 million in 2014.

Regardless of whether the Dolphins are interested in trading Wallace, Wake, or Jordan, it’s safe to say any team that would have interest in any of those players now has reason to at least make the phone call.

45 responses to “Trading Wallace, Wake, or Jordan would carry cap consequences for Dolphins

  1. Only Jordan has a big cap charge, but that’s immaterial to saving the future salaries too if they don’t see the value in keeping them and can use them for strategic trades. They could still trade all 3 of them and still find a way to comply with the cap as they have enough room and flexibility to do that.

    The key question is what can you get and what are you trying to do by moving any or all of these players? I can see why it would make sense to clear out as many bodies as possible, but that’s going to be dependent on what their short and long term goals are.

  2. Makes sense to try to trade Wallace. Not sure about the Cam Wake and it definitely does not make sense to trade Jordan.

    I don’t know what wrong with Philbin and not liking Jordan, but this guy was rated pretty high coming of college. He now has a full year under his belt and probably has gained some extra pounds in the offseason. The kid is raw talent, give him a shot!

  3. LOL Wallace $15m this season?? Can’t be mad at another man gettin his bread though..Wake is a beast that would just be stupid..And Jordan is young still plus they traded 2 picks to move up and get him right? Dont see the Steelers tryna dump Jarvis Jones already after one sub par rookie season

  4. I’d take the bad jags record over the compete disfunction going on in Miami. At least Jacksonville is on the right track, Miami reaches for a new bottom every other day.

  5. $15 mil fully guaranteed? Wow, and here I thought Sanchez had the most ridiculous contract in the AFC East, SMH.

  6. ya gotta love how the steelers do business. the get rid of these over rated receivers dump them in the laps of gullible teams willing to pay top dollar for a mediocre product. Wallace to Miami. santonio holmes to the jets. and soon Emmanuel sanders will be gone as well to an overbidder. (thank god). this is what makes the steelers great and teams like Miami, jets and whoever picks up sanders NOT!!!!

  7. ” . . . at least Jacksonville is on the right track.”
    So now , not having a franchise quarterback (and trading up to the eleventh overall pick for a QB who didn’t pan out) , and having four wins instead of eight equals being on the right track ? Yeah , okay.

  8. Wallace would have had at least six more TD’s last season if Tannehill knew how to throw a deep ball. Yes, he’s not a complete receiver, but teams have to game plan for him because he’s very dangerous when he runs deep. Teams were able to gamble with their coverages on Wallace because they knew Tannehill couldn’t get the ball to him deep in stride.

  9. Wallace will get better with Tannehill. Does he make the phins better?….yes. Why would they even trade Wake? These reports on the phins and attempting to make them look bad constantly are lame Florio. Your better than this.

  10. ^
    Somebody has cap room for a WR like Wallace. And the Dolphins only are concerned with the alternatives to the already established sunk costs associated with him. That would naturally be reflected in the trade offer, and the salvaging of future dollars in addition to the potential for future draft material that increases through the power of deferral coupled with patience is what the play would be if the Dolphins moved Wallace. If they are trying at all costs to win the SB next year, then this isn’t the type of restructuring for the future they would do.

    Is Hickey selling a grand future based on long-term planning, or is he saying let’s shoot for the moon and win this thing because we can do it now?

  11. To those amazed at Wallace making $15 million this year. He only made 2.8 previous year. That’s why they were able to make so any moves. Thank Ireland & Aponte for that. I think he’s toake 17.2 this year. Essentially it was a 3 year deal 30 $ guaranteed. That’s the market for a #1. Now is he a # 1? That’s debatable

  12. What I would do.. Is trade for Revis for Jordan since Bucs need pass rush.. Re-work Revis deal for 12-13 year. Guarantee money, since none of it now is… Better than franchising Grimes… Cut Patterson or force him to take pay cut… Or draft best CB on Board.

  13. Wallace’s salary for 2014 is 15 million fully guaranteed because his salary was only 1 million in 2013. Dawn Aponte definitely know what she is doing when it comes to contracts. One of the reasons that the Dolphins are gain flush with cap space this offseason. I am not saying Wallace isn’t overpaid because he is but his contract is structured well. Also Jason LaConfora is a clown. Here is a quote that Jon Martins agent made about one of Jason’s reports:

    Agent Rick Smith, from Martin’s agency, said the following: “We have no idea where you got your information, but you weren’t even close. We’d appreciate it if everyone backed off and allowed the process to happen organically.”

  14. Was LaCanfora that desperate to post this story?

    They’re never going to get anything out of Jordan unless they make him a SAM Linebacker and have rush the QB and cover the slot, his alleged tasks in college.

  15. I woul love to see the eagles trade for Jordan for 2&3 and mayb even even a guy like Brandon Graham who showed potential at times in a 4-3. Would make sense for the Eagles and would give the the Dolphins what probably the best deal theyd get for Jordan and a great backup d linemen

  16. I understand the wake/Jordan. You have. 3 guys and feel like you can’t justify getting them all the field enough vs the compensation you could get in return. On Wallace, you paid him peanuts for the first year so if you trade him it’s like your buying a draft pick with that cap hit, if you don’t you eat a big contract for this year and the. He goes down to a reasonable. 8mil per yr like a Vic Cruz . The 15 mil is justified by the. 3 mil you paid this year. You can’t knock a new gm looking to test his values and options

  17. Wow! Nothing surprises me with the Dolphins anymore. They have worst franchise in the NFL with Mr. Stephen Ross. This is despicable, how poorly owned can they get? First, with High School band setting idea, then Jimmie Buffet with the stupid song, the orange carpet roll out, and demand the tax payers pay for renovations of Joe Robbie Stadium after Mr. Ross donated 100 million dollars to the University of Michigan. Should I go any further? Why does nightmare end for the once proud Miami Dolphins franchise? That should be the question.

  18. Jordan will go down as the biggest bust in NFL history — how he can’t even crack the starting lineup of a terrible football team as a #3 overall pick is so telling its scary.

  19. I wouldn’t trade any of those guys right now. Wake is great but his age could become an issue soon so it is hard to argue that one (assuming decent return) from a long term perspective. Wallace makes more sense next year not this one. Jordan makes no sense at all unless his injury is chronic and debilitating.

  20. They say speed kills, well, the Dolphins bit on Wallaces speed and that big contract will haunt them.I have no sympathy for these teams that keep having the cap issues by signing players to double what they are worth.There should be a salary cap period,not just for rookies.Choke on it !

  21. I love how passionate you all are about slamming the Dolphins as if this was some kind of Bad News…. All it says is. ” We Are Open For Business” during Free Agent and Draft. That is it, nothing more. They are stating the obvious and this gives all you Fan’s of other Teams to say they are a circus? We barely missed the Playoffs, Beat EVERY AFC team on our schedule that made the Playoffs and have plenty of Cap Space… Dysfunctional or not, we can still beat YOUR team. Think about that…

  22. When they cut Wallace, Steelers should pick him up for $4M/yr, and he has to take a full page ad out in the Post apologizing to the city of Pittsburgh.

  23. The Dolphins have $44-$50 in cap space this offseason as of today. They aren’t going to make a stupid move and eat up that space for no reason.

    LaCanfora made up a story, the Dolphins denied it and people acting like any of this is going to happen or the Dolphins are in bad cap space.

    People just ignore FACTS these days. Miami is in the best cap shape in the entire league right now… no negative way to spin that

  24. The Dolphins have $44million-$50million in cap space this offseason as of today. They aren’t going to make a stupid move and eat up that space for no reason.

    LaCanfora made up a story, the Dolphins denied it and people acting like any of this is going to happen or the Dolphins are in bad cap space.

    People just ignore FACTS these days. Miami is in the best cap shape in the entire league right now… no negative way to spin that

  25. The Dolphins have around $50 million in cap space TODAY heading into free agency…. people acting like the Mike Wallace contract is hurting their salary cap.

    Wallace making so much THIS year cause he played for $1 mill last year. It’s structuring the contract like this that has put Miami in Salary Cap heaven these past 2 years.

  26. I dunno what you’re smoking, but whatever it is, my advice: don’t try to operate heavy equipment or run with scissors.

  27. why are people replying to this story like its true? this is obviously another continued attempt by the media to destroy the image of the miami dolphins. the dolphins have a lot of talent, and robert kraft is starting to get concerned. so kraft calls his best buddy, roger goodell, and tells him to leak some false information to the media to make the dolphins look like they are incompetent. The NFL is such a joke. The dolphins are obviously not trading any of these guys.

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