Wilson doesn’t rule out playing in a Rangers spring training game


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has been making the media rounds this week, thanks to a couple of paid sponsors who can give him the money that until next year the Seahawks can’t.

The Seahawks also can’t give Wilson the chance to play baseball.  The Rangers, who drafted Wilson last year in the so-called Rule 5 draft (not to be confused with the Rule 6 draft), have invited Wilson to spring training.

He’s going, and he’ll practice.  He reportedly will participate in a split-squad game.  Asked during a Thursday visit to Pro Football Talk on NBCSN whether he’ll indeed play in a live game, Wilson was a little evasive.

“Who knows, man?” Wilson told Erik Kuselias.  “Really, I’m there just to be around the guys and learn from a championship organization like the Texas Rangers and all the things they’ve done, and share my moments this with the Seattle Seahawks and what we’ve done, and just learn as much as I can.”

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