Cardinals trying to keep Karlos Dansby

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Last year, linebacker Karlos Dansby fell into the laps of the Arizona Cardinals, after he was cut by the Dolphins.  This year, the Cardinals don’t want to let Dansby get away.

On Friday, coach Bruce Arians addressed whether the team hopes to keep Dansby during an appearance on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM.

There’s no doubt,” Arians said.  “We offered Karlos a contract the day after the season.”

The offer apparently wasn’t good enough for Dansby, along with any offers made since.

“We’re still in the negotiation process,” Arians said.  “But, yeah, he’s a major priority because of what he brought to the table for us as a leader.  We definitely would love to have him back.”

Dansby was a second-round pick of the Cardinals in 2004.  After his rookie contract ended, the Cardinals kept him around via the franchise tag twice.  In 2010, he signed with the Dolphins.

The franchise tag isn’t an option this time around, unless the Cardinals want to pay Dansby quarterback money, since it would be the third franchise tag of his career.

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  1. Seriously folks, Oakland will pay him double what the cards can afford. Otherwise he would have signed if it wasn’t about the $.
    Btw what were the dolphins thinking by cutting him?

  2. “The franchise tag isn’t an option this time around, unless the Cardinals want to pay Dansby quarterback money, since it would be the third franchise tag of his career.”
    Franchise tags aren’t cummulative unless they are done in consecutive years. His previous tags would have absolutely no bearing on a franchise tag placed on him this season.

  3. If they can pull it off, I would if I was them. Their D is solid, and he was a key piece. They won’t franchise him, but I also don’t know what the market will be for him either. But m guess is, if he isn’t signed, he will give the chance to match any offer.

    After all, he played a few years outside of Zona, but he didn’t set the world on fire. You would have to think, he thinks of the Cards as home (I can only say my team wouldn’t be interested, haven’t looked around at other teams needs) I guess it is possible with so many teams going 3-4 that a solid middle LB could de in demand

  4. Karlos, your winning fumble return for a touchdown in that playoff game against the Packers shouldn’t have counted. One of your teammates almost ripped off Aaron Rodgers’ facemask while the ball was still loose, so it should’ve been an automatic 1st down for GB.

  5. Remember when Dansby’s teammate grabbed future Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers’ facemask, causing him to fumble which Dansby returned for a touchdown to win the playoff game? That was a great game against the future Super Bowl champion Packers.

  6. We cut him because we wanted to get younger and worse like we always do. Big mistake by the front office. I have always liked Dansby apart from a good player we lost a good man. It’s one thing missing on young college players but when you have a good player you know can produce and he will give you 8 out of 10 every week that’s a reason why you become mediocre very quickly.

  7. What is with Seahawk fans? Every story they have to relate it back to their team? Do you actually believe you are the 12th man (rip off slogan) and you have anything to do with you teams success? The Hawks won a Superbowl congratulations but show a minuscule amount of humility. Karma tends to even things out real fast in the NFL.

  8. He was rubbish when he was with the Dolphins- that’s why we cut him. Overpaid and no big plays. He had a great season for the Cardinals but we didn’t see any of that in Miami.

  9. It’s all about the money for a guy at the end if his career… Hence the Cards going after Jackson.. As good as Dansby was last year he won’t repeat it

  10. No he won’t, said he learned his lesson playing for $. Knows his best chance to succeed is in AZ, he already got his payday, he wants to win. Bet anyone he’ll stay in AZ.

  11. Btw what were the dolphins thinking by cutting him?
    He was awful in Miami and he ran his mouth a lot. He also came to camp one season out of shape. Getting cut was probably embarrassing for him, and that’s why he responded with a great season. If the Dolphins didn’t cut Dansby, we would be talking about him being an overpaid player right now.

  12. Dansby played excellent for the Cards the first time around that’s why they franchised him twice. He then went to the Dolphins for big money and played average at best. Returned to the Cards and again played great. So what’s that tell you about the Dolphins?

  13. @ AZjohnny we have an LT, Jonathan Cooper can position himself in almost all positions at the O-Line. Signing Dansby will be a long shot, but I have a feeling when its all said and done that we’ll be able to resign him because he knows that we can become a championship caliber team with our Defense. Our Defense was the key to victories including one significant event @ Seattle. Seattle fans have no reason to complain during that game either, they caused 4 turnovers and not 1 single turnover turned into points that game regardless of the bad calls. That won’t win you a game if you can’t convert; the cards proved that in 2012 against the Falcons when we tied the league in created turnovers ( 6 ) against the high flying Matt Ryan Falcons. And we still lost that game by a margin. My point is that if we don’t sign KD then it’ll be okay Kevin Minton is rising up and would fit in great too, On top of that there are plenty of OLB and MLB in free agency would have a lot to bring still at their age. But as I said I expect him to sign a decent contract for 3 years so we can bring in a TE, OL, and DB.

  14. Dansby works very well with other Phx players like Campbell and Dockett. This is one hell of a Defense. The only reason why Seahawk fans are bashing him is because they know the Cards will be better than they are next year. This year was year one with a new Coach, new System and new QB with no O-Line. Once Levi Brown was gone they were a excellent team that were top 5 in the NFL. People have zero respect but they should. Next year they are coming WITH Dansby. Oh and to the Seahawk fans who think he and the Cards are so bad and would be a Seahawk, umm you picked up a LB that the Cards cut because he wasn’t good enough for the Cards.

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