Comparing the Maclin and Cooper contracts

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So who got the better deal of the two Eagles receivers who were due to hit free agency?  As usual, it depends on how you look at it.

Riley Cooper has $10 million guaranteed on a five-year deal with a base value of $22.5 million.  That’s an average of $4.5 million per year.

Jeremy Maclin has $3.5 million guaranteed on a one-year deal with a base value of $5.5 million.  To get to the full base value, however, Maclin has to be on the 46-man roster each and every week of the 2014 season.  (The specifics of the per-game roster bonus aren’t yet known.)

With escalators based on receiving yards and touchdowns, Cooper can max out at $25 million, or $5 million per year.  Maclin can get to $6 million.

It would have been a lot easier to compare the two contracts if Maclin had signed a five-year deal.  He told reporters after signing the contract that they nearly worked out an agreement with the same term as Cooper’s.

For now, Cooper has acquired more security.  Maclin gets more average guaranteed money and a higher annual rate on a much shorter deal.  He also has the chance to get to free agency next year, when the salary cap is expected to make another solid jump and when there surely won’t be 50-plus other receivers trying to get paid from the same pot.

Much of it depends on whether Maclin plays well in the wake of the torn ACL that wiped out his 2013 season and opened the door for Cooper to earn his new contract.  If he gets off to a fast start in 2014, the Eagles could try again to get him under contract for the long term.

20 responses to “Comparing the Maclin and Cooper contracts

  1. The entire concept of this article is flawed. It’s a one year deal for Maclin….so talking to an “annual” rate is senseless….especially when comparing it to a 5 year deal. It’s apples and oranges.

  2. And it’s the eagles so who cares?The Viking mike zimmer led dynasty will start next season.most won’t believe me when I say that but I mean it.we are the model franchise.SKOL

  3. Oh my, logicalvoicesays is back. The consequences will never be the same.

    Did you enjoy RG3-13, bro?

  4. Uh, Maclin was 2 years old when the skins won the superbowl. All he know is 20 years of losing by the skins. And i live in dc. Not a good sports town, certainly not compared to philly.

  5. Two. The entire “rings” and “Lombardis” concept is flawed. Using the same logic, every NCAAF champion prior to the BCS is irrelevant. You can’t change the name of a game/tournament and discount the ones played before.

  6. 1960 was the last time they won a championship. My father wasnt even born yet. The skins have won 3 since then i think.

  7. The only champions that matter are the defending Superbowl champion Seattle Seahawks. All others are hasbeens from a bygone era, clinging to relics. Coincidently, my Seattle Seahawks ended the last three Redskin playoff runs.

    Hang in there Eagle fans, unlike our farm team in Minnisota or the DC doormats you guys are headed in the right direction. Your team is loaded with tallent and your coach is a mad scientist. Until we meet up in 2015, then you are a pathetic franchise with no Lombardis a crackpot college coach and no defense.

  8. This article makes no sense in the comparison. Cooper is guaranteed employment and 10 mil. Maclin is guaranteed 3.5 mil and has to meet employment milestones. So if he doesn’t have a good year,what makes him think he’ll get a better deal during FA. He should have taken the “similar” deal.Unless you’re franchised,why take that risk? Ask the tight end in Miami who got his knee shredded in the preseason.Good move Eagles,you signed a chump.

  9. As a philly guy living in dc i never tell the caps fans “hey, how many stanley cups have you won”. The flyers cups were so long ago it is not rellevant in a coversation today, just like skins rings are not at all relevant today especially with their losing track the last 20 years.

  10. Bet both these chumps would have taken $750k to win a ring in Seattle next year…. and be honored to do it!

  11. I agree 49erfan…this site is just not the same without logical

    Start the spewing my friend

  12. Seems everybody is getting a bit nervous as the Birds lock and load so early for 2014 and year TWO in Chip Kellys spread offense that everyone opined would never work at the pro level..and we haven’t even gotten into free agency and the draft yet..

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