Dolphins name John Benton, Jack Bicknell Jr. offensive line coaches

After the firing of offensive line coach Jim Turner as a result of the Dolphins’ bullying scandal, the team has promoted John Benton to offensive line coach, and Jack Bicknell Jr. has been named assistant offensive line coach.

“With the promotion of John Benton, along with the addition of Jack Bicknell Jr. we have two experienced football coaches who have an impressive history working with and developing quality offensive line units,” Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin said in a statement. “They are both excellent teachers and are highly respected within the coaching community. Both coaches will be great assets to the Miami Dolphins organization.”

Benton was initially hired to work under Turner as assistant offensive line coach on January 29, but he will now be the primary offensive line coach as a result of Turner’s firing. Benton has been the Texans’ offensive line coach for the last eight years.

Bicknell spent the 2013 season as the offensive line coach for the Steelers but was fired at the end of the season. He was previously an assistant for the Chiefs and Giants.

Benton and Bicknell may have to build an offensive line virtually from scratch, as the Dolphins may open the season with five new starters. Jonathan Martin, who left the team last year after he was mistreated by teammates, does not want to return to Miami. Richie Incognito and John Jerry, two of the players implicated in the bullying of Martin, are free agents who are not expected to return. Center Mike Pouncey may be suspended for his own role in the bullying of Martin. And Tyson Clabo, who started 15 games at right tackle last season, is also a free agent.

Philbin had better be right that Benton and Bicknell are excellent teachers because the Dolphins will have to create a cohesive line with a lot of new players.

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24 responses to “Dolphins name John Benton, Jack Bicknell Jr. offensive line coaches

  1. He didn’t just happen into that job. He was hired for it. The dolphins were waiting for the report before firing Turner… Although 58 sacks should have meant he was fired immediately after the last game scandal or not

  2. A fresh start is long over due for the Dolphins, I hope they have the right guys to do the job. Bill

  3. Benton has nothing to prove considering the great Offensive lines he built in Houston, which was why Philbin hired him, and well before Turner was implicated in Bullygate…in other words as bad as Dolphins OL was this past year, Turner would have been fired anyway, even if he wasn’t implicated in Bullygate. Bicknell did not build great OLs in Pittsburgh but they were good enough to support a strong running game, something else Miami fell far short in last year. I think Pouncey will be (and should be ) suspended two games (but no more since this is his first offense), and Nate Garner will take Pouncey’s place during his suspension, and Bryant McKinney is likely back (and possibly Clabo, who really sucked last year), and they will certainly draft two O linemen and with a lot of cap space will get one good FA linemen, maybe two. I don’t think there is any doubt Incognito and Jerry are both gone…besides Jerry sucked anyway…betcha he goes to be with his brother Peria in Atlanta…

  4. Benton hiring was a good move but these guys have their work cut out for them.

  5. A good offensive line coach can do it with 2nd and 3rd string guys. Just look at Seattle. We lost both tackles for at least 6 games and still had a fantastic offensive line.

  6. “Jonathan Martin, who left the team last year after he was mistreated by teammates, does not want to return to Miami”

    Is this a joke? Jonathan Martin is under contract. The “bullies” this cowardly backstabbing baby cried about gone now. There is no excuse. Either he returns and proves that Incognito and pals truly were his problem, or he sits at home without accruing any eligibility for free agency.

  7. Benton has been the Texans’ offensive line coach for the last eight years?


    It sounds like he took a bad job that led to a future promotion.

    Why keep Turner when his line was the worst? His firing was long overdue to the point where Philbin let the wells report embarrass him even more.

  8. Way to go, John Benton! … Former O-line coach for the Colorado State University Rams. Obscure factoids for $100, Alex.

  9. Bicknell was horrible with the Steelers young line. An offensive assistant on the Steelers took over his duties midway through the season and not coincidentally, the Oline started to gel and protect Ben. He was fired after one season. Good luck with him.

  10. Cue the “dolphins are a joke and dysfunctional” comments in …3…..2….1

  11. benton is a great hire, it was pretty obvious they brought him in to replace turner and bicknell did not have a lot to work with either in pit, they drafted good players but had a ton of injuries last year all over that line, i think he did a good job with what he had. pouncy and decastro both went down early in the season.

  12. You Miami fans are delusional….Hiring a coach in March–bottom of the barrel candidates, sorry.

  13. I love some of the remarks on here. A lot of fans on here of other teams, that are not exactly picture perfect either. I have no idea what some of you are talking about. Get your facts right to start with.

  14. I love that we have two good coaches. I’m not in love with the fact we currently have more good coaches than good offensive linemen.

    Test #1 for Hickey is keeping Brent Grimes.

    Test #2…getting a new roster on the OL.

    Flunk either test and our season is in jeopardy before it begins. C’mon Dennis…thrill us!

  15. Hiring from within after giving up a league-leading 58 sacks (I assume that’s the right number)? This is just another example of this team’s COMMITMENT TO MEDIOCRITY! Stephen LOSS needs to SELL THE TEAM! FIRE JOE PHILBIN!

  16. Only two things can turn our franchise back into a Super Bowl contender: 1) Ross sells the team to competent ownership, or 2) he COMPLETELY cleans house (you too Aponte) and hires quality NFL people to run the show while he stays out of things. Sadly, I see him doing neither.

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