Lattimore says work ethic is not a concern for Clowney


When South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier discussed Jadeveon Clowney’s work ethic, he said that Clowney didn’t work as hard as former South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore. But Lattimore says Clowney’s work ethic is not a concern.

Lattimore, who sat out last year with an injury but is expected to get on the field for the 49ers this year, said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he believes the Texans should take Clowney first overall, and that Clowney will do all the work an NFL player should do.

“He loves football,” Lattimore said of Clowney. “That guy loves football and that’s why he’s striving to be great. Once he gets around those veteran guys — say he gets around J.J. Watt, he’s going to see all the success he’s had, and all his practice habits, and what he has to do, he’s going to feed on that and he’s going to be fine.”

Lattimore thinks any team that passes on Clowney will regret it.

“After that 40 time, and just the athlete he is, I don’t see why he wouldn’t go No. 1,” Lattimore said. “I mean, why would you pass on a guy that can impact your team from Day One? He’s a freak athlete, he can run like a deer and he’s powerful, and he can get to the quarterback. It just makes perfect sense — I don’t understand why you wouldn’t take him No. 1.”

If the Texans fall in love with a quarterback, that would be one reason not to take Clowney No. 1. But if they’re looking to draft the most talented football player, it’s hard to argue for anyone other than Clowney.

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  1. If anyone knows about work ethic, it’s someone who’s been through two horrific ACL rehabs. I hope the guy fully recovers and plays well for the niners. Seems like a good kid.
    Clowney is going number one to Houston. His value is too high too pass on. Texans defense could be special for a long time with this guy playing with J.J. Watt.

  2. Too many questions about Clowney and, if I’m the Texans (or any team without a franchise QB) I focus on getting a QB which is still, a far more important position than any other on the field.

  3. I just worry about where he plays for Romeo in that defense. I mean yea he’s gonna be a DE on all nickel and dime packages which is like 60-65% of the nfl defense right now. Except he’s 250? idk.. He can’t play olb full time without the risk of dropping him into coverage. He can really only play edge rusher when they’re in dime and nickel. Idk a ton about him but 250 is small for run stopping.

    Its difficult to gauge. The QB’s there are decent but not elite good. Really hope they manage to trade back honestly. Rather have khali or however you spell it. Nasty olb for the new system.

  4. Absolutely nothing is more important than getting the right QB to lead your team in the right direction, and nothing changes the fortunes of a team (for better or worse) as quickly as making a change at QB. If a specific QB in this draft jumped out at you as a guy that you just CANNOT pass up on, than I would expect Houston to take that guy, but I simply don’t feel that any of this year’s passers fall into this ” can’t miss” criteria.

    Houston had tremendous success in the past by spurning the much-hyped Reggie Bush for a freak pass-rusher in Mario Williams, and it worked out for them quite well. I think that Houston will adopt a very similar mind-set towards Jadeveon Clowney, and I don’t expect them to pass up on the chance to employ both Clowney and Watt on the same D-line…scary stuff.

  5. In the last 20 plus years … no #1 QB pick has won the SB other than the Manning bothers and we all know how much the Manning are losers … Right?
    Great defences will always beat a great QB 95% of the time.

  6. As a 49er fan, I realize Clowny will be long gone, so all I’m interested is watching Marcus run past him this year.

  7. I don’t envy the Texans. The careers of coaches and the GM depend guys with red flags like Manziel and Clowney. Clowney may produce good numbers his first year due to his athleticism, but this is the NFL. Teams adjust and it’ll be up to Clowney to work hard in film, practice, and the conditioning to stay on top. This is the NFL. No one gets by on athleticism alone.

  8. I’d feel better drafting Clowney than Khalil Mack from a character standpoint. Mack looks like he’s jacked up on banned substances. Not that most NFL teams seem to care until the guy gets caught.

  9. All I ever hear on these news/gossip/op-ed sports sites is hate hate HATE for this guy who’ll easily be Julius Peppers 2.0 and take every thing he does & says and turns it into kidnapping the Lindbergh Baby or killing Bambi’s mommy. And big deal he can’t bench press 225 lbs. more than 17 times or whatever it was, all that is easily fixed. As for the speeding violations, who wouldn’t want to get through So. Carolina point A -B as fast as possible, that’s smart from a pure survival standpoint.

    The 4-3 DE Pro Bowler for the next 9 years.

  10. Maybe it won’t be an issue, because Clowney who comes off as selfish can play for himself now.

    Instead of the team, he will be playing for his next contract or whatever.

    I hope Clowney doesn’t make a fool of his guy for putting a good word in for him.

  11. As someone said Clowney is Lattimore’s boy what else would he say. If your coach questions your work ethic, I would put much stock in that. I personally wouldn’t draft someone who can’t spell heard from herd.

  12. draft according to your division…..who is their biggest threat Luck and Indy….imagine having Watt and Clowney chasing after Luck….last i checked they have 2 decent backs….sure up your O line and find u a QB in FA and off on QB til next year crop which has way more NFL ready QB’s coming out with Winston maybe, Mariota, Hundley just to name a few

  13. Surprise, surprise, player leaves his program to earn a living and Spurrier takes a shot to devalue the player.

    He should be grateful Clowney even went there. He had his choice of schools. High school players and their parents, should take note of how he treats guys after he has used them up.

  14. Hey, but let’s keep going back to quotes from Steve Spurier who is concerned only with winning 10 games a year at any cost on the backs of those players he has playing for him for free so that he can get another 10 year contract and local car dealer and shoe sponsorship. Because you know, the anonymous keyboard warriors at home know whether Clowney should have been out there with his injuries when they played Directional School University or Kentucky.

  15. I don’t know how you could pass on Clowney for one of the average quarterbacks available in this draft. The risk for one of them is greater than any associated with Clowney.

  16. mrtreyseven says: Mar 1, 2014 4:15 PM

    draft according to your division…..who is their biggest threat Luck and Indy….imagine having Watt and Clowney chasing after Luck….last i checked they have 2 decent backs….sure up your O line and find u a QB in FA ….
    I wouldn’t want to have to select any of the incoming QBs in the first 5 picks, but the top free agent QB available this year is Mike Vick. That doesn’t bode well for teams like Houston and Oakland that have next to nothing at the position.

  17. Just when I started getting optimistic about Jake Locker shaking the injury bug, it dawns on me he will be going up against Clowney and J.J. Watt twice EVERY season.

  18. You can win it all by having an amazing qb and offense or by having solid offense and stud defense. The latter formula has been more successful lately. I would take Clowney.

  19. Steve Spurrier was sleeping during Clowney’s first two seasons?

    I am sorry, but I think I am going to have to side with the head coach on the team and not a fellow teammate.

    He might be the best athlete, but that doesn’t always translate to spectacular player in the NFL. Some of the best players of all time didn’t impress at the combine at all.

    Sure he has all the physical traits, but if there are enough red flags on him mentally and whether he plays 100% and works 100%, is it worth the risk still?

  20. Incredible athlete with questionable motor and desire. You need a motor to play DE at the highest level. I wouldn’t wanna be picking in the first 5 slots in this draft.

  21. Bottom line – the Texans don’t have a QB, and you don’t win in the NFL without one.

    Great – they draft Clowney. How many sacks is he going to have when the team is behind on the scoreboard because their offense is crap?

    Trade the pick for someone who will give up a ton for Clowney, move down just a couple of spots and grab one of the top 3 QB’s. If you can’t get one of the top 3 QB’s this season, then the season is lost already.

  22. This kid showed his true colors last year when he was mad bc he didn’t get to enter the draft early, so he decided to relax his play for the year. We don’t need any proof on either side, he did that himself! As far as I am concerned, now he has to price he isn’t just a spoiled brat who will do that again when a situation he doesn’t like arises.

  23. Sounds to me like Marcus is saying that he will get the work ethic of a pro once he gets around veterans and guys like JJ that have a great work ethic . Translation: he doesn’t currently have a strong work ethic.

    They should trade the number 1 pick for more draft picks, and the take Johnny Football.

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