Michael Strahan among Black College Football Hall of Fame inductees

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Former Steelers wide receiver John Stallworth (Alabama A&M), former Browns running back Leroy Kelly (Morgan State) and former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan (Texas Southern) are among the new seven members of the Black College Football Hall of Fame, which had its enshrinement ceremony on Saturday night in Atlanta.

Kelly and Stallworth are members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, while Strahan will be inducted this summer.

Other members of the Black College Football Hall of Fame Class of 2014 are former Oilers linebacker Robert Brazile (Jackson State), former Chargers guard Doug Wilkerson (North Carolina Central), former Mississippi Valley State quarterback Willie Totten and former Alcorn State head coach Marino Casem.

The Black College Football Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding players and coaches from historically black colleges and universities. Its first class was inducted in 2010.

47 responses to “Michael Strahan among Black College Football Hall of Fame inductees

  1. Why is this even a thing? The fact that the first class was inducted in 2010 is somewhat unnerving.

  2. Any idea if Warren Sapp approves of this, or even a member now that I think about it?

  3. A race based HOF in 2014, 60 years after Separate but Equal was correctly overturned, seems to run against the grain of a great man’s dream – to be judged on the content of his character rather than the color of his skin.

  4. Can you imagine the uproar if Patrick Kerney, Jared Allen, Grant Wistrom, and Justin Smith were going to be inducted into a White College Football Hall of Fame?

  5. The black college football hall of fame? How absurd…and beyond unsettling that it started in 2010.

  6. Where is the white college hall of fame? Oh wait that would be racist to have a white player hall of fame. Denying a player to the hall of fame based on his color would be racist! So where were we oh yea the black college hall of fame.

  7. I really dont understand the “Black College Football” HoF it’s really just reverse racism and segregation why not just the College Football hall of fame MLK didnt fight for the right to segregate so why should people continue to do it.

  8. something tells me if there were a White College Football Hall of Fame, there would be cries and howls of discrimination so loud as to close it before it ever opened.

  9. until I see a white college football hall of fame, a white history month, maybe some all white universities I don’t want to see crap about this. we should have both, or none. I vote for none. if you have to have a race in front of the title throw the dang thing out please.

  10. @david10654 says: Mar 1, 2014 10:12 PM

    Why is this even a thing? The fact that the first class was inducted in 2010 is somewhat unnerving.
    Why are there Historically Black Colleges…. hmm let me think, Oh maybe it was because Blacks weren’t allowed to go to Historically White Colleges.

  11. The black race continues to segregate it self after so many years of fighting segregation, it makes no sense at all.

  12. Agreed. they should make a white college Hall of Fame if anything. I mean the best players at any position with exception of maybe quaterback, and kicker are predominately black. That is not exactly a secret, and black players in general don’t really go unrecognized.

    So This makes no sense.

  13. Racism is alive and well in America. Hopefully all these guys refuse in the name of “diversity”.

  14. Is there a White College Football Hall of Fame for players and coaches from historically white colleges and universities. Seems somewhat racist if there isn’t.

  15. The entire idea of a Black College Football Hall of Fame is racist.

    If someone started a White College Football Hall of Fame it would be considered racist so why is this not considered wrong.

    PFT wants to inject itself in the debate on the R-Word why not on this?

  16. I’m starting to get confused. No smoking but pot is legal. No N word because its targets one group but lets only single one ethnic group with it’s own Hall of Fame…. ? Can we just leave Football as football….

  17. Just wondering, how long before Johnny Manziel is eligible for the White College Football Hall of Fame?

  18. Where is the article about what White players
    were inducted into the White College Hall of Fame?????

  19. And people wonder why there’s racism in America… Can’t just be a HOF, there’s also gotta be a black HOF.

  20. Cant wait for the announcement of the finalists for the white college football hall of fame. What a joke, can’t have it both ways.

  21. That reminds me…. When is the White Hall of Fame ceremony? Oh and the Latino one. There have been some great Samoan players as well. Who are their nominees? Oh it’s only for black athletes? All right I understand. Unless I don’t. Reverse racism. It is a real thing people.

  22. To all the folks questioning this in a way that might be viewed as negative in the eyes of the progressive media, enjoy it while it lasts. You have probably noticed an increase in censorship on blogs and internet comment threads these days. There will come a day when you do not get a voice unless you are in line with the proper ideology. It is fast approaching, as the progressive movement is in a full on blitz to eliminate our freedom of having an opinion (the wrong opinion in their view).

    Look no further than these boards to see. 10 years ago people would have either not had an opinion about an issue, or been against it. Now, they have been programmed to support that same issue fervently (gays as a prime example).

    I doubt this will get read past the elimination process (90% of my posts, regardless of content, are deleted before they see the board). Yet another prime example of censorship of the public opinion. Easier to make it appear as though everyone supports the progressive cause if only those opinions are allowed.

  23. To all of you who don’t understand why there is a Black College HOF, here it is.
    Black Colleges were created in the SOUTH because Blacks were not allowed to attend Colleges in the SOUTH.
    Of course those Black Colleges played sports but could only play against each other, because for decades they were not allowed to play against the ALL WHITE teams in the SOUTH.
    So it’s not a Race thing it’s a Historically Black College thing, which means that since these Colleges were created out of Racism (Research Jim Crow Laws), these players from these schools are being recognized.

    A few examples why this isn’t a Race thing.

    Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Eddie Robinson are all Members of the Black College HOF because they played or coached at one of these Historically Black Colleges.

    Warren Moon, Bo Jackson, Tony Dungy will never be in the Black College HOF because they didn’t attend an Historically Black College.

    In the future if you don’t understand something or have no knowledge of something, don’t take the easy way out and call it racism or reverse racism, research it by reading and get the history of the subject and then make an educated comment.

  24. I hate to say , I don’t care of theres a black college HOF or not,,,but I don’t care. If thats what the blacks want,,so what. I don’t believe I will be in any danger of being inducted,,,

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