Pats, Broncos could be trying to shake Revis free from Tampa

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Last year, as the Jets prepared to trade cornerback Darrelle Revis, the process originated from within the team.  Specifically, from the owner.

As Revis once again becomes the subject of trade talks, the process possibly is getting kick started from beyond Tampa.

New Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith remains resolute that Revis fits the defense Smith will be running, even though new G.M. Jason Licht has avoided the question of whether Revis could be traded, calling the player an “asset” to the football team.  For now, the Bucs seem to be inclined to keep Revis around.

There’s a theory in league circles that, this time around, other teams want Revis more than his current team wants to trade him.  While the $16 million cap figure remains a lot to allocate to a cornerback who prefers playing full-time man-to-man in a system that relies heavily on zone coverage, the sense is that the chatter is coming from teams that would pay the amount for a year or two as part of an all-in effort to win a Super Bowl.

The speculation has centered most prominently on the Patriots and Broncos.  Both teams have aging franchise quarterbacks who have managed to contend but not conquer in recent years.  Both teams are running out of chances to finish the job.

For New England, paying Revis a $1.5 million roster bonus, a $1.5 million workout bonus, and a $13 million base salary could be a much more desirable alternative than giving a big-money, multi-year deal to Aqib Talib.  Thanks to Aaron Hernandez, the Patriots would be taking a huge risk by making a big investment in another player with a history of off-field trouble.  With the market for Talib believed to be more robust this year than last, the Pats likely won’t be able to pull off another one-year, $5 million can-kicking contract.

Enter Revis.  With Tom Brady’s 2013 contract extension giving him $30 million up front but giving the team a more manageable cap profile, the Patriots could absorb the pay-as-you-go Revis contract, for 2014 and maybe 2015.  The boost to the defense would justify the addition, and the ability to stick it to the Jets would be icing on the cake.

Indeed, that’s one of the reasons why the Jets traded Revis a year ago.  If he’d completed his contract in 2013 and become a free agent, he could have made a beeline to Foxboro.  One year later, the same outcome could arise.

Then again, the Broncos could make a more attractive offer.  Dumping cornerback Champ Bailey and his $10 million cap number and swapping in Revis would result in a net cap increase of $6 million — but a dramatic increase in on-field ability.  While Revis may not give the Broncos enough to close the 35-point gap with the Seahawks, it’s not a bad start.

It needs to start soon, if it’s going to happen.  If the Buccaneers still have Revis on the roster as of March 13, they owe him $1.5 million — and thire fourth-round pick that currently belongs the Jets becomes a third-round pick.

For Tampa, the biggest question is whether it’s worth $16 million from a football standpoint to keep Revis.  From a business standpoint, the question is whether the Bucs have built up enough equity via the hiring of Lovie Smith to offset the criticism that would come from running off last year’s swing-for-the-fences acquisition.

Then again, having Revis on the team didn’t really help the Bucs knock the ball out of the park.  Or to help fill the place up.

49 responses to “Pats, Broncos could be trying to shake Revis free from Tampa

  1. He should join my vikings instead.Spygate nation hasn’t won anything since spygate and the donkeys ALWAYS get blown out in SB.the Vikes meanwhile have the brightest future.SKOL

  2. Not a fit for Tampa 2 defense. Peanut Tilman is although the Bears will probably re sign him

  3. If Denver could land Revis and keep DRC, plus Chris Harris, Von Miller and Derek Wolfe returning next season that defense would be almost unfair to the rest of the AFC.

  4. “Spygate nation hasn’t won anything since spygate”

    Well other then the most games won in the nfl, but other then that, NE has been a cellar dweller.

  5. A couple points in this article are a bit off the mark:

    1. “While the $16 million cap figure remains a lot to allocate to a cornerback who prefers playing full-time man-to-man in a system that relies heavily on zone coverage…”

    Lovie was playing quite a bit of man coverage during his final couple seasons with Chicago and intends on implementing man coverage with Tampa Bay. Just because the Tampa-2 is by design a zone system, it doesn’t mean that zone is played on every down, or even the majority. Not in today’s NFL, where it is more difficult to take advantage of a key strength of the Tampa-2; drawing receivers to the middle of the field where the safeties can knock them around to prevent long yardage gains or catching the football.

    2. Then again, having Revis on the team didn’t really help the Bucs knock the ball out of the park. Or to help fill the place up.

    The Bucs sold out more games last season than the season prior, for what it’s worth. More importantly, Revis did help the Bucs very much. Keep in mind that prior to Revis, the Bucs were dead last in passing defense. It was a passing defense so poor that it was almost historically bad, and that included the half season that Aqib Talib was playing. Watch the Giants/Bucs game from two years back for the best example; Eli Manning is roasting the adderall twins (Talib and Eric Wright) and it only got worse as the season progressed. With Revis at less than 100%, the passing defense was around the middle of the pack, and that was without any viable pass rusher outside of Gerald McCoy.

    At the end of the day, unless the Broncos or Pats or anyone else plans on offering the Bucs multiple picks, ideally two first round picks and a third or fourth, in part because the Broncos or Pats will likely be picking in the late 20’s draft wise for at least the next two years, the Bucs should keep Revis. They have a real coach now. Revis, along with McCoy and Lavonte David are elite players, and with a solid pass rushing end added to the team in free agency, the Bucs could be a top five defense.

    Oh, and regarding the high annual amount paid to Revis; the Bucs are not in any kind of cap trouble. They have space to spend with Revis on the roster. Teams will always listen to trade offers in the event that someone offers a bounty of picks, but it makes more sense for Revis to stick around and showcase his skill set at 100%.

  6. 1st Calvin Johnson and now Revis. Pats desperation is starting to show, but the Bucs got wise and got rid of Belichicks lapdog in Schiano or this wouldve already been a done deal.

  7. Revis in New England would be the best thing I’ve heard since waking up on draft day and finding out we signed Randy Moss! Go get em. Reevis and Talib!

  8. The Jets didn’t put in any poison pill provisions in their trade agreement with the Bucs to prevent a trade to NE? When the Packers traded Favre to NY, they added language to the deal that would require the Jets to fork over multiple first round picks if they ever traded him back to the NFC North. That’s why the Jets ended up cutting him rather than try to trade him to the Vikings (nobody really believed he was retired), and they still forked over a late round pick to the Packers to placate them. That’s a real bad look on the Jets if they overlooked this scenario.

  9. Isn’t it amazing that the man that everyone for a few years was anointed the BEST CB in the League is now being examined for the BEST fitting team? He is Elite and would be valuable on any team in any defensive scheme. He may prefer Man on Man, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play whatever scheme is adopted by the team in the hopes of winning.

    My guess is that TB will not let him go anytime soon.

  10. I see the broncos spending that money on two or three free agent defensive backs, not just one. Their defensive line is set. Everything else is terrible. I wouldn’t want any of the broncos linebackers or defensive backs, besides maybe drc.

  11. The only logical reason for Tampa to do this would be to obtain a QB. Mallet and Osweiler could be options I suppose, but we still don’t know much about them and I’m also not sure Denver or New England want to trade them anyways as Brady and Manning won’t be around too much longer.

    Personally, I’d only even consider dealing him if it meant moving up in the draft to get Bridgewater or Manziel. It would be a huge risk, but this is hopefully the closest we’ll be in the draft to getting a top QB prospect for a while, and dealing Revis would be preferable to mortgaging our future by dealing a huge handful of draft picks like the Skins did for RG3.

  12. The reality…teams want Revis more than the Bucs are willing to give him up. Which means to get him the compensation would need to go above and beyond what the Bucs gave up for him. It will take a 1st and a 3rd just to get the Bucs interested.

    The Bucs won’t dump him for a cheap pick and they sure as heck are not going to cut him. They don’t have the motivation to move him right now. They are not in salary cap trouble. So if a team wants him bad enough, this would not be a cheap acquisition.

  13. Umm, yes New England, we’ll trade Reavis to you for Tom Brady and your third round pick this year. Same deal for you too Broncos.

  14. He just costs too much money for New England, not to mention what his trade value would be. I’d rather see the Pats sign Talib and hope he can stay healthy instead. Injuries are what really hurt the Pats defense last year, and they should be fine getting those players back, and maybe bolstering things through free agency, and the draft. Main thing is to get Brady weapons!

  15. I don’t think Denvers current crop of corners are the biggest problem…Perception is that the corners are weak when its really their pass rush that is really the problem…Tony Carter,DRC, Adams, Moore are quite athletic. But, when you can’t scare opposing O-lineman, your corners can’t cover forever especially when the quarterbacks have 10 seconds to throw.

    Instead of Revis, cut Bailey and why not keep what ya got and spend that money,keep DRC, maybe add Vonte Davis, or Sam Shields on the other side, hope like hell Webster, bring back Tony Carter for depth.

    Then use that “Revis” money on Justin Tuck or Jared Allen. Let Knowshon go, Decker go, snag D’qwell Jackson(like their trying to) and keep Wesley Woodyard…At their number 2 receiver position for wouldn’t hurt to take a look at Kenny Britt, Hakeem Nicks, bring back Bubba Caldwell and draft a WR.

    I think with another offseason, Revis will be Revis again, he was good last year and not that he wouldn’t look great in a Denver uniform. But I’d rather see Jared Allen, Shawn Phillips both sides and D’qwell Jackson at MLB, with Von Miller OLB…Those fills are gonna make your corners look ALOT better

  16. There is no way the Pats pay $16m for a player that is not an elite QB. I call bullcrap on this story.

  17. New englands cap number is 120 for 2014. The salary cap is 133. So signing rookies and other free agents can you elaborate on how their going to do this? Restructure 10 guys contracts to do all this?

  18. I have no dog in this fight, but it’s so funny watching these trolls get nervous with just the speculation of Revis going to New England. After Seattle steamrolled Denver in the SB, nobody’s scared of Denver getting anyone.

  19. Why not miami? They play a lot of man coverage and have plenty of cap space. And their gm signed him once already why not bring him to miami.

  20. I expect there is a 0% likelihood that the Pats are interested in Revis at $16 million per year. If less than 0% was possible, then the Pats would probably be at that level.

    I don’t doubt the Pats like the player, but I cannot image Belichick dropping that much money or multiple draft picks for Revis.

  21. As a Pats fan, I don’t see this happening. If it does, they can’t re-sign McCourty. It’s either Talib & McCourty or just Revis.

    On the other hand, Revis to Denver is New England’s worst nightmare.

  22. My question is are these two teams really interested in revis or is somebody just trying to stir the pot. Why would the pats go after revis when they’re having trouble trying to keep Talib long term? Why would the broncos waste 16mil on one guy when they have many needs on defense? It just doesn’t make sense for these two to pursue revis, he’ll help the team out but is it worth the cost

  23. Broncos and Patriots,

    Be prepared for a let down. He’s passed his prime when the injury two years ago made him lose a step. Be also prepared for the most self centered player in the NFL



    p.s. good luck to the team that gets stuck with Mevis…ha ha ha!

  24. Amazing how a guy who has been hurt for the last 2 1/2 years can still get by on reputation. Shutdown Corner? In the AFC yeah cause there’s no recievers in the AFC. But even thats debateable. I question anyone who wants him because he hasnt proven he can do anything consistantly except collect paychecks. Next great year he has how does anyone know he won’t hold out? Not gonna be the reason the broncos or patriots get over the hump. You think revis would’ve made a difference in the super Bowl for Denver? Then you guys must’ve been beaten worsr than I thought

  25. Revis is awesome. Did you see what he did for the Bucs last year? They were aaaaaamazing!

    Totally worth the money…

  26. ok, lets talk facts, there are a few teams a player or two away from a SB run. fact, the Bucs are not one of them. fact, the Bucs are building a great defense and Revis is a big part of that. fact, Revis only plays on one side of the ball. fact, while things are progressing toward the top, the Bucs are still a couple years away. fact, for the good of all concerned, even the educated fans, take the money and draft picks and add a few pieces this year and a few next year and by the third year , i see a playoff team.

  27. “Revis would never join the Cheats. He’s a JET for life.”

    Funny…he’s a JET for life on another team.

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