Pittsburgh goalie dons Steelers-style mask on Saturday night

The Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins face off on Saturday night at Soldier Field on NBC, and they will play in snowy, cold conditions in the home of the NFL’s Bears.

If that doesn’t get you wistful for football, the sight of Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury wearing a mask painted like a Steelers helmet might do the trick.

“I like it,” Fleury said of the mask, according to Steelers.com. “I wasn’t sure how it would come out. I am happy about it. I am trying to bring a little of the Steelers into the football stadium.”

The return of regular season football is a little more than six months away. That’s a lot of time still to pass, but two first-place teams playing in the snow and under the lights in Chicago is a pretty cool way to spend a few hours.

Photo via Steelers.com.

41 responses to “Pittsburgh goalie dons Steelers-style mask on Saturday night

  1. Would the “City of Champions” need at least a championship on all 3 sports in the last 25 or 30 years? Last time the Pirates won was 1979. Sorry Pittsburgh, you ain’t it. And this guy..”Black and Gold runs like the rivers through Pittsburgh” yeah looking at your rivers you are right, but that color isn’t natural, its called pollution.

  2. Umainebearman,

    Steelers 6 to 3 over the Patsies

    Pens 3 – 3 since both were in the NHL

    Sawks 8 to 5 all time over the Pirates. (4 to 3 buccos in the last 90 years).

    How do you wanna break it down? The Bs have one cup since 71-72. The pens have 3 in that span.

  3. Stiller43,

    Stop you are just embarrassing yourself. We get it, there’s very little good Pittsburgh has to cling too. Your Steelers D is done, your offense can’t get out of its own way, your coach has to try and cheat to win a game. Hell even 1 of those SB wins was thanks to the deep wallets in the organization, just ask the Seahawks fans about that one. Its ok you can be proud but really City of Champions is not what you are so just stop.

  4. The Red Sox, pats and bruins have more championships combined than the pirates, steelers and pens… 17 to 14

  5. Stiller…how do you wanna break it down ? 4-3 Bucs in the last 90 years ? Of course, the all too popular “90 year rule”. What a fool. With that “logic” the Pats beat the Steelers 3-2 in the last 14 years cuz everyone measures the run of success over a 14 year period. And just because your city isn’t “championship caliber” enough to support an NBA franchise you conveniently leave the winningest franchise (27% of all league titles won) of the 4 North American major pro sports leagues out of your argument. Never will be in the discussion.

  6. I’m just not a hockey fan.

    On paper it looks great – they combined soccer and boxing and put them on skates on ice.

    And yet I still find it boring.

    Wake me up when they have 2 pucks on the ice and maybe I’ll watch

  7. Boston’s professional sports teams have achieved championships in their respective sports. But what Pittsburgh has done with it’s 3 major franchises, in their respective sports, qualifies to have achieved a City of Champions moniker. The Steelers alone have 3 Super Bowl appearances since 2005 and won 2 out of 3. Pats haven’t done that. The Pens have had consecutive Stanley Cup appearances and won one of them. Granted, the Pirates dug their own hole for the last 19 years until this past season. But the history and lore of the quality and great athletes playing for the pro franchises in Pittsburgh is nothing to be ashamed about. Those that are being immature by trash talking on a website mean nothing. Be confident and humble those that support the Pittsburgh pro franchises, because we can have class, and not lower ourselves to being petty and reactive. It’s not like the people invested in trash talking want to be mature and open-minded anyway. Let them embarrass themselves, they don’t need anyone’s help.

  8. ….and Chicago has dominated anybody wearing anything close to a Steelers helmet twice in the past 6 months!

  9. Chicago Bears and Blackhawks have 13 championships between em too ….before ‘rings’ come up. I’d be glad to add the 9 from the White Sox and Bulls to the mix. Screw the Cubs.


    Chicago Blackhawks – 5

    pittsburgh penguins – 1

    The pittsburgh penguins are in decline, too.

  11. They should have put Tomlin in goal, he’s awesome at preventing the other team from scoring.

  12. After their football careers, Belicheck and Brady are going to start a band called The Asterisks.

  13. Are you talking about the Foxboro Patriots?
    Granted, Pittsburgh may no longer be “the City of Champions,” as it was throughout the 1970s, but Pittsburgh is still home to all three of its major sports teams.

    Fleury’s attempt at cozying up to the Steelers was cute. The Penguins will stop at nothing to ride the success of the Steelers…

  14. ….only to give up 5 goals to the clearly more dominant team. Bears drop a 40 burger on the the Steelers and now the Blackhawks destroy them in Solider Field in the snow, glorious…..but yea that helmet was cool….pshh.

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