NFL Network fires Darren Sharper


Amid troubling allegations of the serial drugging and raping of multiple women in multiple states, NFL Network has taken decisive action against former NFL safety Darren Sharper.

An NFL spokesman tells the New York Daily News that the league-owned media outlet has fired Sharper.

Sharper, a 12-year safety was suspended from NFLN indefinitely without pay in January, has various legal protections aimed at ensuring innocent men and women aren’t wrongfully imprisoned.  Private business can draw its own conclusions and impose its own decisions.  Given the NFL’s clear and important connection to the public at large, misconduct of league employees becomes more difficult to excuse or explain away.

While Sharper remains innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law, the NFL has decided that Sharper is at a minimum responsible for conduct that reflects very poorly on the league.  With a small battalion of former law-enforcement officials employed by NFL Security, the league had the ability to obtain information about the allegations against Sharper that aren’t available to the public.

If Sharper eventually is exonerated, he presumably can re-apply for employment.  If he’s not, it doesn’t matter.  The latest charges filed against Sharper in Louisiana carry a possible life sentence.

97 responses to “NFL Network fires Darren Sharper

  1. Packer hall of famer!

    Put him right on the wall with the 1964 Lambeau snack machine vendor!

    Now the Packers have had a serial killer and a serial rapist as staples in their franchise.

  2. They’ve kept Warran Sapp on.. wasn’t surprised that the network took until now – like waaaaaay after the fact to act on Sharper.

  3. Being a good looking young millionaire athlete should be enough to get almost any piece of tail ya want.

    The fact he (allegedly) went to these lengths means thats just what he’s into…sick, sick person. Pathetic excuse for a man

  4. I hope he’s acquitted of all chargers and sues NFL Network for wrongful termination.

  5. Hay Pittsburgh fan, Sharper was pretty close to signing with the Steelers in 2009 but elected to sign with N.O. instead. Him and Mike Tomlin are buddy-buddy from their days at William and Mary. Don’t act like Pittsburgh is all high and mighty. Your boy James Harrison was on a cover of a magazine with a glock in each hand a few years ago. And don’t get me started on Big Ben who was in trouble for the same thing as Sharper and got lucky.

  6. Good move and totally expected. a couple of the comments show the true stupidity of people today. Meatcarroll and pacodawg are obviously in need of lobotomies. ‘Without due process “?? Are you kidding me ?? He is getting due process in court, a private business does not have to wait on the courts. You idiots need to learn the laws.
    As for the pure dunces that keep bringing up Sharper played for the Vikings and the Packers and therefore THAT is the reason he ( allegedly ) committed the rapes. GROW UP . Stop acting like little children entering puberty and incapable of thinking . Sharper , if convicted , and frankly , I don’t see how this is a set up since it is across the nation , has a serious mental issue and needs to be put away ( assuming he is guilty ) What teams he played for had nothing to do with his lack of character and moral evil

  7. He’s not going to like life in Angola.
    Probably a good thing for him that it won’t be a long one….

  8. Now if they (NFL Network) can only fire Warren Sapp, Deion Sanders, Jamie Dukes and Michael Irvin the NFL Network can be taken seriously!

  9. Thankfully the analysts don’t have a union. He would probably be getting full pay.

  10. From Randall Woodfield…to Mark Chmura…to Darren Shaper. Man those packers sure know how to groom psychopaths! Am I leaving anyone out?

  11. I wonder from a legal standpoint if they considered suspension without pay as opposed to flat termination. At least that way if IF he’s exonerated that could bring him back and say something to the effect of the justice system running its course. Now if he’s cleared what do they say? Oops are bad dude, c’mon back. While these allegations are horrific, at this point they are just that, allegations. It just goes to show you that in America today the court of public opinion is very powerful.

  12. He is a shoe in for the HOF, but–only if convicted, and then gets a suspended sentence. Ya’ll stop hating on this man!! Maybe the way he was brought up, this kind of thing is normal, you know, maybe he don’t know no better?

  13. It makes me wonder how long he was doing this? If he was pulling these shannigans back in his days as a Green Bay Packer and law enforcement took no action, they may have some explaining to do why they give preferential treatment to athletes.

  14. Mar 1, 2014 4:54 PM
    apparently 8 rapes is fine, but 10 is where NFLN draws the line

    Too bad he didn’t do it in Minnesota, he would have only gotten 30 days.

  15. Known as a “pick magnet” as a player and NFL Network broadcaster.

    Now NFL Network forces the turnover on Sharper.

  16. Will the Vikings Pro Shop allow the 1,022 Sharper jerseys to be returned? You know, the ones that have been sold since last Thursday? He’s practically a patron saint in Minnesota.

  17. Yeah, wow this guy has really gotten around according to reports. I think back to his segments on NFL network called Darren Sharper “Pick Magnet” now it sorta makes sense. On the other hand why would a handsome ex pro football player need to drug women for sex? Never know these days I guess. Good luck Darren

  18. He didn’t get his superiority complex until he lived in Minneapolis…’s a requirement. It has something to do with their tall buildings.

  19. I can’t believe a Pittsburgh fan would act is if their team was above having alleged rapists in their organization. You know, since you’ve had that whole franchise quarterback getting accused of rape twice thing going on.

  20. The only reason it probably took them this long to fire the guy is that they wanted to make sure this justified firing was 100% error-free.

  21. If this turns out to be true and he did rape all of these women he should be subjected to getting a blood test to make sure he doesn’t have any STD’s that he might have passed onto his victims.

  22. He needs to start serious lifetime earnings protection because after the victims and the lawyers he will be left with nothing, including his freedom. This fool could have had any woman he wanted because they throw themselves at pro athletes. It’s all about control and power over defenseless women. Dummy. They need to find his stash of the date rape poison and throw him in jail after he is made to drink it, see how he likes it.

  23. “Notice how he was never a Steeler? That’s no coincidence.”

    No…. thats just to easy.

  24. Disturbing how many High School and Jr High School kids we have in here slinging insults at the teams he played for instead of focusing on their studies.

    Go to bed children. It’s past your bedtime.

  25. @saints1blog

    Come on man you are comparing James Harrison to Darren Sharper because he was on the cover of a magazine holding two Glocks ?

    Harrison did nothing wrong because in America you have 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

    Maybe I slept a little in my constitutional law classes but I think I would remember if Americans have the right to drug and rape women.

    Bottom line it’s legal to own as many guns as you want to. It is illegal to administer drugs to someone with the intention of raping them.

  26. He better plea bargain. I don’t know a judge in the country that won’t give him “All Day” if he takes this to trial and gets convicted.

  27. You are still young. You have never heard he has had money problems since retiring so he must have been smart managing plus I am pretty sure he was getting a six figure deal from NFL Network and you want to drug and rape women and to keep doing it state to state means you are sick. If you are into kinky sex find a respectable escort service or anything. Its sad that he would risk everything that he has built and bled for.

  28. I’m sure there’s plenty of journeyman plumbers at the big house just waiting his arrival.

  29. Do some of you people not realize that CBS just fired Marino and Sharpe and they didn’t have any criminal charges against them? Do you think they should sue for wrongful termination?
    He didn’t have a civil service job. Even if he isn’t convicted, he has no grounds to sue.

  30. This is just unbelievable. It is really amazing how many sick minds are out there. I am very upset because this was a great player. I hope by some miracle this is not true.

  31. Really! Not sure why it took this long but…..
    I mean one woman, maybe someone looking for a payday? Two, maybe a conspiracy…. But multiple women…. sorry to say it (without substantial proof) but he’s guilty…. Period! Put him in a cell with Ray Caruthe!!!!

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