Russell Wilson declines Dancing with the Stars, twice


Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, limited for one more year in what he can earn on the field, has had plenty of opportunities to earn extra money off the field.

He has had one specific opportunity twice — and he has declined both times.

Via, Wilson recently told Access Hollywood that he has been offered spots on Dancing with the Stars on two separate occasions.

“I have been invited, twice actually,” Wilson said.  “After my rookie year, I got invited to do Dancing with the Stars, and then after this year, I got invited to do Dancing with the Stars.”

He said he plans to participate at some point.

“I’m gonna do it at some point,” Wilson said. “I’m gonna definitely do it.  I love Dancing with the Stars.  I love watching it. I love dancing myself.  So hopefully I can win it.”

We wouldn’t bet against him.  At anything.

34 responses to “Russell Wilson declines Dancing with the Stars, twice

  1. Whatever Russell, I thought you were committed to being a game changing qb…,you’re chasing the spotlight like a teenage girl

  2. Half the contestants (or more) on DWTS are FORMER stars. The rest are C-list stars or lower.

    I’d rather see him on American Idol. And I hate that show, too.

    Not that it matters, since both of those shows (and Big Brother and Survivor, etc) are all fixed…

  3. He wants fame thru his qb legacy and awesome community work. Dancin w stars is for women, and their husbands that are forced to watch

  4. Why risk an injury on something like that? There is a Lombardi to defend(and the NFC is going to be brutal for the foreseeable future)

  5. Russell Wilson = Captain of the most dominant Superb Owl champion in years.
    Colon Krapperchoke = A joke QB that uses his legs first, arm second, and brain third.

    Butt Francisco’s window slams shut for good the instant he signs his contract extension this offseason.

  6. I prefer when these NFL Players wait until the career is over before doing these types of things. good for you RW. avoiding the trap that is fame. you start doing this type of stuff and your focus changes and you aren’t nearly as prepared for your job.

    even if he has a super long career, he retires before 40, which gives plenty of time for this type of stuff.

  7. As insipid as this show is – my respect for him would grow immensely if he would continue to not be on this show.

  8. This situation would be classic:

    The season finale comes down to Wilson and his partner as the final couple. They finish their song with Wilson throwing his partner up in the air and catching her, only to have the judges give another dancer credit for the catch, Wilson the championship.

    I think Wilson would approve. After all, he thought it was OK when such a call went in his favor in football, so he would think it was a good call when it went against him in Dancing with the Stars, right?

  9. Now that’s funny coming from a fins fan. When’s the last time the Dolphins even sniffed a Super Bowl. Stick with your QB, we will,keep ours.

  10. I ‘d take Mr. Wilson on the team I root for anyday. I don’t know why people belittle everything he does just because they have a great defense. Trust me, if you had that big oaf Weeden QBing your team, you would appreciate Russell a little more. I have a lot of respect for him after watching his calm, steady leadership (and gorgeous passes) in the Super Bowl.

  11. I am stunned at about half of you. He is so good at what he does, so all you have to do is make fun of his height, which by the way is still 2 inches taller than he average American male. What are you–fifth graders? (And actually I apologize to the fifth graders for the comparison.) This guy is a class act, talented, and highly sought after. And you guys are what–still 50 and living with your Moms?

  12. Go get em Russ! You inspire and make the world a better place, SALT OF THE EARTH according to Dave M which Iv’e never heard him say about anyone. GO HAWKS, GO RW!!!!!

  13. The show will probably be off the air pretty soon so he should have picked dancing over baseball.

  14. He’s a smart guy.

    “dancing with the stars” is bad for your football conditioning because you’re not working the muscle groups that you need to work for football.

    You think I’m wrong?
    Go as Jaskn Taylor, Donald driver, Chad Johnson, and jacoby jones.

    If they want someone they should get TO.

    Besides, why do the show when Brooke Burke is gone? Erin Andrews ain’t as hot as she is and was always overrated in looks anyways.

  15. He declined after learning there would be nobody there to carry him to the championship.

    Funny comment but Russell didn’t get carried to a championship this year he helped out a great bit.(And I’m not a Hawks fan.)

  16. The guy has more wins in his first two years than any other QB in the history of the league, including a Super Bowl, and still can’t get any respect.

    I guess it’s easy to make comments when you haven’t really watched any of the games. Russell Wilson played behind an offensive line that was missing 3/5th’s of it’s starters for most of last year. In spite of this, the ‘Hawks had the most efficient passing offense in the NFL. Not the biggest numbers, but the most efficient.

    The bottom line is, the dude is a winner, period.

    Go ‘Hawks!!!

  17. Got these kids who worship Keapernick and Manning, but Russell Wilson is a SB champion…The 40whiners have had 3 chances to do it and failed, and Peyton Manning has had many chances to do it, most recently twice with Denver…They just hang with the best…The Seahawks are the best…period….

  18. Most TD passes EVER by a QB in his first two years. Lombardi. 1000 rushing yards in first two years. Keep saying he was carried to the Title by D and rushing game…

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