Sam Shields will test the market

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The Packers had been negotiating with cornerback Sam Shields.  Shields is now ready to negotiate with other teams.

Per a league source, Shields won’t sign with the Packers before March 8, the day on which other teams may contact the agents for players due to become free agents on March 11.

The four-year veteran will test the market before making a decision on his next NFL contract.

The news comes at a time when some think that Shields is close to signing with the Packers.

Undrafted in 2010, Shields has spent four seasons in Green Bay.  He started 14 games in 2013 playing under a restricted free agency tender that paid $2.023 million.

The Packers could still use the franchise tag on Shields.  But it would cost them $11.834 million in cash and cap space on a one-year deal.

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  1. This happens a lot when players get down to the wire. A guy figures and rightly so why sign now when I’me only a few days from free agency?

  2. Tag him. They’ve got the room. Then use it to negotiate a long term deal. That said, I don’t think this guy will break the bank in FA, so maybe let him test the market only to return home.

  3. I got money that says no one , but no one is interested in a guy who can’t cover, can’t tackle, is barely mediocre -except on the Packers who have the worst defense in football.
    He will come whimpering back to the Packers. and they will sign him and put up with his mediocre play because he is cheap.

  4. Shields is a good CB that seems to want to get paid like a great one. Hopefully, he sees what UFA has to give and resigns with Green Bay. They need him and i think in the end will give a fair deal.

    Before someone brings up the typical ignorant Rodgers and Matthews are taking up all the cap room, the Packers have about 35M in cap space.

  5. I am saddened by this news, Shields was becoming one of my favorite Packers. Drew Rosenhaus must have something against the Packers. He did the same thing with Mike Mckenzie and many others. It is possible the Packers are the reason he has elevated to this point, show some loyalty. I bet they had a pretty nice offer on the table too.

  6. He made his name when their d was performing at a way higher level with a much better secondary staring Woodson/Collins. Shields won’t get more than 4 mill a year. He’s not horrible but a middle of the pack #2 corner.

  7. The market says he’s worth around $7M pa but the frugal Packers are probably begrudgingly offering around $5M pa. The pride of playing in green and gold on the frozen tundra in Wisconsin isn’t worth a discount of over $2M pa. Sam deserves to be paid. Time to move on…

  8. I trust Ted Thompson to make the right decision with Shields. If he considers Shields a core player he’ll either tag him or find a way to sign him. As the Packers GM Ted has NEVER had a player walk as a FA and then go on to make the Pro Bowl. #intedwetrust

  9. Poor pathetic viking fans just wish they had one db who can actually cover someone. Your jealousy is quite pathetic which is evidenced by the nonsensical posts. Packers are a first place team and vikings are a last place team yet we are more pathetic? See how stupid that sounds.

  10. Sam has a Superbowl ring with the Packers, and contending is an important consideration for most players.

    The grass isn’t always greener. He wouldn’t want to end up in last place like poor Greg Jennings.

  11. Wouldn’t be surprised to see both Sam Shields AND James Jones end up in Minnesota…

  12. What it ted Thompson thinking not resigning James jones? Dude is a number one receiver if he is on other teams…maybe that’s why jones isn’t being resigned…money. So I answered my own question.

  13. Have fun, I think he has some good talent, but I don’t believe he is worth franchise tagging.

    I think he wants to stay, maybe GB said if you want to test the market, tell us what your offers are and we will see if they can match it.

    I remember that’s what Clifton did a few years back, everyone had him pegged for going to Washington, but told GB what they were offering and they matched it.

  14. He’s a good corner, but he’s not worth $12 million. Everyone except the Vikings knows that.

    Sam Shields will be a Viking, just like everyone else the Packers dump.

    And he’ll play for a last-place team, just like Greg Jennings.

  15. I don’t know how the Vikings would feel about signing him. Every day they would be reminded of the Packers run a few years ago.

    The Packers not only have a place in his heart. They are literally a part of him. With that big sweet tattoo on his neck of the SB ring.

  16. Not surprised if teams pass on any player that’s been on the packers. Especially after Darren sharpers recent activities. Once a packer always a packer. Those tendencies die hard.

  17. He’s listening to his agent which isn’t always a good move. Let him test the market, no one will offer him $11 mil / season. He’s good but not that good. Hell, we would be better off letting him walk and then trade for Revis. Now we’re talking about a good DB.
    Like Shaggy says, let him get offers and bring back the best one, maybe we match it or sweeten it just a touch more.

  18. Contra, quit behaving like the village idiot. I’m sure Sharper picked up his evil tendencies while playing for the Vikes. Kinda like when Favre learned to text. Why if it weren’t for the Pack letting people walk your Vikings wouldn’t even be able to field a team.

  19. I would go ahead and tag Shields, if he signs the tender right away then the 11 million is the starting point for guaranteed money on a long term deal.

    If he doesn’t sign it right away, then let him figure out what hes worth on the open market while I gauge the market for other UFA CBs like Alteraun Verner and Aquib Talib. Get a deal done with one of them then rescind the tag and let Sam go.

    Easy peazy.

  20. Funny how that turd Contra forgets and acts like Sharper never played for his team.

    Minnesotas plan for success…sign every available Packer because they can’t draft at all. Failure after failure after, you guessed it…failure. Only one great player and he’s on his last leg.

  21. This is awkward. He has to test the market and settle for what GB will pay for a competent but mid-level guy. He then has to say all the right things. That isn’t always easy. I could take him or leave him. A solid draft pick could fill his void.

  22. Bye Sheilds not physical enough, the packers are like every other team now, looking for CB’s that are 6-2 210 lbs like the seahawks. the lions, bears all got tall receivers, look for the packers to target size in free-agency or the draft.

  23. I agree with whoever said Shields made his rep playing with a better defensive backfield than the Bratwurst Boys have now. He’s a decent corner, but that’s it. So tag him Ted !! Tag him !! Do it !!

  24. Well this sucks for viking queens . they already were figuring out who they had to cut to overpay for bj raji and james jones .

    First the queens actually have to play outdoors, then they have to now figure out how to pay shields next thing you know they will have to figure out how not to name their kids after their pets

  25. Its funny listening to Viking fans bash GB… Minny was so pathetic last season, they couldn’t even win back to back games.

    Even without Rodgers, GB was able to accomplish that task.

  26. This is the biggest difference between the Packers and the Vikings, the Packers refuse to overpay even for their own guys, the Vikings consistently overpay ex Packers.

  27. Some fans think the Packers don’t have any good players – until there’s the possibility one of them might leave.

  28. Remember turd bay, you can’t afford anyone. You have 70 percent of your cap space tied up between a part time one trick pony at linebacker and a soft aging qb.

  29. I’d be surprised if they don’t keep Shields BUT the Packers are a lot like the Patriots in that they’re both extremely cheap but they still manage to stay competitive. With the amount of of injuries both teams had this year it’s actually hard to believe. Obviously a lot of it has to do with their QB’s but both teams also have good running games & their RB’s (especially Lacey) deserve a ton of credit.

    The only guys that have gotten paid in GB are Rodgers & Clay Matthews & that’s not going to be enough to beat the Niners or Seahawks. Even Jordy Nelson is underpaid.

    GB needs to either draft players who are more durable or change their conditioning program b/c it seems like every year since they won their last SB they continue to have key players getting injured.

  30. If GB doesn’t lock him up I’d be very happy to see Shields go home to Miami (he’s a Hurricane) & team up with Brent Grimes.

    I know one thing about the Dolphins–we’ll overpay for players b/c we have to!!! Sad but true…

  31. Packers fans seem to be butthurt the most whenever any of their players leaves for another team. Why the need to troll against the Vikings when this is a Packers-related article?

  32. ariani1985 says: Mar 1, 2014 4:53 PM

    Remember turd bay, you can’t afford anyone. You have 70 percent of your cap space tied up between a part time one trick pony at linebacker and a soft aging qb.

    You must be talking about Arod & Clay both of whom are SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS! and dats a fact!

  33. Let him go..give Tampa a second round pick for Revis and draft Calvin Pryor in the first round and make a reservation in Arizona next February.

  34. footballrulz says:
    Mar 1, 2014 2:13 PM
    Contra, quit behaving like the village idiot. I’m sure Sharper picked up his evil tendencies while playing for the Vikes. Kinda like when Favre learned to text. Why if it weren’t for the Pack letting people walk your Vikings wouldn’t even be able to field a team.
    The texting thing happened while he was a Jet. Are you a football fan or just a troll?

  35. I think I read today that the Packers have the seventh most money available, after the cap hits, and including Rodgers and Matthews. That’s not bad.

    Oh, one more thing……the Packers own the Vikings. Am I wrong?

  36. I’m not sure two people could be much more different that TT and Drew Rosenhaus — that isn’t the cause of this signing issue, but it certainly can’t help.

  37. Since Minnesota cannot draft or acquire talent on their own, you Minn fans could be right.
    GB cast off to the Vikings. What would you ever do without the Packer farm system? LOL

  38. Sam – love ya and I appreciate your contribution. But you are not worth 11 million. Quite sure an inept franchise like Minnesota will give that to you. But – hell no. Runner up Rookie of the Year Casey Hayward will fill in nicely. You are a really good kid. Go make your $. But not here.

  39. Worst o line in the league-check
    worst defense in the history of the nfl check
    No running game check
    and turd bay is salivating over a 5-8 corner who can’t tackle, lol

  40. Minnesota’s shenanigans are far more epic and hilarious, instead of a football player testing FA. They have stuff like

    Love Boats.
    Stadium Collapses
    Never winning a SB
    Trading their best player away in his prime, then acquiring him after it, only to releasing him weeks after doing so.
    Begging retired QBs to come back halfway through pre-season
    Not turning draft picks in on time.

  41. To all Packer fans: ignore those who choose to make stupid comments concerning the Packers. The fact is, the Packers have more NFL championships than any other franchise, and those who feel necessary to make these comments do it because they are jealous.
    As for Shields, he has excellent speed, and can be very good cover corner. He is not a good tackler. I would not break the bank to re-sign him if I were Ted Thompson.
    As for Vikings fans, instead of making assinine remarks about the Packers, you ought to be worried about getting a good QB in this draft, because you haven’t had one since Fran Tarkenton left, unless you count an old, washed up Favre. And even they couldn’t get you a Super Bowl win. Plus your team will have to play outdoors in the cold now and won’t have the loud music they used to turn up in that dump of a dome when ever the opposition had the ball to give the Vikings an unfair advantage.

  42. ariani1985

    Read your comments on here. Interesting perspective. How often does the Group Home give you access to the interwebs? LOL

    Your insults toward tha Pack have no value when you can’t even fact-check. 3 words. Eddie Lacy’s numbers. That is all.
    Oh. and look up the sack numbers while you are at it.

    You are like the guy who calls people dumb and misspells “intelligence”.

  43. The Packers have many UFA’s and they should let all of them test the market. It’s not the end of the world if Shields signs elsewhere. It changes the priority a bit for the draft if he goes.
    Shields has been hurt and at times isn’t a willing tackler(a problem for most of the Packers defense).
    He certainly isn’t worth $11 mill as a franchise tag. The one thing Shields should remember, though, is the Packers gave him a shot after the entire league passed him by in the draft.

  44. cags777

    Wait. This is a Packer article. And has all these Viking fans on here making developmentally disabled comments.

    What are you talking about?

    I am always AMAZED at all the the Viking “feedback” on a Packer article. Are you really that bored with your excuse of a franchise?

  45. purpleguy:

    That is so true. Really opposites in bargaining. Drew has 31 other teams to deal with – Ted must be just like talking to a wall with FA negotiations.

  46. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m surprised by this. Shields is 26 and his skills are far more physical than instinctual. There’s always the possibility that he develops those skills over the next few years, but it’s more likely that his star will fade as he hits and passes 30. This could be his one big contract, and he wants to cash in. And Drew is more than happy to help him get that.

    As a Packer fan, though, I want him to be tagged. He’s the only free agent on the team worth it right now. If he walks and the result is that I have to watch Jarrett Bush playing anything but special teams next year, I’ll be buying a lot of new TVs.

  47. Shields is decent but not worth $11.8 million. Not even close. Other than Matthews the Packets have no one on defense that is much above average. Some have potential but aren’t there yet.

  48. R8der

    He is very good, but not great. He had the pick on Romo that let the Packers complete their big comeback.

    He is a little undersized, but speed is his greatest asset. I think if the Packers could get him for 7.5 (annually) for 4 yrs. it wouldn’t be too bad, but DBs especially ones that rely on speed can lose it pretty quick.

    My concern is if they tag him, next year does he say well I made 11 mil. Then he would want at least 10.

    If your going to drop that kind of money on someone. make it a FA and improve that secondary they need it.

  49. I’m bummed out.

    We pay Morgan/AJ/Brad and Tramon has nearly a 9 mil cap hit…

    Yet we can’t pay the one guy on defense that can play at a high level not named Clay Matthews?

    Then again, we’ve got Micah, Casey, and Davon who all look good and such, so I’m guessing we just draft another corner and let some doofus team make the same mistake the cowboys did with Brandon Carr.

  50. Hey Packerland, Bleacher Report website ranked top 6 NFL franchises all-time.

    1. Green Bay
    2. Chicago
    3. NY Giants
    4. Pittsburgh
    5. San Francisco
    6. Dallas

    Cool. Go Pack!

  51. If he leaves, it doesn’t mean he isn’t any good, it just means he’s not worth as much to the Packers as his agent thinks he is. Buh bye.

  52. I am a Packer fan, but the guy does need to take a chance to get paid. He made peanuts for 4 years as a UDFA.

    He also made quite a few memorable plays in his time:

    – Playoff sealing pick the last game of the season in 2010.
    – 2 INT, Sack, FF in the 2010 NFCCG
    – Pick 6 against Kaepernick in 2012 playoffs (Packers squandered it)
    – Pick versus Dallas in the big comeback this year
    – Playoff sealing pick on the last hail mary play by the Bears this year.

    That said, I don’t know that he can be paid like a #1. The Packers supposedly offered $7M/yr. I think the market probably is more in the $8 to $8.5 range, though he might come cheaper to someone that can front load the contract a bit.

  53. I like Sam but if he leaves it won’t be the end of the world. Good talent available in the draft and FA market. Just hoping to have the team stay healthy this year.

  54. They are doing a documentary on the biggest dynasty’s in the NFL. Green Bay, San Francisco, Dallas, Pittsburgh and New England. Something is missing though. Where is Minnysoda? Yes that Minnysoda. Where old Packers go to die!

  55. Good for him, green and gold is the color of vomit.

    And good luck replacing him in free agency. Ted Thompson already has his eyes set on Chris Cook.

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