Titus Young begins clearing up his legal docket

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Not much has been heard from or about former Lions receiver Titus Young in recent months, which is a good thing.

Last year, Young became a one-man crime spree, with multiple incidents and genuine concerns about whether he needed professional assistance.  According to the Riverside (Cal.) Press-Enterprise, Young has commenced the process of getting his legal affairs in order.

He pleaded guilty on Friday to one count of disturbing the peace as a result of two arrests occurring on the same day in May 2013.  First, he was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.  Second, he was arrested for trying to retrieve his impounded car by climbing a fence and taking it.

Young received no jail time or fine; he must pay a $35 court fee.

Young still has 11 other pending charges, including four felony burglary counts.  He’s due back in court on March 20.

A second-round pick in 2011, he was waived after two tumultuous seasons.  The Rams claimed him on waivers and quickly cut him loose.  Young has been out of football ever since.

32 responses to “Titus Young begins clearing up his legal docket

  1. I don’t think he’s a bad person, he needs support and structure, something he severely lacked in Detroit.

    This guy torched Sherman in 2012, and I hope he can get the help he needs to be a productive member of society, and hopefully an NFL star someday.

  2. Still hard to believe that a couple seasons ago he was on track to have a pretty solid NFL career. The Lions were a better team with him, minus the whole sabotaging routes thing. I hope he gets things figured out.

  3. A one man crime spree?

    That’s actually pretty funny when you think of it that way.

    That dude caused straight up mayhem everywhere he went for days!

  4. “Young received no jail time or fine; he must pay a $35 court fee.”

    This must be standard punishment for DUI, B&E, Trespassing and grand theft auto…for NFL players. If this happened to an average Joe, it would be mandatory jail time.

  5. I’ll always remember Titus for saying that he was better than Calvin Johnson. I guess with all of the things to remember him for this is one of the more positive ones. Get well young buck.

  6. DUI and attempted theft of evidence from a police station, and he gets a $35 fine? I guess if you play football in the NFL for 5 minutes the regular rules of society don’t apply to you anymore.

  7. And had this been any regular person, they would have been in jail with huge court fees after the first arrest. What benefit did he gain from being treated like he was above the law….. NONE. The wiser thing would have been to put your foot down with the young man, then maybe he wouldn’t have had over a dozen different arrests!

  8. C’mon Titus, do the right thing, take it like a man and fix it. Keep in shape and maybe get a chance in two years

  9. Even Detroit’s number one police officer, Robocop, would have trouble with this guy LOL.

    “Titus, you’re coming with me! Dead or alive! No, don’t jump the fence of the impound lot! Dang it!”

  10. Good luck to the man… not many go through what he did and get second and third chances of getting back into the league..

    Crazy to think he still has a better shot than Tim Tebow..

  11. I was originally all for piling on this guy, but it’s really pretty sad. Hope he gets turned around for his life’s sake.

  12. As a lions fan I was excited when they drafted him. Watch a clip on YouTube about his time at Boise State and you can see his play making ability. He had flashes for the lions but then we started to hear about him lining up in the wrong WR position, and punching Louis Delmas in the head. Then it all came unravelled and became another 2nd round bust for the Lions.

  13. If a physician could just get this guy on the right meds, we’d see a turnaround a la Brandon Marshall. We don’t think of Marshall batting down passes in practice at Denver anymore, do we?

  14. I am glad Buffalo didn’t end up drafting Young. Although, things might have gone differently i Buffalo with the right guidance. Young didn’t have the right people around him during his rough moments.

  15. Sounds like a patriot to me. Call him up Bill. Need some more representation of the “patriot way”.

  16. His name is actually Titus Young, Sr., he has a young child.

    For that child’s sake, let’s hope Sr. gets his life together.

  17. First, he was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. Second, he was arrested for trying to retrieve his impounded car by climbing a fence and taking it.
    All he paid was a $35 court fee? Parking tickets cost more in most places. Maybe they’re trying to save his money for all the upcoming court appearances.

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