D’Qwell Jackson heads to Denver for Broncos visit


Free-agent linebacker D’Qwell Jackson made his first visit since being cut by the Browns to the Titans.  He’s now on his way to see the Broncos.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Jackson currently is en route to the land of legalized marijuana.  (Which could be a selling point for some free agents.)

Because he was released, Jackson can sign with any team, at any time.  It gives him a head start on free agency, which opens March 11.

The Cardinals and Vikings reportedly are interested in Jackson, a second-round pick of the Browns back in 2006.

Former Browns G.M. Tom Heckert currently serves as director of pro personnel with the Broncos.  Heckert worked in Cleveland when Jackson signed in 2012 a five-year, $42.5 million contract.

21 responses to “D’Qwell Jackson heads to Denver for Broncos visit

  1. Could start right away in Minnesota. Mike Zimmer has a way to revive the careers of old Pro Bowl defenders too… Think about it D’Qwell!

  2. why are the bears not pursuing this guy. Did Phil not see our LB play last year. This guy is gonna be affordable and you allready know hes gonna make a difference

  3. He plays better in a 4-3 then he does in a 3-4. Plus the Broncos have a way of coaching players to, just look at last year FAs Knighton and DRC. I’m sure playing for a contender will only motivate Jackson as well…

  4. I live in Cleveland and have loved DQ BUT, he is not a huge impact player. His tackles are always down the field and very seldom in the backfield. His career sacks are like 11 in 8 years…. He is a solid player but not the god you all make him out to be. He is 31 and not athletic and not very fast. We will miss his leadership but his production can be replaced.

  5. Mingo still lead the team in sacks but DQ release is a business deal. He was rated 41st in inside linebackers on profootballfocus and his salary cap number this year was over 9 million for a lower performance tier ILB.. I see the reasoning in cutting him and with 50 million in cap space and 10 picks, we will have a team and again a solid defense like last year.

  6. Once again the media is hyping an average guy up…glad to hear a true fans honesty… Yes tackles down field mean nothing hence the poor seasons in Cleveland

  7. I think the culture alone with the broncos organization will make DQ more interested in joining us. Minot saying he will but denver has a way of winning guys over. The broncos have taken guys who were in decline on their previous teams and turned them to stars or revamping their careers. People are calling for del rios head but look what he did, who was pot roast? DRC went from a bad situation to a top 3 CB, Phillips lead the team in sacks and he was a force on the line. Duke ihnacho went from PS to starter. The broncos d suffered the most from injuries and rio had to constantly make adjustments. DQ could thrive in the broncos d and he would surely help us out

  8. The Broncos window is closing fast or has already closed, let’s face it, by the time they fix that defense, PFM will be calling games on CBS!

  9. I would only be excited if my team got him for depth. I would much rather my team find a guy in the draft, or someone coming off of their rookie contract. He won’t be a difference maker in the playmaker way, but he can plug a hole for a team with need at Ilb.

  10. Come to Seattle. We could probably use you on a couple of special teams and to add depth. Plus you’ll get a ring!

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