Eagles want to emulate Denver offense


Last month, Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman described the team’s efforts to keep receiver Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin in light of DeSean Jackson’s eight-figure cap number as “complicated.”

The ultimate objective was much simpler:  The Eagles want to be like the Broncos.

“When you look at how many offensive plays that you have over the course of the season, there’s a lot of opportunities to spread the ball around, get people involved,” Roseman said in connection with the announcement of Maclin’s new deal, via Sheil Kapadia of PhillyMag.com.  “I don’t think you have to look further than when you look at the Denver Broncos and how many options they have in their passing game and how big of an advantage that is when you have guys all around the field and you can get different personnel groups and that’s what we’re looking to do.  We’re looking to be an explosive, dynamic offense and when you talk about the skills that he has, Jeremy, certainly he adds to that group.”

The Eagles had a front-row seat for one of Denver’s three 50-plus point games last season, a 52-20 win over Philly.

Of course, offense is only part of the equation.  The defense needs attention, too.  After all, the team that outscored the Eagles by 32 points managed only eight in a 35-point drubbing by the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII.

And the Eagles face the Seahawks during the 2014 regular season.  Along with the rest of the NFC West.

40 responses to “Eagles want to emulate Denver offense

  1. That would be in keeping with the Eagles long tradition of never winning a Super Bowl.

  2. I’d much rather emulate that stout Seattle D.. I’m still pissed we took Graham after moving up for what everyone assumed was for Earl Thomas.. out smarted ourselves that time.

  3. Really? You experts on here are going to say that trying to emulate the best offense the NFL has ever seen is a bad idea because they lost the Superbowl?

    Can each of you please apply for GM jobs in Dallas, Washington and New York?

  4. The Eagles have to play Seattle next season. Good luck with the Bronco’s one-dimensional strategy with absolutely no plan-B when it doesn’t work.

  5. The fact that the Eagles recognize more weapons can be a good thing hardly indicates they ‘want to be like the Broncos’. I realize it would require some actual research, but perhaps you could review the teams’ respective run/pass ratios for a relevant comparison.

  6. Denver did in fact choke in the Super Bowl. Congrats to the Seahawks on the only Super Bowl that team will ever see. Most overrated team in football by a landslide. They won 5 different games in the regular season by kicking a last minute field goal, in each of those games they were dominated on both sides of the ball by sub 500 teams. Denver got there because they are that good, and they will be there again next year if that team stays together. Seattle got there because K Nick underthrew wide open receivers. San Fran would have won that game by 20 points if Harbaugh would have kept running him outside. Everytime he ran the ball it was 10-20 yard gains. But to those idiots here bashing the Broncos offense…..Really? are you that stupid? Mark my words…..Seattle will be like 10/6 next year, and will loose in their first playoff game. But you better watch the Colts next year, that is a great football team.

  7. A Denver like offense is something we already have with all of the weapons we have. The eagles need to be more concerned with creating a Seattle defense and shoring up our backfield and pass rush. You can score all day long but if you can’t stop teams from scoring your going to put pressure on your offense.

  8. Eagles offense would be different from Denver’s cause the eagles have speed something Denver really doesn’t have but could use also our rb is better than there’s and out Oline is better than there’s not to mention our coach is also.

  9. In 1960, the Eagles won their third NFL championship.

    How embarrassed “abninf says:” must be ?

    By any name – 3 NFL CHAMPIONSHIPS – with more to come.

  10. These coaches don’t get it. Give me Seattle’s defense over Denver’s offense, you’ll win.

  11. Sheil Kapedia is an excellent Eagles beat writer. I believe this brief snippet of an article here with a couple of his quotes DOES NOT include all of SHEIL’S INPUT/KNOWLEDGE and the Eagles overall plan to get much better on defense.
    The Eagles can’t put together a defense like Seattle’s next year but they can be very good and very much improved. The Eagles defense last year during he entire 2nd of the season was top 13 defense if not better then that.
    What the Eagles are attempting to do is blend what the Broncos have on offense and the same thing thing on defense by emulating as close as possible Seattle’s defense. I think that is a winning plan!

  12. Wow, didn’t realize we have a few idiots on here. Let’s forget about the Super Bowl for 1 minutes, we all know the broncos stunk and didn’t show up and that’s coming from a broncos fan. If you don’t want a record breaking offense like the broncos then I’m curious just to know what kind of offense you rather your team have. Is it the raiders offense or jags offense you like? The broncos offense was great enough to get to the SB but not enough to win, when you’re playing a team like the hawks you have to be on your A game because that team will make more plays than mistakes. That’s how you win games

  13. The Eagles can’t emulate Denver’s offense because Nick Foles isn’t Peyton Manning. – steve11

    The Eagles should be thankful for that fact. I think Nick Foles is better than old “Pick Six” Peyton Manning. If he can stay healthy and remain in a pass oriented offense, I can see him posting great numbers over a six to ten year NFL career.

  14. You mean they want to rack up ridiculous numbers playing the weakest schedule in the league only to get crushed when they play a team that doesn’t suck like all the teams in the AFC? Good plan. Could work until they start playing games outside the NFC East.

  15. eglsfan says: Mar 2, 2014 3:16 PM

    as a Birds fan in Denver….that gag job in MetLife was epic….yeah lets not emulate that
    As a Broncos fan in Denver, hows that 11 headed monster working for you? Go back to the armpit you came from..

  16. It will be hilarious to watch Chip Kelly do to Jim Harbaugh in the NFL what he did to Jim Harbaugh in the Pac-10.

    It will be equally hilarious to watch the Whiner fans implode as Jim Harbaugh is shipped off to some other team for a few low-round draft picks after the Niners fail to make the playoffs in 2014.

    It will be especially awful for Whiner fans and Harbaugh to watch Pete Carroll go on to USC-like success in the NFL. And for everyone who whines about cheating. LOL @ the haters!

    Harbaugh and the Niners talk the talk.
    Carroll and the Seahawks walk the walk.


  17. The Eagles have the players to be a very explosive offense and I think they will have to be pretty heavy favorites to win the NFC East, this upcoming season. As we saw in the Superbowl, however, they better improve drastically on defense, to have any shot at getting by the other top teams in the NFC.

    It’s amazing how everyone went from “it’s a passing league, all about the QB and the offense and now a single game has changed that thinking. I hope the NFL doesn’t make more rules to hamper defenses, as there are too many now and Seattle is just good enough to overcome them. The perception is that we all want high-scoring shootouts, with 80 passes thrown and the last team to score wins. that isn’t necesarily the case.

  18. Ok as a football lover this is a tale of 2 different stories: Seattle just happens to have Denver’s number so to speak. Through no fault of Denver. The Eagles did a Great job with new coaches, QB, etc…Don’t worry about what happened to Denver, you guys are on the right track so be happy you got a good team again.

  19. My Eagles have to start with obtaining the very best pass rusher available. Next a fast hard hitting safety like Dawk was. Finally a lightning fast wide out, who needs two to cover. The pass rush makes the entire def. backfield better instantly!!!!!

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