Jaguars have high hopes for Denard Robinson at running back


After playing quarterback at Michigan, Denard Robinson was drafted by the Jaguars last year and turned into an “offensive weapon,” a catch-all term that indicated he would play a major role in Jacksonville’s offense.

It didn’t work out that way: Robinson’s offensive output consisted of a whopping 66 yards on 20 carries, with no touchdowns and three fumbles. But Jaguars coach Gus Bradley said he still has high hopes for Robinson, who will get plenty of chances to prove himself as a running back in training camp and the preseason.

“Denard Robinson, we didn’t even know what position he was going to play for us – he was the offensive weapon,” Bradley said. “Now we know, ‘OK, we’re going to really lock in on running back,’ and see what he can do.”

Bradley admits he doesn’t know if Robinson has what it takes to transition from college quarterback to NFL running back, but he’ll see.

“I’m not going to say one way or another, but I’m really excited to find out. The guy is infectious, he has natural traits, the team gravitates toward him, he has explosiveness and he has really good vision so let’s give him a chance see what he has,” Bradley said.

What Robinson had in college was some of the best playmaking ability with his legs that any college quarterback has ever had. Robinson didn’t look like much of an offensive weapon last year, but he has the talent to do impressive things with the ball in his hands. And he’ll get that chance this year.

17 responses to “Jaguars have high hopes for Denard Robinson at running back

  1. They need some plays designed specifically for this cat. This guy can fly when he’s out in space, if he is used properly he’ll be a great asset.

  2. They would have had more time available at RB last year if they would have traded MJD instead of wasting him again. Or if you wanted to see him at QB then they could have dealt Gabbert as well. They could have sold them as a package deal.

  3. Guess he’ll have to switch to a running back jersey number next year. 16 is used by QBs and WRs now. He sure proved he’s no WR. Dudes got speed and talent. Get him a huuuge FB and give him the damn Should be fun to watch his 2nd year from pre season into regular season.

  4. It would seem he would be better suited in the slot. The idea needs to be to get him into space…handing off doesn’t really do that.

  5. If he can show up at 210-215 lbs he might be able to have a great impact. He showed small glimpses of being a decent RB last year in the preseason/regular season. Biggest issue is ball control, but was pretty impressed with his physical style in the pre-season and break-away speed. Not sure he makes the team if they draft and sign a RB, but he’s got the potential to be a threat, and I do not fault a team in need of a playmaker taking a chance on him in the fifth round. Have to keep in mind it was his first year making the switch, so the guy deserves a bit longer before they decide.

  6. Why not use him as option QB. Always a homerun threat and if he gets injured, no big deal. He can pass just can’t make ALL the passes. Lets him have 20 snaps a game as QB and see what happens.

  7. Robinson can play, but being a fast RB means nothing if they can’t provide blocking support in protection packages. Make him A Slot Receiver and design plays for him out of motion in handoffs or passes to get him open in space. It is better than a Wildcat formation because that does not gives up the QB, as 10 against 11. We know he can throw and that puts the Safeties back. The poor Jags draft these talented, but unpegged position players and do’t even use them. For Gosh sake what are you saving them for? BTW- Gabbert has no trade value and MJD might get a decent 1 year deal.

  8. He’s gotta hang onto the ball. That #1 for this guy, 2 fumbles in pre-season and he’s history.

  9. Smart…guy has his flaws but has potential…IF he can hang on to the ball. Let’s see what he has in OTAs and training camp…that’s all Gus is saying.

  10. Densrd looks to me like a poor mans Chris Johnson without the “all about me” attitude and monster contract forcing the team to play him. The Jags have nothing to lose. If he can’t get going…sit him. As mentioned by others, his main issue is ball security. A full offseason, and he can definitely improve on that. To those suggesting slot receiver, look no further than his main flaw I mentioned, and you’ll know why he’s no receiver. The kid has had issues holding onto the ball when it’s in his hands…the last thing you

  11. …would want to do is complicate that by asking him to not only hold onto the ball, but have to make a catch and turn upfield. That would seem to make matters worse. They’re taking baby steps with him knowing his shortcomings. Teach him ball security and just hand him the ball and watch him go. I’m excited to see what this kid will do once he figures out the ball security issue. We saw a glimpse of it toward the end of the season when he broke loose, straight to the endzone only to dive for the goal line and fumble it away. The coaches see the potential, but didn’t trust him with the ball. Handing it to him is the best way to eliminate more mistakes. And him playing QB?? That’s laughable. Wildcat maybe, but any opposing team who puts on film of those plays will see if he’s behind center, it’s going to be a run play. The one time he threw it last year, he threw a duck. His pass made Tebow’s throws look like a thing of beauty. Both MoJo and Ace Sanders each had a pass last year…both looked good (as good as it gets for a RB and WR) and both we’re caught for TD’s.

  12. Run blocking in the NFL kind of sucks. They value pass blocking above all else. This isn’t likely to work out for him.

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