Marcus Lattimore calls recovery from knee injury a “blessing”


Before running back Marcus Lattimore tore the three major ligaments in his left knee in 2012, he was one of the top running back prospects in college football.

Lattimore never played for South Carolina again and wound up getting picked by the 49ers in the fourth round of the 2013 draft, but didn’t play at all last season as he recovered from the injury. One might think that Lattimore would lament what might have been if he stayed healthy in his final college season, but the running back is looking at things from a different angle.

Lattimore said he learned a lot about nutrition while rehabbing and thinks he’s a healthier and smarter athlete now. He’s also communicated with others going through serious injuries and says he’s been both inspired and an inspiration through the process.

“Really, the whole experience has been a blessing,” Lattimore said, via “It is making a good thing out of a bad thing.”

Lattimore is looking forward to the April 21 start of offseason workouts so he can start working his way into whatever role on the offense that the 49ers have in mind. If his health cooperates, that role could wind up being a sizable one after a busy 2013 for 30-year-old Frank Gore.

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  1. 49er fans really hope Lattimore’s health cooperates. Because he seems to be a super great guy in all other areas.

  2. This young man is a prize. He, like so many before him, give their bodies up for the school colors, while coach, school and the NCAA, make billions, on their playing and their images.

    Then after graduation or injury, they are left to make it in a world quick to belittle them and label them greedy and entitled. Lattimore is the rule, not the exception and I wish him the success he seeks and deserves. His former coach, just told us what he thinks of former players, when he trashed Clowney.

    Tough business facing the Rams, Cardinals and Seahawks twice a year, as a RB. I was a fan before and now, as long as he’s not playing my team.

    Stay healthy young man.

  3. This was a devastating injury that not only affected his body but his money. I hope he can recover and become the player he was meant to be.

  4. you have to root for this kid.. Mike Davis is probably a little bit better overall back, but no player will ever be as beloved at SC, which speaks more to who he is as a person than his skill as player

  5. I’m still mad at the Vikings for not drafting this guy. He is the best running back since Peterson came out. Now the 49ers have another stud. I’d give it another year of recovery and then see if he can do it.

    Is it just me, or does it seem like frank gore has been in the league twenty years

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