Peyton Manning having postseason neck exam on Monday


Since Peyton Manning missed the 2011 season after neck surgery, he’s had annual exams with doctors to make sure all is still safe and sound for the Broncos quarterback.

Jeff Legwold of reports that this year’s exam, which is part of Manning’s contract with the Broncos, is on Monday. The expectation is that Manning will again get a clean bill of health as he has already passed his exit physical from team doctors and had no issues with the neck during the season.

He also played in the AT&T Pro-Am tournament at Pebble Beach after the end of the season, something that probably wouldn’t have happened if there were doubts about his fitness. Manning did have some ankle issues during the season and missed some practice time, but it’s not expected to be an issue in the future.

Manning is signed through the 2016 season and said before the Super Bowl that he’s had no thoughts about retirement.

42 responses to “Peyton Manning having postseason neck exam on Monday

  1. I hope he plays long enough to break Total TD and yardage records. Should break TD record in 2014 but yardage record is a couple of years away. Would be nice to see him another Superbowl but Denver I think has already shot it’s wad the last two years.

  2. They should check his esophagus for any obstructions because he has a problem of annually choking.

  3. hope he knows how to recruit defensive backs. broncos will not win a superbowl without shutdown corners and safeties. seatt.e has set the bar. shut down defensive backs can stop any quarterback.

  4. 11-12 in the postseason. Broncos haven’t won a SB since Capgate. Truth hurts.

  5. I lost all respect for this guy after the superbowl choke!!!!! And im so happy the niners drafted kapp …..People are haters on kapp after he was 1 score away from beating seattle at home after 2 tough road games….GOOOD LUCK BRONCO FANS U GUYS PAID HIM…

  6. They won’t find anything wrong right now in March.

    Everybody knows that Manning’s neck only becomes a problem in January and February. The thought of the playoffs brings about swelling in his neck leading to annual choking.

    At this time the size of his forehead grows a couple more inches as well.

  7. Neck, or no neck, year after year, when one player gets all the attention on the world stage for the entire season, losing the SB is not the time to start including your teammates in any conversations. Either share the glory and the blame, or take it all on yourself, can’t have it both ways. Personal stats are for losers …it’s a team game, and he/they need to win a second SB at the very least for him to be considered as the g.o.a.t. I don’t think it’s going to happen. That said, necks are such fragile body parts…he should be checked on a regular basis throughout the season, especially if he should suffer a hard hit.

  8. Manning is one of the best andcould careless about what dumb fans say about him. I still would take him over 90% of todays NFL QBs.

    Manning, Brady, Rogers and Brees. The NFL is a better place when watching these guys all play!

  9. I don’t care if he wants to make every penny he can, that is every person’s right to make what someone will pay them. That said, if he is truly sincere about wanting another ring, he should cut his contract so they can pay some other guys. You really think the union is gonna take him on?

  10. I know fans of teams with no qb hate manning, rodgers, and brady, but since ive watched favre and now rodgers, i can appreciate what manning is, and am happy to hear i can continue to watch him play.

  11. jjackwagon says: Mar 2, 2014 6:34 PM

    Every time he chokes his forehead grows two hat sizes.
    Everytime the Raiders start a season they end up with a losing record.. At least for the last 12 years..

  12. If he does play this year it will be an embarrassment… NFC West will feast on those little dump screens.. BTW if you look through my posts I said he would in fact be humiliated by Seattle.. it’s not that he choked as much as he just wasn’t playing any good Ds this year.. The average rank of the Ds he faced was 24.6 which KC was the only top 20 D he faced.

  13. I love all the stupid comments from fans of the other 30 teams that DID NOT make it to the Super Bowl. The Broncos and Manning are still the best in the AFC and with a few less injuries and maybe a free agent move or two, they’ll be right back in the mix which is more that most of these yahoos can say.

  14. The best really? How do you know? Because they beat Oakland twice? Or was it Jacksonville? Houston? The only team they played was the Pats and Indy… Which were both losses. They got real lucky getting to play a injury riddled Pats team in the playoffs or it would have been another loss. Say it with me…. SOFT.

  15. Thank you Broncos for the worst Super Bowl in history.. truly an overrated product of a soft schedule full of stat padding.

  16. Give me a break distracted9. The Broncos beat the Chargers who were the hottest team in the AFC going in to the playoffs. They beat the Pats and would have beat them earlier in the year if not for the crappy NE weather and some fluky plays. All of this was done as they were one of the most injured teams in the NFL. Pats can whine all they want about their injuries but the Broncos only started 5 of their original 11 on defense in the Super Bowl, not to mention they only had 1 offensive lineman from the original starting 5. You play through the injuries and deal with what you’ve got. The Broncos did it, the Pats didn’t and nor did any other team in the AFC so yes, they are still the best.

  17. No human neck could hold up a head that big for 37 years and not be damaged. That is like putting lawnmower wheels on a dump truck. The laws of physics say, there will be a failure.

  18. orangecrush823 says:
    Mar 2, 2014 7:26 PM
    jjackwagon says: Mar 2, 2014 6:34 PM

    Every time he chokes his forehead grows two hat sizes.
    Everytime the Raiders start a season they end up with a losing record.. At least for the last 12 years..

    Donkeys 2-5 in SBs
    Raiders 3-2 in SBs

    3 out 0f 5 is always better than 2 out of 7

  19. Maybe I just haven’t noticed them but it seems all his commercials stopped after the SB.

    Manning is one of those guys you ride ’till the wheels come off. If he is cleared and wants to play Denver will keep him throughout this contract. Cap hit or not he has no threat behind him. (I think they snag a young guy this year)

  20. Is there anyone who seriously thinks there is a possibility the test results will keep Manning from playing next year? I mean, come on.

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