Report: Jim Harbaugh’s “act has worn thin” in the 49ers locker room

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At this rate, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh’s infamous “who’s got it better than us?” victory cry eventually may become a “who hasn’t got it better than us?” lament.

With most of the last nine days devoted to a dissection of the dysfunction between Harbaugh and 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke, Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle identifies a new front in the organizational battlefield.

“One source with inside knowledge of the team says that Harbaugh’s act has worn thin in the locker room,” Killion writes, “particularly among some key ‘face of the 49ers’ type players.  While the team is winning, that’s not a problem.  But a few losses could expose a widening rift.”

No specific players are mentioned, but the obvious candidates are linebacker Patrick Willis, defensive lineman Justin Smith, running back Frank Gore, receiver Michael Crabtree, tight end Vernon Davis, and/or quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Speaking of the team’s hot-and-cold franchise quarterback, another source explained to Killion that there’s no real link between the Harbaugh-Baalke disconnect and the team’s inability to return to the Super Bowl this past season.  “‘If Jim and Trent have a beer together, it’s not going to make Kap throw the ball four inches higher,'” the source said, referring to the intercepted pass from Kaepernick to Crabtree at the end of the most recent NFC title game, the second straight year that the failure of quarterback and receiver to deliver in crunch time ended a postseason run.

As a result, the shelf-life between Harbaugh and Baalke possibly mirrors the shelf life between Harbaugh and his players.  If, as Killion points out, adversity arrives and stays, it could all implode.

Some think that, if the 49ers give Harbaugh the contract he covets, all will be well. There’s also a chance it could get worse, right away or in time.

“That’s just who Jim is,” a team source told Killion.  “He’d probably like to redo his contract every year, just out of competition.”

At it’s core, that’s really the issue.  Jim Harbaugh is intensely competitive.

“Jim is the greatest pure competitor, by far, that I ever met in my life,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh told Sports Illustrated in 2010.  “At everything.”

Jim Harbaugh competes with everyone, about anything.  It has made him wildly successful during his first three seasons as an NFL head coach, with three straight NFC title game appearances.  But it could make this coming season his last one in San Francisco.

And then his competitive nature will be welcomed gladly by any of the various teams that would love to go to only one conference title game.

128 responses to “Report: Jim Harbaugh’s “act has worn thin” in the 49ers locker room

  1. This “rift” between Jim Harbaugh/Trent Baalke/Players is simply ridiculous. Is someone trying to push Jim Harbaugh out?

  2. The players love Jim. Their unity was on full display by not attending the pro bowl. Not sure why you guys keep trying to stir the pot. I’m sire a coach can sense when he has become ineffective to the players, ala Terry Francona and the Red Sox. If that were the case, Kim would have bolted for Texas, or Cleveland or 50 other schools and teams that would love to have him.

  3. The guy’s a flake, the Niners probably called all the teams with high draft picks and needing a coach to see if they could unload him.

  4. “While the team is winning, that’s not a problem.” This applies 99.9% of the time in all pro sports. As long as Harbaugh is reeling off double digit wins and going deep into the playoffs every year, he’ll be tolerated. People can b & moan about him acting like a spoiled 4 year old on the sideline but as long as he wins it will be tolerated. His players can hate him and curse him behind his back but as long as he wins it will be tolerated. The GM can grind his teeth and call the coach an SOB under his breath but as long as Harbaugh wins, it will be tolerated.

  5. Who’s got it better than us?
    Ah, that would be the Seahawks, Ravens, Giants…

  6. This continuing story comes across as a ridiculous soap opera. The 49ers have been VERY successful with Harbaugh, so I don’t see why any of this nonsense is even an issue. I mean seriously, if they get rid of a guy who has taken the team to a Championship game, a Super Bowl and another Championship game in his only 3 seasons with the team, because of his behavior, that would be pretty stupid, seeing it’s that very behavior that is helping the team succeed.

  7. This is the Coach that has turned a Forty year life fan of the Niner’s into a Chiefs fan … !!

  8. The fact the seahawks have completely stayed out of the media shows why they’re superbowl champions. The hawks will run that division.

  9. The 49ers just need to get people who are “better” competitors at the role of being a GM or HC in the NFL. Those are their top 2 weaknesses as a franchise clear as day.

  10. As I’ve said before, never been a fan of Harbaugh and his ridiculous antics. HOWEVER, winning is everything in the NFL. It would really be something if SF drops him and that team falls on its face. My guess is that they keep him around.

  11. He has always struck me as a difficult person to get along with. His temper tantrums on the sidelines are incredibly annoying, I’m not surprised he’s difficult internally.

  12. The rift is coming from the Yorks, let’s get real !
    They need to just let their coaches do their job.
    They destroyed the team ever since they took over.
    Firing a winning coach again, or ruining the upcoming season is the norm for them. They are finally on the
    Right track, and they don’t like the coach being arrogant.
    Please, good players, stars, coaches are arrogant.
    It’s too bad, but the damage has already been done.
    Kapp and Craptree wouldn’t be the players they are now,
    Even Alex Smith should thank Jim for having Faith in him.
    But the Yorks have a history of blowing up success. Good going, they could have said the trade story was false, but let it out for a reason. They want change.

  13. What a circus. Knew this guy was crazy when he though Colin kaepernick could be a sb winning qb. You would think since he played qb he would be able to evaluate the position a little better.

  14. I have won a Super Bowl, make more money and my team loves me and finally we both know I am dad’s favorite son, sorry, lol!

    Love John Harbaugh

  15. Remember when Frank Gore had that big argument with Jim Harbaugh early this season? All it took was a 2 game losing streak for things to get heated. There will be a full blown mutiny if there’s a 3 game losing streak or they finish with less than double digit wins. Jim is an arrogant charlatan.

  16. Andy Reid got to 4 NFC championship games in a row including a Super Bowl loss. Harbaugh has been to 3. Suddenly, Niners fans Harbaugh is not your great savior but, a near-do-well never getting the job done, eclipsed by Pete Carrol and the possibilityof a Hawks dynasty for years to come. My my my….

  17. Harbaugh is clearly a good HC, but much like Bill Parcells, he has a personality that is tough to take long term. No doubt he will be successful in his next opportunity, as his time with the Niners is clearly on the clock.

    Its hard to keep winning long term, and just as hard to keep a team continually motivated and working as a team, as success breeds growth in individual interests and goals. It makes it even more impressive what Bill Bellicheck has accomplished over the last 13 years.

    That’s 13 years of massive turn overs of personnel. Lots of turnover in assistant coaches and important FO staff. Yet the Pats seem to be perennially well coached, motivated, and consistently playing at the league’s highest level year after year.

    Harbaugh’s issues after so much success, only points out how hard it is to remain on top year after year after year.

  18. High maintenance, hyper emotional vessels always burn out quickly. Whooo! How ’bout them Colts?! No not really dude whatever.

  19. Plan for Rest of Offseason:
    1) Sign Maclin (X)
    2) Draft DEFENSE ( )
    3) Replace Jason Avant with a cheap receiver ( )
    5) STAY HEALTHY. ( )

  20. I’ve always believed rah…rah coaches to have a short timeframe with their teams to succeed. Those coaches become lame and tuned out after about four years. Harbaugh’s just the next in line. Not saying he’s a bad coach BTW.

  21. it sure must suck to also know that you would of beat the Broncos and been the world champs, too.

    No doubt about it. Seahawks, 49’ers, even the Cards at the end of the year… all better than anyone in the AFC. What an incredible division this will be next year.

  22. Love to see the second best team in the NFL in full meltdown. Since the third best team is 4TD’s worse than either, the Hawks should coast to SB titles the next 2 years! The rest of the league is really making this too easy…

  23. Wait till Pete gets the biggest coaching extension in history. This will worsen the niners/Harbuagh situation more

  24. Why can’t he be a Super Bowl winning QB?? Guy was pretty close….

    Harbaugh might come off as strong to referees and be corny in the locker room but I would love for the Vikings to have that guy as a coach. Frazier stood motionless and everyone got a trophy even after a 40pt loss.

  25. RIGHT this down !!! Harbaugh is not going no where ….Hes taken the niners to 3 nfc championships!!!1 superbowl and is the most wanted coach in the nfl…..WHO picked harbaugh…TRENT BALLKE !!! Niners have won more games in the nfl in the last3 yrs than any TEAM in the nfl……All u haters get ready to cry another season about the niners…… Kapp went to gb and beat them in the coldest game in 20yrs ,,, then went to Carolina and beat 1 of the best defenses on the road!!!! the flew to seattle and played 1 of the best nfc championship games ever!!!! Only to watch a so called hall of famer choke a superbowl!!!!! we all know the niners and seattle was the superbowl!!!! go niners ..

  26. Category five hurricane is allegedly blowing inside the Niners organization, but where is the wind? There is nothing but dead calm. There is no sign of any wind, but the 9er house is supposedly going down because of an invisible hurricane! Seahawks fans would love to hear stories like these, because their team is about to lose a bunch of free agents who were paid less than $1 mil. a year last year, but would demand multi-million dollar contracts to stay in Seattle.

  27. We saw what happened when the veterans got tired of Harbaghs brother in Baltimore… He got rid if them any way he could.

    And they missed the playoffs.

  28. I love the hawks fans….they won 1 SB, deservedly so no doubt, but now all of a sudden they are going to be a dynasty for years to come.

    I thought like that too late in 2008 with the Giants. We were the defending champs, we were 10-1 and clearly the best team in football at the time, and winning our 2nd SB in a row looked like it was in the bag. Then plax shot himself.

    Point is, the wheels can come off in a HURRY. To assume the hawks are locks next year is crazy talk right now. It only takes one fluke play or one key injury to end or derail a season.

  29. “Not Winning” is the only problem…and the 49ers do not have that problem.

  30. The seahawks’ wheels will come off in this offseason. They are scheduled to lose 13 free agents and barely have enough cap space to sign half of them, even after releasing Red Bryant and Sidney Rice. They will likely lose Michael Bennett and Golden Tate, since they may have too much of an impact on the cap to be re-signed. It is going to be fun to see the Seahawks being torn apart by the stark reality of the salary cap in the weeks to come.

  31. NINERS are by far the most talented team in the league on both sides of the ball. So, why haven’t we won a SB yet with Harbaugh. What more does Harbaugh need to get that elusive big game victory. I agree he is highly competitive & likes control which is his biggest weakness. Oh yea & being able to score TD’s in the Red Zone might help too. I’m thinkin from what I’ve gathered it’s time for Harbaugh to kick rocks.

  32. Like Coach Madden always said, “Winning is the best deodorant.”

    I guess stories like this happen when Jim Schwartz isn’t there to kick around anymore.

  33. He is a joke in the profession. Pro football coach and has the tantrums of a 5 year old girl. Embarrassing. I never want him associated with my team. We have better standards than that.

  34. They had a team stacked with high picks earned as perennial doormats. Mr. MaGoo could have coached that team to a better record better than Singletary. But instead they end up with Jim Carrey with his hair on fire. Apparently they left Mr. Magoo do their drafting.

  35. Killion’s strong dislike of Harbaugh is always front and center of anything she writes. Love A Smith and thinks Kap was a mistake. I like reading her but everything related to the 49ers should be taken with a grain of salt. Yeah Im sure Gore Willis and the rest of the vets hate that the coaches arrival brought them from sub 500 years to 11+ wins. Im sure Justin Smith hates getting every Wednesday off. Its like high school, the guys that suck and don’t play don’t like the coach, ever. Guys that are stars and generally have an easier time seem to always love their coach.

  36. Same thing had happened with the Raiders and Gruden, see how that worked out? That said, i hope the 40whiners let him go.

  37. The Seahawks are the youngest SB champs EVER, that’s where the potential dynasty talk comes from. And Niner fans think it’s apparently better to not have any good players worth extending than having so many good ones its hard to decide which ones to keep, lol.

  38. Couldn’t happen to a better guy. What 49-whiner fans call competitive, the rest of the NFL sees a spoiled malcontent, poor sportsmanship and a lack of class.

  39. So we had Kawakami and now Million Who neither of which actually cover the team… Yet nothing from Barrows, Maiocco, or Branch.. The writers who actually cover the team and the organization likes.. Not even Cohn who loves to cause trouble has touched this. Lemme file this one as concrete evidence…

  40. Much ado about nothing. This is typical organizational friction found on every team. You only hear about it when a team is very good or very bad.

    Every coach will eventually get fired. They know that. Few walk off on their own terms. No doubt, any talk of a rift is coming from management, which looks for leverage in contract negotiations.

    Piss or get off the pot!!!

  41. As a 49er fan I’m deeply grieved by this possibility of harbaugh leaving. I think Balke needs to go and have harbaugh in full control.

  42. Being a competitor…and being competent…are two TOTALLY different subjects.

    he may well be a competitor…but he is far Far FAR from being competent!

    And his act has worn thin in a lot of places…not just the ‘Frisco sidelines. Problem is, he will NEVER grow up.

  43. I still remember Harbaugh’s “amazing” 9-1 start
    his first season. Guys in my chat room were putting Jim in the Hall of Fame. I argued: “Wait ’til he wins something…remember, the 49ers are thought to have the best roster in football.”
    So, 3 years later, still a great roster–9 Pro Bowlers in ’11, 9 more in ’12 & 10 in 2013–and yet no Lombardi trophies for a great team and the best coach of all time?

  44. Great Coaches are an elite premium, Jim Harbaugh is one the best out there perhaps the only coach is Bill Bellick.

    The 49ers front office needs to jettison, Ballke and find a new more competent GM.

    Remember Ballke traded Alex Smith who turned out to be as good as we knew he could be at KC.

    Smith and Kaepernick would have given the 49ers the best 1-2 QB tandem since the league had Montana and Young on the same team. Remember the 49ers won every year no matter who was coaching.

    It usually takes 5-6 years to develop the player personnel to championship level. Harbaugh has done it in 3 years. Leave the 49ers alone, use the draft picks wisely and the only thing to do with Harbaugh is give him a long term extension.

    Bill Foxx

  45. You do recall just last week that your “inside source close to the 49ers with inside knowledge” swore up and down that Harbaugh was going to the Browns and it was all but a done deal, right? Remember that? Cuz we all do….

  46. How does a “tool” and a “flake” (just a few of the slams) win so many games? I hope he does leave the Bay Area. There are a lot of out of work coaches looking for a job; out of work for a reason, so help yourselves Fresco.

  47. San Fran locker room must be slow learners, the rest of us , Hairbaugh’s actions have been thin for a long time.

  48. I bet Jim harbaugh wishes he had Alex Smith back. Jokes aside I think Alex was someone who was OK being the whipping boy of the team and would do anything hardbaugh wanted. With his extreme personality he needs a player to be the buffer, to be the go between and to accept everything he says and relay that message to the team. I think kaep is tremendously talented but does he rely on that natural ability too much as a youngster and not put in as much behind the scenes work? The kind of work that puts a super bowl winning qb over a conference champion.

  49. They hope to emulate the Chargers’ model of dumping Shottenheimer after the 14-2 season.

    The Chargers went on to great things after that.

  50. In some ways this is the same situation that destroyed the “Greatest Show” era of the Rams. Then again, is the media making this more than it is? Is Jim another “Mad Mike”?

  51. Get rid of him San Fran. there will be twenty teams right there to thank you. did they forget how things were before he got there.

  52. No surprise, Harbaugh isn’t exactly the warm and fuzzy type. Also, I’d take whatever most of those players have with a grain of salt since they were 100% in on the Singletary thing, which was a complete disaster.

  53. joey49er says:Mar 2, 2014 6:04 PM

    Hey sattle fans this week on nfl network their playing dynasty teams!!!!! Guess what? seattle is not on!!!! LOL

    First off, Joey, it is spelled S-E-A-T-T-L-E. Second, with the mess that is the Santa Clara 49ers’ coaching and front office this show will be the closest you see the Niners to a Super Bowl in awhile. And lastly, Joey, that show will be the first time you see the Niners win a Super Bowl, because you were probably still in diapers the last time they won it all…huh?

  54. Niners and the coach/gm issue, shehawks and their one and done issue, the rams and cardinals will be battling for 1st place in that division next year.

  55. @joey49er
    You’re right. We don’t have a dynasty yet. Im wondering if the niners dynasty will be in color or black and white. Win something after the internet was invented.
    Kiss your coach goodbye. Singletary is interested in coming back

  56. Coach is competitive and wants to win. I could see how hat would run a lot of modern pro athletes the wrong way.

  57. Ann Killion of the SF Chronicle is the same person who said she would have chosen the players in the NFL concussion lawsuit for SI’s Sportsman of the Year award.

    Really? The same guys who are responsible for turning the NFL game as we see it today into a glorified, high scoring flag football league?

    Killion is a moron.

  58. I think that the 49er’s should jettison Harbough immediately! In fact, I am pretty sure that Mr. Ross would be happy to help out a fellow owner by trading coaches. Yep, you guys get Joe Philbin and his staff while the lowly Dolphins will take your rejects; you know Harbough and company.

    We know that Harbough’s act is wearing thin on everybody. That loosing crap is not part of the 49er mystique! Let’s face it, the last couple of years have been tough for you guys! You lost the Superbowl and then you lost the conference championship! Did I mention that the Dolphins went undefeated way back in 1972? That was before cell phones, for God’s sake!

    If Steven Ross could fill Sun Life Stadium up every game, let alone go to Superbowl, he would give Harbough any damned thing he wants. Remember, Ross flew out to San Fran and begged your coach to be our coach.

  59. Harbs is like Animal Mother in the movie “Full Metal Jacket.”

    A guy you wouldn’t want to be friends with but is a MUST HAVE on the battlefield.


  60. Kaepernick said Harbaugh is always hogging the mirrors in the locker room.

  61. With all due respect it’s one source, but if they quit on him because he tried to quit on them I won’t be surprised if he’s fired.

  62. Remember when there was a mutiny with key players of the Giants and Coughlin because of how demanding he was. Remember how terrible that turned out for Coughlin and the Giants?

  63. It shows exactly how childish Harbaugh is, that they are ready to get rid of him despite his record. Some things just aren’t worth it.

  64. Mike Holmgren 2015.

    The classy 49ers of retro years will be back. Classy new stadium as well.

    If somehow the 49ers can get their hands on Manziel, it will be shades of Holmgren and Favre together again.

    Only Johnny Manziel is way ahead of Brett Favre , when Brett was under Mike Holmgren.

    Manziel is Favre times 2.

  65. I’m assuming that Harbaugh has had dinner with every 49er fan. Apparently what I see during games and press conferences is who he really is. Did he come over in those Dockers too?

  66. This all makes me think that Harbaugh peed on some media shoes and now they are out to get him.

    This is just a power struggle between coach and GM… Yeah, like it never happened before???

  67. Someone remind the Niners of how horrible they were Pretty Harbaugh. Act has worn thin? Ship the source out and bring a winner to the team in return. 3 NFC championship appearances in 3 years…1 SB…albeit a loss…but 30 other teams didn’t even make it.

  68. This reminds me of the stories about the Patriots players hating Belichick and how he had lost the locker room. He won the Super Bowl that year and the next.

  69. Some key players think his act has worn thin?
    OH NO!!
    …oh wait…that’s right…YAWN

    Joe Montana didn’t always like Bill Walsh. Let’s see…that produced….OH YEAH! 4 Super Bowls.

    Here’s another big surprise: Patriot players don’t always like Bill Belichick! Yeah! It’s true! Can you believe it?

    This is such a NON-story it’s almost laughable.

    News Flash!
    Here’s what matters: WINNING.
    Harbaugh WINS.

  70. omeimontis says:

    The seahawks’ wheels will come off in this offseason. They are scheduled to lose 13 free agents and barely have enough cap space to sign half of them, even after releasing Red Bryant and Sidney Rice. They will likely lose Michael Bennett and Golden Tate, since they may have too much of an impact on the cap to be re-signed. It is going to be fun to see the Seahawks being torn apart by the stark reality of the salary cap in the weeks to come.


    You’re a complete idiot. The Seahawks have $18 million in cap space right now and can create $12 million more by cutting Clemmons and Miller, 2 marginal contributors. This would make them more than $50 million under the cap for 2015. All this is more than enough to sign Bennett, Tate, Thomas, Sherman and Wilson & continue winning for the next 5 years. Get used to seeing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl pal.

  71. Harb will finish his contract with the 49ers through 2015. He’s NOT stupid, what other NFL team will he be able to coach up to get a chance for the SB in the next 2 years? (Remember folks, Seachickens and 9ers were the 2 best teams last season, which means who ever wins the NFC West has a very good chance to win the SB, even for the next 2 seasons as both has great defenses, good running games) Go some where else and start all over again? No way. There is good chance he will squeeze one out of his rear in 2015, but not this season, 2014.

    Why? Roman, Mangini and maybe even Baalke has to go first. Roman has proven he is not good enough as OC to win a SB, Mangini is a useless chef to the pot, and Baalke has failed at adding a speedy productive WR to the team for 3+ years now.

    While Kaperchoke and failtree choked 2x to end the last 2 seasons (actually failtree choked in 2011 too, so 3x), cause one is still inexperienced while the other lacks speed and will never be a true #1 NFL WR.

    Once the contract is over in 2015 and if Harb squeeze out a SB, then he can ask for whatever he wants in a new contract…! However, first he must cut ties with Roman as the OC… that won’t happen until this coming season is over!

  72. Yes they were and will be back if harbaugh is gone. Sad to think that the 49ers are picking a GM over a great coach. You can pick all the talent in the world but without a good coach it’s all for nothing. Harbaugh will win where ever he goes.

  73. The coach has a problem with any one else getting credit where credit is due. ANY coach could have “at least” the same record with all the talent the 49ers have

  74. This is the front office slowly letting Niner Fan know that they are letting Harbaugh go.

    Baalke has the power and York is listening to him. Pretty big gamble, we’ll see who they get as their next coach.

    Meanwhile, Harbaugh will be successful in Dallas when Jerry finally lets Garrett go.

  75. Welcome all, to the annual event known as “The Offseason”.

    The time of year when teams lie thru their teeth, hold secrets close to the vest, play a fiddle (or a harp) and hope nobody figures out what is really going on with them before Day 1 of the draft.

    It certainly looks like the 49ers are playing a harp at the moment.

    Wouldn’t it be oh-so-very devious if it turned out they were actually playing a fiddle?

  76. Who hasn’t got it better than us? That is almost laughable. So he isn’t the easiest person to be around. So what is better…a coach that is a joy to be around but can’t seem to get his team into the playoffs or a coach that is a little difficult but has winning seasons consistently? I don’t know any proven coach waiting in the wings for Harbaugh to leave. Teams that have good coaches (and records) hang onto them and the ones that have losing records are looking themselves. Maybe Jones is willing to pay him mega bucks but I wouldn’t want to work for Jones.

  77. Harbaugh is his own worst enemy. It’s been a great run, but if he can’t seal the deal with the team he’s got he will wear the choker’s tag, and b&m’ing about the pass isn’t going to help his reputation one bit.

  78. As a Redskins fan, this sounds all too familiar!! I didn’t believe a word of all the talk before last season where we went 3-13!! With the same team we just won division with no less!! QB coming off injury but it was more than that.. Trouble with coach, QB, etc.. If I was a 49er fan, I would be worried!! Very worried!! I now will forever believe where there’s smoke, there is FIRE!!

  79. The 49ers have already hit their ceiling, but its not just Jim’s fault. Although that has a large part in all of it, fact is their players just aren’t very good anymore. Nobody fears Justin smith anymore, frank Gore lost it completely, Bowman probably won’t be able to walk normally for the rest of his life, half the defense will be arrested at some point for gang violence, and crabtree isn’t anywhere near the receiver they thought. Patrick Willis is the only true talent in this team. Too bad too, he might stand half a chance to get a ring somewhere else. But, ya, harbitch sucks royally as a coach, royally.

  80. Just a lame attempt to sow some discontent within the 49ers organization. It is not going to get anywhere because the people who are involved know what the real story is.

  81. Call me crazy or old school or both….Players do what the coaches tell you to do and shut your mouths and you will have a chance to win the Superbowl. That’s it! G.M. shut it and let the man do his job. If he is annoying so what? Small price to pay for having a chance at the Superbowl every year.

  82. If what you say is true then why do his players and coaches want to stay? Methinks this whole Harbaugh vs Baalke issue is hyperbole. Is Harbaugh sometimes “over-the-top”…sure he is. He’s also a winner and has turned around a dismal team to a perenial SB threat. Pls stop this insanity…it’s looking more and more like a media feeding frenzy, with little fact and a lot of hype.

  83. Ann Killion is an idiot and she’ll pay for it every time she tries to interview or ask Harbaugh a question in the future. Citing unnamed players isn’t exactly ironclad reporting. Let’s face it, Harbaugh, not Baalke, not the players, not York is the one who has willed this team’s return to prominence. The way things have been reported lately, you’d think the other 31 teams and organizations are in love with their coaches. Give it a break sports media and the Ann Killion’s of the world. Go do some real reporting and get off of Harbaughs sack.

  84. Sad to say, but the National Enquirer has more credibility than Ann Killion and her own employer. Her newspaper has now become the San Francisco Enquirer.

  85. Junior 4200 said:
    “I miss they days when Seahawks fans didn’t exist. 18 months ago….”

    Ding Ding Ding!

    JOHNNY!! Show him what he’s won!!

    Junior4200 should win an award for that post.

  86. Give McCarthy/Sean/Tomlin/Bill B that roster and they’d have 3 rings by now.

    Jim is a tool that made the common sense decision to keep the ball out of his garbage QB’s hands and let Frank Gore carry the offense.

  87. Love the fact that Harbaugh is supporting Kap in his pursuit of $18 mil a year. Both of these guys don’t seem to get it, you only get paid premium pay for winning the big one, not for almost. Harbaugh thinks that recruiting pro players is the same as recruiting h.s. players. Kap thinks that his legs are more important then being able to do progressions.

  88. I would think whoever the “source” is, is connected to Trent Baalke, and is just part of the PR movement to heel Jim Harbaugh and get him out of SF.

  89. nfl4days says: Mar 2, 2014 3:41 PM

    “The fact the seahawks have completely stayed out of the media shows why they’re superbowl champions. The hawks will run that division.”

    Do the names Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin mean anything to you? How about Brandon Browner?


  90. Yep, things are so bad in Ninerland Boldin and stalwart DB coach Ed Donatell both re-upped on the same day. Must be terrible, going back to a legit SB team. Give me a break.

  91. the niners staff need to put real football players on the field instead of crybabies. the players complaining about Jim Harbaugh need to pay more attention to what they are getting paid for, which is playing football. They get great money to play PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL. So instead of complaining about their BEST COACH EVER.
    They can either do what they are getting paid for playing pro football or leave.

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