Anquan Boldin confirms he will remain in San Francisco


Anquan Boldin is staying in San Francisco.

Boldin confirmed on his foundation’s website that he will be back, writing, “49er fans, I wanted to be the first to tell you that I’m returning to San Francisco. Looking forward to joining my teammates, coaching staff and fans to bring back another championship to the Bay Area. Let’s go after our Quest For Six.”

The 33-year-old Boldin has agreed to a two-year contract, according to Matt Maiocco of There’s no immediate word on the financial terms of the deal.

After arriving last year in a trade with the Ravens, Boldin became the 49ers’ No. 1 wide receiver and had one of the best seasons of his career, starting all 16 games and catching 85 passes for 1,179 yards, with seven touchdowns. The team gave Boldin the Bill Walsh Most Award as its most valuable player.

The 49ers had called re-signing Boldin their top priority, and now they’ve done it, more than a week before free agency starts.

46 responses to “Anquan Boldin confirms he will remain in San Francisco

  1. Great move by the rivals. Ridiculously horrible bad move by the ravens for that trade. Gonna cost Baltimore another year out of the post seaSon. Because the fat contracts went to Flacco and Dumervil.

  2. Damn that was a quick 24 hours(sarcasm). Happy to have him stay. What’s this BS about $18mil for Kap?! Ridiculous, he screwed up back to back championships for us. Give him $8 mil and throw in incentives. Keep the defensive players if anything. A lot of QBs can strive with the Niners defense. They cover up so many of his mistakes so often. And we could get another QB for just as less. Should’ve kept Alex Smith. I think we would’ve won one of these last two Super Bowls at least. Alex won’t turn the ball over 3 possessions in a row in the NFC Championship, I promise you that.

  3. Great news for the 49ers, a full season of Boldin and Crabtree along with Patton and VD will be great for them.

  4. logicalvoicesays says:
    Mar 3, 2014 2:34 PM
    Top 5 WRs in Professional Football – Calvin Johnson, Pierre Garcon, Larry Fitzgerald, AJ Green and Brandon Marshall. In that order.

    0 0
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    I should report that comment, no Josh Gordon? And I seen Alshon Jeffrey out play Brandon Marshall a few times in their biggest games

  5. Sorry to hear that. We would have liked you to come back to Baltimore to win another Superbowl.

  6. Congrats boldin!!!!1
    Not bad for a 6th round pic!!!
    49ers quest for 6 just keeps on going…
    now pay kapp ….and ill be good!!
    13 nfl draft pic this yr …

  7. @pftpoet

    You would think you would at least know how to spell your Vikings names correct. Shame on you.

    It’s Cordarrelle…not Cordarelle

  8. top 5 receivers ?? first look to the qb throwing them the ball. great qb’s make great wr’s.

    jordy nelson should be up there. and it varies yearly. what happened to victor cruz ? great one yr, bum the next.

  9. He announced on his foundation’s website? The same foundation that the Washington Post reported gave less than 5% of donations to actual charity? Surprise he is still keeping up that facade of a “foundation.”

  10. WOW, look at those numbers! As a giants fan, I thought maybe, just maybe, this guy is one great WR, even with a less then, developing QB.
    Guess like others, I enjoy a great football player.

  11. Good to get this one done…now they can finalize Dawson, Whitner, all the while working toward extending Kap. Doing those deals can really shape who they go after in the draft and/or FA.

  12. With Boldin signed now, time to sign the Living Legend to his 18mil/year contract.


  13. theclink12 says:
    Mar 3, 2014 2:50 PM

    You would think you would at least know how to spell your Vikings names correct. Shame on you.

    It’s Cordarrelle…not Cordarelle

    ^^There goin to delete your post they always do when you talk about that tool pftpoet lol

  14. thenewguy12 says:
    Mar 3, 2014 2:39 PM
    Great news for the 49ers, a full season of Boldin and Crabtree along with Patton and VD will be great for them.


    Bad news for the 49ers…they still have “One Read and Run” Kaepernick throwing to them.

  15. Lol Marshall is no longer the best receiver on his own team. Plenty of Bears fans will even tell you that. Jeffery and Marshall are essentially the same player. Except Jeffery doesn’t drop balls or have the attitude. I’m not even gonna touch on that Garcon crap

  16. Good for SF, and good for the NFC West. Love watching him battle with our secondary.

    Go Hawks!

  17. So, obviously Q wasn’t one of the people who are getting “tired” of Harbaugh’s Antics.

    Maybe this will go to show that a lot of SF’s current issues are being trumped up by the media and aren’t really that substantial. (let’s talk to LeMichael James, Anthony Dixon, and Carlos Rogers, and report that there are locker room issues) .

    Now go draft Calvin Pryor in rd 1 and Stanley Jean-Baptiste in rd 2 and let’s do this whole quest for six thing again.

  18. Boldin is a beast of a player, and since his game is built on making tough catches, not speed, he’s good for a while longer. Would love to have him on my team.

  19. As a fan of a division rival I would bring up his age but that’s not a factor because he is maybe the most physical WR in football, has excellent hands and crafty vet enough to be able to push off time to time and never get caught.

    He is a player with every bit of his contract.

  20. Glad they worked it out, seemed to fit right in. Great in the community and has the strength to deal with the strong corners up north. It’s a long wait till September

  21. When Q was in Arizona a few years ago, he got sandwiched by a viscous hit from both sides. It broke his jaw, and he had to have his teeth wired together. I think he lost a couple of teeth, too.

    But, he got up, and where did we see him the following Sunday? Playing WR, not whining. I have a lot of respect for Q. He is the iron man.

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